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Ranking the Greatest Mini Stock Drivers of the Past 10 Years Part 3

Over the past 10 years in Ontario, we have witnessed some absolute amazing racing across the province, with a variety of stars young and old securing championships and checkered flags. But who has stood out the most?

A panel of nine people – varying in experience, age, and home track – got together and discussed the accomplishments of several drivers through the years. Although over 40 names came up in the discussions, they managed to narrow it down to just 28 competitors, followed by ranking them in order from one through 28.

In a three-part series, we will reveal the full list, starting from 28th to pole on the grid. In the process, we encourage race fans to comment on the article, or via the Ontario Mini Stock Facebook Page, about your thoughts in the order, whom you believe should be number one, and whom you believe we missed.

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9. Eric Yorke – #51

Have raced: Flamboro, Sunset, Peterborough, Sauble, Jukasa.

Championship: Sunset in 2012, won NASCAR All-American Series Division 3 Championship in 2017

Other Notables: Finished at sunset points – 3rd in 2013, 2nd in 2016

  • 2012- 3 regular night wins,
  • 2015- 1 feature win
  • 2016- 4 regular night wins.
  • 2017- 5 feature wins
  • 2019- 2 feature wins.

Specials: 2010 – Memorial Night at Flamboro Speedway; 2017 – Spring Velocity and Autumn Colours Classic; 2019 – Sunset Invitational Win

Years Active: Been racing since 2007, only year did not race was 2018 due to buying a house and have run part time few years

Best Mini Stock racer would consider Doug Butler as been racing a long time, won almost everywhere multiple championships and has been a threat almost every single year

My biggest win has to be Peterborough Autumn Colours Classic in 2017

Plans going forward: To run big races, invitationals and to travel a bit on asphalt, going to try running full-time on dirt at Ohsweken Speedway – have a new car, going to try and balance both

8. Tyler Junkin – #41

Tracks Run in a Mini: Peterborough, Sunset, Flamboro

Championships: 2012 and 2015 Peterborough

Crown Jewel wins: Autumn Colours Classic in 2010 and 2015

Specials: 2 Chase for the Colours wins

Years active: 13ish

Biggest Wins: 2010 and 2015 at Colours

Best mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: Ember Junkin. Way better driver then me, very underrated

Other notables: 2007 first feature win; 2011 Autumn Colours Classic (ACC) Runner-Up; 2011 & 2012 Enduro Champion; 2013 ACC Runner-Up; 2014 ACC Runner-Up

Racing Plans moving forward: Try and play in limited late model and super stock well I can. But mini stock is where it’s at; will end up back there.

7. Daryl Fice – #44

Tracks run in a mini: Peterborough Speedway, Kawartha speedway, Mosport Speedway, Sunset Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, Delaware Speedway

Championships: 2011 Peterborough speedway. 2012 Kawartha speedway

Crown Jewel wins: 2011 & 2012 Autumn Colours Classic, 2012 MRE win at Sunset Speedway

Specials: Delaware speedway 2011 Open Ontario Four Cylinder Champion

Years active: 2009-2012

Biggest Wins: Anytime we parked in victory lane was a big win for us

Racing Plans moving forward: No confirmed plans at this time

6. Cory Young – #36

Tracks run at: Sauble, Varney, Sunset

Championships: 2011 sauble champ, 2013 Varney Motor Speedway, 2014 FTMS, 2015 sauble points champ

Crown Jewels: 2016 Frostoberfest

Specials: 2012, 2013 and 2014 Delaware Summer Open 4 Winner; 2018 June Nationals winner (by DQ of Brandon Crumbie; Finished seventh at Jukasa in 2019; won at least seven invitationals at Varney Motor Speedway/FTMS over the years

Years active: 9 years

Biggest wins: Frostoberfest 2016 / Delaware 2013 and 14

Best mini racer: You know that is a hard one to pick only one, but I’m going to say Warren Paxton

Other notables
-Building and selling many top running cars over the years
-Giving Jason Tolton his first asphalt feature win ever this year – been racing 15 plus years and never had a win. He also finished sixth at Frostoberfest in 2019 in that car.
-Podiums: 2013 2nd place fall velocity; 2013 2nd place at Sauble home at home serious with sunset; 2016 3rd place fall velocity; 2018 2nd place Sauble invitational and many top-fives
-Points finish: 2014 I finished 2nd by 6 points behind Billy at Sauble and won points at FTMS that year too; 2016 3rd in points at sunset.
-Year End Awards: 2011 best appearing mini, 2011 finished 2nd in points at McColl 6 race series at sunset
-Cars sold

  • 2014 Integra sold at end of year and finished 2nd at Frostoberfest with Brian Sudbury driving it.
  • 2015-16 Integra sold to Kris Kahn who won the Chase for The Colours in 2017 with it.
  • 2017 Integra sold to Adam Flieler who raced it on dirt at Brighton and won the first five features with it and finished 2nd in points that year.

