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10 Drivers Outside the Greatest 28 Mini Stock Drivers of The Past 10 Years

Over the past 10 years in Ontario, we have witnessed some absolute amazing racing across the province, with a variety of stars young and old securing championships and checkered flags. But who has stood out the most?

A panel of nine people – varying in experience, age, and home track – got together and discussed the accomplishments of several drivers through the years. Although over 40 names came up in the discussions, they managed to narrow it down to just 28 competitors, followed by ranking them in order from one through 28.

In a three-part series, we will reveal the full list, starting from 28th to pole on the grid. In the process, we encourage race fans to comment on the article, or via the Ontario Mini Stock Facebook Page, about your thoughts in the order, whom you believe should be number one, and whom you believe we missed.

Though before we reveal the next 9 drivers, here are 10 other Mini Stock driver profiles for competitors who did not make the list.

Click here to read Part 1 – Drivers #19 thru #28

Brad Martin – #53

Tracks run in a mini: Kawartha downs, Sunset Speedway, Mosport oval, Peterborough Speedway, Flamboro Speedway

Champions: None but lead the points at Kawartha almost all season in 2012 until I had two engine failures two weeks in a row and one of those nights was a double point’s night .

Crown Jewels: Fall Velocity winner two years in a row

Specials: Won a couple large invitationals at Kawartha Speedway against the best Mini Stock drivers at the time

Years Active: I ran mini for three years then went to Lucas oil sportsman then late model for a few races then oscar hot rods. So 2010 to present active years.

Biggest win: My first – the car was losing oil and oil pressure the whole race it was basically blown up when I rolled threw tech. I knew it was going south and wasn’t going to last but I was leading and about to win my first feature event so I wasn’t giving up till the car did and that little Neon stayed together just long enough.

Best Mini Stock Racer: It’s hard to name one great mini stock drive as I’ve grown to have friendships and great respect for most everyone I raced against.

My future plans: I will be pulling my Mini back out of storage and taking it to race a few events here and there, and I someday plan on getting a late model chassis and possibly running it in the OSCAAR Hot Rods and running some late model races

Cameron McGlashan – #83

Tracks Run: Sunset, Flamboro, Sauble, Peterborough

Championships: 2017 Mini Stock Champion

Years Active: 5, just two years full-time

Biggest win: My first win in the mini stock class was huge after being terrible in 2016

Best Mini Stock Driver: Andy Kamrath is the best driver hands down by a country mile.

Notables: Finished 9th in national standings in 15 & 17

Racing Plans: Full-time at Sunset in the Mini Stock. I would love to give late model a try in the next year or so, and hopefully move up; bored of Mini Stock.

Jeremy Kelly – #80

Tracks run in a mini: Peterborough Speedway

Championships: 0 (2 in bone stock 2016 & 2017)

Years active: 1

Biggest Wins: Hat trick on June 29th 2019 – 3 features / 9 heat wins in Rookie Season.

Best Mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: Hands down Tyler Junkin

Other notables: Rookie of the Year / Best Appearing Car / 4th Overall in points / most race wins in 2019 MS PTBO

Racing Plans moving forward: Taking a year off and coming back for a strong Mini-Stock run in 2021.

Kyle Steckly – #24

Tracks run in a mini: Flamboro,Sauble

Championships: 0

Years active: 1

Biggest Wins: Regular Saturday night at Flamboro on August 3rd

Best mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: Andy Kamrath

Other notables: 3rd at Sauble Summer Showdown and fifth at Frostoberfest

Racing Plans moving forward: Run as many races I can this year at Flamboro, as well as travelling to Sunset, Jukasa, and Sauble for invitationals

Lane Zardo – #46

Tracks ran – Flamboro, Sauble, Kawartha, Peterborough, Oshweken

No championships, no crown jewels – always finished second to Dave Bailey lol

Years Active: 2 years, revisit in a car owned by Chad Cocoran the odd time

Biggest win: 1 win at Oshweken my second time on dirt

Other Notables: Most heat wins (2009), Tied for hard charger (2009), at the time, youngest driver at Flamboro Speedway (12 years 1 month)

Best Mini Stock Driver: Currently – Andy Kamrath; All-Time – Dave Bailey

Racing plans – Peterborough Speedway championship with select APC and NASCAR Pinty’s races

Mike Holmes – #13

Tracks run in a Mini: Flamboro, Delaware

Championships (tracks & years): Flamboro 2014

Crown Jewel wins: Octoberfest b-main 2010

Years active in the Ministock Division: 5 years

Racing Plans moving forward: Spectator

Samantha Shaw – #81

Tracks run in a mini: Flamboro, Sunset, Sauble, Peterborough, Jukasa

Championships: None, but could have the record for runner-ups.

