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10 Drivers Outside the Greatest 28 Mini Stock Drivers of The Past 10 Years (Part 2)

Over the past 10 years in Ontario, we have witnessed some absolute amazing racing across the province, with a variety of stars young and old securing championships and checkered flags. But who has stood out the most?

A panel of nine people – varying in experience, age, and home track – got together and discussed the accomplishments of several drivers through the years. Although over 40 names came up in the discussions, they managed to narrow it down to just 28 competitors, followed by ranking them in order from one through 28.

In a three-part series, we will reveal the full list, starting from 28th to pole on the grid. In the process, we encourage race fans to comment on the article, or via the Ontario Mini Stock Facebook Page, about your thoughts in the order, whom you believe should be number one, and whom you believe we missed.

Though before we reveal the final 9 drivers, here are 10 other Mini Stock driver profiles for competitors who did not make the list.

Click here to read Part 1 – Drivers #19 thru #28 /// Click here to read Part 2 – Drivers #10 thru #18 /// Click here to read 10 drivers who missed the list

Alex Lees – #07

Tracks Competed at – Kawartha Speedway, Peterborough Speedway, Sunset Speedway

Specials: 2012 Chase for the Colours

Years Active: Been racing since 2008

Biggest Win: My first ever wins. I won at Kawartha on Friday night, and then won the next night at Peterborough – July 2011. Next would Chase for the Colours in 2012, and then the Velocity event.

Best Mini Stock Driver: Ryan Oosterholt

Notables: Finished second in points twice, and third in points once

Racing Plans Moving Forward: Going to continue racing in the modifieds with my brother Nick

Blair Wickett – #97

Tracks Competed at: Flamboro, Sunset, Sauble

Years Active: 3 years in Mini Stock, 3 years in Pro Late Model

Notables: 14 feature wins at Flamboro in a single year

Best Mini Stock Driver: Doug Butler

Racing Plans Moving Forward: APC Series full-time

Daniel Montanari – #9

Tracks Ran At: Sunset and Sauble

Championships: 2018 Sunset Speedway Champion

Crown Jewels: Top-five at 2017 Fall Velocity at Sunset Speedway

Years Active: 2016 to 2018

Biggest Win: 2018 Championship and the UNOH Youth Achievement Award Scholarship

Best Mini Stock Driver: Warren Paxton

Other Notables: Second Canadian to win the UNOH Scholarship, 3rd in Great Lakes Points, Rookie of the year in 2017, 6 feature wins and 24 heat wins and only finished out of top 3 once and that was in someone else’s car in 2018, finished 1-2 with my brother 3 weeks in a row in 2017, 2nd in NASCAR points in 2017

Plans Moving Forward: To run primarily sunset but try new tracks around Ontario in Late Model and gain more experience

Danny Benedict – #54

Tracks Run in a Mini: 6

Crown Jewels: Kawartha Speedway Mini Stock nationals third-place, Autumn Colours Classic 3rd place

Specials: Kawartha Speedway invitational winner, Mosport Speedway invitational winner, Flamboro Canada day special Winner

Years active: 2010-2015

Biggest Wins: won races at Peterborough, Kawartha, Mosport, Capital City, Flamboro, Sunset, Mosport.

Best mini Stock Racer: Doug Butler

Racing Plans moving forward: APC Pro Late Model and LLM at Sunset and Peterborough. Hope to do some Super or Pro Late Model races in the states the next 2 years

Karl Sault – #81

Tracks run in a Mini: Ohsweken and Flamboro

Championships: 2 Bomber and 2 Mini at Ohsweken; 1 Mini Stock at Flamboro

Crown Jewel wins: Frostoberfest 2019

Years active: 2008 to present – bombers, mini, and thunder stock

Biggest Wins: Art Hill Memorial Brock Leonard Memorial, Frostoberfest and Memorial Night

Best Mini Stock Racer in your opinion: Dave Bailey

Racing Plans moving forward: Travel and try different tracks

Kevin Strutt – #34

Tracks Raced At: Peterborough Speedway racing stock cars since 2010; have also raced at Mosport, Kawartha Downs, Barrie Speedway, Flamboro Speedway, Sunset Speedway and Jukasa Motor Speedway

