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Ranking the Greatest Mini Stock Drivers of the Past 10 Years Part 1

Over the past 10 years in Ontario, we have witnessed some absolute amazing racing across the province, with a variety of stars young and old securing championships and checkered flags. But who has stood out the most?

A panel of nine people – varying in experience, age, and home track – got together and discussed the accomplishments of several drivers through the years. Although over 40 names came up in the discussions, they managed to narrow it down to just 28 competitors, followed by ranking them in order from one through 28.

In a three-part series, we will reveal the full list, starting from 28th to pole on the grid. In the process, we encourage race fans to comment on the article, or via the Ontario Mini Stock Facebook Page, about your thoughts in the order, whom you believe should be number one, and whom you believe we missed.

28. Kevin Paupst – #54/#52

Tracks ran: Grand Bend, Peterborough, Sunset, Varney, Flamboro, Sauble, Barrie

Championship:  1 – Sauble 2013

27. Mike Gettliffe – #77

Tracks run in a mini: Barrie, sunset , Peterborough, sauble, varney. Kawartha .

Championships: 2013 Barrie

Years active: 2001-2002; 2012-2015

Biggest Wins: had 9 feature wins, biggest wins were my two heat races for the final points night at Barrie in 2013. It got me to within 2 points of (Doug) Butler. Finished 2nd in the feature 3 spots ahead of him to win by a point.

Best Racer in your opinion pick: Tough… had a few good races with (Brandon) Crumbie, always clean, Butler and I battled hard and fair for 2 seasons for titles.

Other notables: 2nd in points @ Barrie 2014, 4th at first Reynolds special at Barrie.

Racing Plans moving forward: none ; washed up

If we could somehow make an invite only race would you be able to get a car for it? Unsure. I’d try my best .

26. Ben Melenhoust – #26

Tracks run in a mini: sunset, Barrie, Sauble, Varney, Peterborough

Championships: 2009 Barrie

Specials: Sunset Frosty Special, Barrie Wednesday night specials x2 in same year, Varney invitational, Sauble invitational

Years active: 11

Biggest Wins: Sunset Frosty Special. BSW win on Pintys series night.

Best mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: Rick Spencer-Walt at the time

Other notables: Approx 20 feature wins between 4 fun and mini stock between 4 different tracks.

Racing Plans moving forward: enjoy watching the big show at Jukasa

25. Kyle Baker – #82

Tracks Run: Capital City Speedway for points, then traveled to Peterborough Speedway, Sunset Speedway, and Barrie Speedway for specials

Championships: 2011 at Capital City

Crown Jewels: None

Specials: Capital City 50 Lap Summer Slam in 2011

Years Racing: 8

Biggest Win: My first win in 2009, and the second 50 lap Summer Lap

Other Notables: 9 Feature wins, with heat wins at Peterborough, Barrie, and Sunset

Plans Moving Forward: None, retired.

24. Craig Kamrath – #51

Tracks run in a mini: Sauble/ sunset/ varney/ Jukasa/ Peterborough/ flamboro

Championships: 1

Years active: 10 years

Biggest Wins: Sauble championship

Best Racer in your opinion pick 1: The Mayor Warren Paxton

Other notables: 3rd in the first Great Lakes, 5th at ACC

Racing Plans moving forward: specials only. My son is starting, so scaling back.

If we could somehow make an invite only race would you be able to get a car for it? Always.

23. Nolan Gould – #28

Tracks Run: Capital city 6 years full time, Peterborough 2 years full time, Kawartha with feature and heat wins, Sunset with top 5 finishes and Jukasa once with 8th place finish.

Championships: 2019 Peterborough championship, lots for runner ups and 3rd over all at Capital City, Kawartha and Peterborough.

Years Active: 9 year in mini stock with a couple years doing legends.

Other Notables: 2nd at ACC in 2019. 2018 winner at Peterborough 50 lap invitational

Best mini stock driver would have to be Andy Kamrath. He wins everywhere he goes.

Next plan for our team is to have a feature win at every track in Ontario

22. Casey Cavanagh – #49

Tracks Run in Ontario: Capital City Speedway, Kawartha Speedway, Peterborough Speedway

Championships: Capital City Speedway, 2013 champion

Crown Jewels: 1st place Autumn Colours B main 2015, third-place A main Autumn Colours 2007

Specials: 1st place 50 Lapper Kawartha 2006

Years Involved: Mini stock 10+ years raced every other class at Capital city speedway. Haven’t raced much since track closed after 2014 season.

Other Notables: Driver of the year 2011, 2nd place 2011 and 2012, started racing 2000 king of the hill won in a automatic sunfire, won two heat races in PEI and they wrecked me in the feature

Plans Moving Forward: Hopefully filing in for Mike Nelson at Peterbourough this 2020 season.

21. Chris Ruigrok

Tracks Run: Sauble Speedway, Sunset Speedway, Peterborough , Varney once

Championships: 2010 & 2012 at Sauble Speedway

Specials: Lots of top-five’s, always a bridesmaid

Years Active: 9

Other Notables: 2011 was my rookie year, finished second in 2012. I campaigned one car in 2014 with Kevin Paupst driving and won, wrote off my main car at home and home at Sunset Speedway

Best Mini Stock Racer: Billy Schwartzenburg

Plans moving forward: More road racing and talk of me running Craig Kamrath’s desol in a bunch of the major specials this year if they were to happen

20. Ryan Babin – #89

Tracks run in a mini: Mosport, Kawartha, Peterborough, Sunset, Flamboro

Championships: 2014 Peterborough

Crown Jewel wins: 2013 Autumn Colours Classic

Years active: 2013-14 full time

Biggest Wins: 7 feature wins in the two years of mini

Best Racer in your opinion pick:  Favourite to race against was Billy Schwartzenburg

Other notables: 2nd place, Frequent Flyer

Racing Plans moving forward: none at this point

If we could somehow make an invite only race would you be able to get a car for it? Yes

19. Scott Mast – #75

Tracks Run in Ontario: Flamboro Speedway, Barrie Speedway, Varney International Speedway

Championships: Flammy 2002 ,2003 championships

Crown Jewels: 2nd at Octoberfest twice, 2nd at Nationals,

Other Notables: 2nd in points twice at Varney, won Barrie fall classic, most feature wins at varney 2016 and 2017 – 9 each year

Years active: 115 wins in 19 years

Biggest win: 2002 against Bob Phinnemore at Flammy. Bob started first, I started 24th and passed Bob in turn 4 of last lap for win. Bob came to tech to congratulate on the win, classy guy said he had a lot more $ in his car

Plans Moving Forward: Will run FTMS, Grand Bend and Flammy if possible this year.

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