Crown Jewel wins: Nope, none of those either. multiple top-five’s

Specials: Nope. again, professional bridesmaid. Multiple top three’s, five’s

Years active: 11

Biggest Wins: 2014 Sunset Speedway Championship Night – first win at sunset. Went toe-to-toe with Billy Schwartzenburg for the entire race, while avoiding two-three wide lapped traffic.

Best mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: Dave Bailey. I learned a ton following him around Flamboro in my early years.

Other notables: 2x sunset speedway runner up (2018,2019). 2019 NASCAR Champion for Division 3. 2nd Sunset speedway 50-lap race 2019, 3rd fall velocity 2019, 4th Jukasa, 2nd Frostoberfest 2018, at least 5 best appearing car wins. I’ve genuinely lost count.

Racing Plans moving forward: full season at Sunset Speedway, Sauble Mini stock invitational, Jukasa Invitational, Flamboro Invitational (supporting APC), Frostoberfest.

Shawn Taylor – #76

Tracks run in a mini: 4 – Flamboro, Sauble, Sunset, Jukasa

Championships: 1 – 2018 Flamboro

Feature wins: 17

Years active: 5

Biggest Wins: Memorial Night 2017 & 2018

Best Mini Stock Racer: Dave Bailey

Other notables:
-2018 Flamboro Stock Car Nationals round #1 pole.
-2018 Flamboro most feature wins.
-2019 Hard Luck award.
-Won at least 1 race every season since rookie year:
-’15 – 1 win – part time
-’16 – 1 win – part time
-’17 – 7 wins – 3rd in points
-’18 – 6 wins – championship
-’19 – 2 wins – 4th in points

One that got away: July 21, 2018, 2nd feature, APC night. 13th at the completion of lap 1, took the outside lane all the way up to p2 behind Mark Klotz by lap 12. Green flag start to finish. Was too patient and it cost me the win.

Plans/goals moving forward: To compete in the top 5 at invitationals. Keep season win streak alive. Be fast out of the gate with the new car. Crash less than 2019.

Tessa Bleumer – #9

Tracks run in a mini: 3 (FTMS, Sauble, Delaware, also ran Barrie Speedway in a hurricane midget)

Championships: 1 – 2018 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Specials: Varney Speedway Twin-25 winner August 16th 2008

Years active: 13. Last year I was off, plan to return this summer

Biggest Wins: 2018 FTMS track championship, August 4th 2018 I took both features which was pretty great

Best Racer in your opinion: Current drivers, I’d say Cory Young

Other notables: King of the stocks 6th place 2018, 3rd in mini stocks points at FTMS in 2017, most improved driver FTMS mini stocks 2017

Racing Plans moving forward: Planning to continue at FTMS with my Integra

If we could somehow make an invite only race would you be able to get a car for it?: Definitely!

Tyler Seaboyer – #23

Tracks Ran: Sunset , Peterborough

Championship: 2019 Sunset Champion

Years Active: 3, going on 4 years

Best Mini Stock racer: invitationals – Andy Kamrarth; regular full-time front-wheel – Samantha Shaw; regular full-time rear-wheel – Daniel Montanari

Biggest Win: I’ve had lots of good races and a few great ones with good back and forth action that made it entertaining to watch with drivers  like Eric York  and mike Robinson. If there was 1 thing that I would be looking forward to, it would just be to keep having those great clean hard races with more drivers.

Notables: 5 feature wins, 32 heat wins, 2019 championship, 2018 3rd in points, Sportsmanship award

Plans moving forward: Where I run is kinda up in the air if it’s full time or part time. Right now, the plan is to stay in the Mini Stock. Yes, I have ambitions to move forward especially to Legends or Late Models, but even if you take money out the  equation, I can admit I don’t have the knowledge or manpower that it takes to run and maintain a higher class car at this current time. Mini Stocks require a lot of time but it’s more manageable for me.

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