Things I Never Got: Feature win at Sunset Speedway

Racing plans: As you know I have my cars for sale and I have sold my 36 car, and pretty sure I have the 06 sold. Both are going dirt racing at Brighton . So as of right now I am retiring BUT if the 06 car does not sell you might see me couple times this year 😉

5. Billy Schwartzenburg – #86

Tracks run in a mini:  Varney Old/New, Barrie, Delaware, Peterborough, Kawartha, Sauble, Sunset, Flamboro, Barrie

Championships: 2 – 2012 Flamboro & 2014 Sauble

Crown Jewel wins: Frostoberfest & Spring Velocity

Specials:  Delaware Open 4, Delaware Australian Pursuit, Sauble Dash for Cash, Flamboro Memorial Night

Years active: 2008-2019

Best Mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: Dave Bailey

Other notables: 7 of 10 Sauble Feature in 2014; 2nd Kawartha OSCAAR Nationals; 3rd Frequent Flyer; a 2nd and a 3rd at Frostoberfest; 3rd Flamboro Nationals; Flamboro Rookie of the year; Flamboro Most Sportsman; Flamboro Best Appearing

Racing Plans Moving Forward: APC Series & Grisdale Triple Crown

4. Andy Kamrath – #35

Tracks Run in a Mini: 6 – Sunset Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, Kawartha Speedway, Sauble Speedway, and Jukasa Motor Speedway

Championships: 0

Crown Jewel Wins: 2014 & 2016 Frostoberfest; 2014, 2016, and 2018 Autumn Colours Classic; 2016, 2017, and 2019 Fall Velocity; 2017 Spring Velocity; 2014 Spring Derby; Both rounds of the Kawartha Mini Stock Nationals; 2015 Frequent Flyer 50; 2017 Battle of the Beach

Years active: 7 in mini 21 in total

Biggest Wins: Frostoberfest

Best Mini Stock Racer in your opinion pick 1: this guy lol if I can’t pick myself…. Dave Bailey

Other notables: have won every invitational there is in mini stock with the exception of the new Jukasa; 2014 winning every single invitational except one

Racing Plans moving forward: Run full OSCAAR four and run mini stock whenever not in an OSCAAR or APC race, try and get back to dominant fashion

3. Dave Bailey – #31

Tracks Run At: Flamboro Speedway, Sauble Speedway, Varney Motor Speedway, Sunset Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, Grand Bend Speedway, Delaware Speedway, Ohsweken Speedway, Merritville Speedway, Humberstone Speedway

Championships: 5 at Flamboro Speedway – 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013

Crown Jewels: 2007 Art Hill Memorial; 2011 & 2012 Frostoberfest

Specials: 2017, 2018 & 2013 Flamboro Memorial Night

Years Active: 2004 thru 2013

Other Notables: Ran Ohsweken and Flamboro full-time in 2007 with the same car – third in points at Ohsweken nad won the championship at Flamboro; Raced at Flamboro and Ohsweken on the same day in 2005; Raced at Flamboro and Humberstone on the same day

Best Mini Stock Racer: Clark Hartman

Future Plans: Full-Time Thunder Stock at Ohsweken, Merritville, and Humberstone

2. Clark Hartman – #5/51

Tracks Ran: 7 different tracks, mainly at Varney / Full Throttle Motor Speedway and Flamboro Speedway, along with specials at Sauble Speedway, Sunset Speedway, Grand Bend Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, and Delaware Speedway

Championships: 7, including his rookie season

Crown Jewels: 2003 Oktoberfest; 2005 Sauble Dash for the Cash

Specials: 2004 Season-ender consi win at Sunset, invitational wins at Grand Bend in 2007 and 2008, 2 T.D. Smith Invitational wins in 2003 at Varney, Mid season and End season Champion at Varney in 2002, feature win in a twin-25 for Special Olympics at Varney,

Years Active: Started racing in 1999 and raced for 17 years

Other Notables: Six runner-up points finishes; two third-place points finishes; a single fifth-place points finishes; a single seventh-place points finish; won Rookie of the Year and Championship in first season; won features at five different tracks for over 85 feature wins, plus 190+ heat victories; second-place in the ACC Last Chance Qualifier in 2004 or 2005; Flamboro Perfect attendance award in 2005; Flamboro Hard Charger award in 2005; Flamboro Best Effort award in 2015; Most Sportsmanlike Driver in 2003, 2006, 2011 at Varney; Best Appearing Car in 2002, 2007 and 2008 at Varney; People’s Choice award in 2012

Biggest win: winning 3 features in a night at Varney in 2014

Racing Plans Moving Forward: Continuing to promote racing and showcase the great race tracks and drivers we have in Ontario via Ingrid’s YouTube channel petalpower51.

1. Doug Butler – #10

Tracks run in a Mini: Sunset, Barrie, Sauble, Varney, Delaware, Kawartha, Jukasa, Flamboro, Peterborough, Brighton

Championships: 4 – 2009 Sunset, 2010 Sunset, 2014 Barrie, 2015 Sunset & 2 MRE Series Titles

Crown Jewel wins: 2019 Jukasa, Fall Velocity, ACC, Octoberfest, Dash for Cash, Gary Reynolds Memorial Race

Specials: 2nd at Delaware, 2nd at Chase for the Colours, 3rd at Kawartha OSCAAR Nationals

Years active: 13

Biggest Wins: Jukasa, 2015 Championship

Best Racer in your opinion pick 1: Andy Kamrath

Other notables: 2nd in provincial NASCAR points for asphalt in 2014. 10-12 Sunset Invitational wins (other then Velocity)

Racing Plans moving forward: Part-time at Sunset and invitationals

If we could somehow make an invite only race would you be able to get a car for it? Yes!

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