My biggest win was just a Saturday 20 lap feature, but I had a great green/white/checker duel with Ryan Oosterholt for the win. We nearly wrecked each other about 3 times in 2 laps

Years Active: Full-Time 2010 till 2018; 2019 we ran part time and had horrible luck all season. Wrecks and blow ups. It was terrible

Best Mini Stock Racer: Andy Kamrath hands down. There is none better. I’ve raced against his cars with other people driving them and they’re just another car out there. But when he’s in it. WOW.

Notables: I have participated in FF50, Reynolds Memorial, Autumn Colours, Frostfest, Velocity, OSCAAR mini stock nationals; All the years we ran full-time, we never finished worse than 5th in the points; 5 Sportsman of the Year Awards; 3 Best Appearing Car Awards

Racing Plans Moving forward: 2020 is a big ????? right now. We were thinking of building a bone stock and fooling around with that or maybe a new mini, but with everything going on right now that’s all on hold for now. I’m for sure going to be at Jukasa in August with the neon and we’ll probably patch up the old Daytona and run mini a few nights at Pete once things get rolling again.

Miles Tyson – #49

Tracks run in a mini: 7 – Barrie, Varney, Sauble, Kawartha, Sunset, Peterborough, Flamboro

Crown Jewel wins: Frostoberfest

Years active: 5-6

Biggest Wins: Frostoberfest

Best mini Stock Racer: Daryl Fice

Other notables: 2nd Spring Velocity 2014, 4th-place Sunset points 2014, 2015 best appearing car at Sunset, 2015 Frostoberfest winner, 2015 Autumn Colours fast qualifier, 7th-place Sunset points in 2015

Racing Plans moving forward: Going to keep racing every year and see what kinda seasons we keep having hopefully be able to pull off some wins.

Nic Montanari – #98

Tracks Ran: Sunset and Sauble

Championships: 2016 Sunset Championship

Years Active: Ran a few races in 2014 and a few in 2015, raced a full season in 2016 and 2017, and late model in 2018.

Notables: Never finished worse than ninth in 2016, 2nd in 2016 Velocity at Sunset Speedway, Fourth in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Points in 2017. Tied for most feature wins at Sunset Speedway in 2017. Most Improved Driver at Sunset Speedway in 2016

Best Mini Stock Driver: Doug Butler – he’s very underrated and has done well anywhere he runs.

Current plans: To continue Ice racing, road race track days and drag racing, and look at getting back into oval racing when time off work makes it possible.

Nick Clarke – #85/#86/#88/#0

Tracks Run in a mini: Varney, Flamboro, Sunset, Peterborough

Championships: 1 – 2016 Varney Championship

Years active in a mini 09-16, 2020+

Biggest wins: 2016 championship (as well as 12 feature wins that year), first win as a car builder in 2019

Other Notables: Second at Frostoberfest in 2016, Most Sportsmanlike Driver in 2015, Never missed an “A” main, “B” feature winner at 2015 Autumn Colours Classic.

Plans are to run a mini stock part time in 2020, as well as OSCAAR Hot Rod part-time.

Paul Boyd – #7

Tracks run in a Mini: Home Tracks – Varney and Sauble; Specials – Sunset, Flamboro, Delaware

Championships: FTMS 2017

Years active: 2013 – 2019

Biggest Wins: I won my first feature at Sauble – I was DQ’d for the rear view mirror that was in my car since 2014 – I left it in for the rest of the season, I still have the mirror. It reminds me of how ridiculous the tech was back then. 🤣😬

Best Mini Stock Racer: Brandon Crumbie

Other Notables: Bought my first car in August 2013, and points raced at Varney and Sauble over the next three seasons. Then I was an alternate driver for Brian Wilson and Issac Dippel the past two years. Accomplishments include second in points at Sauble 2015; Most Sportsmanlike at Sauble 2015; Most Improved Driver at Varney 2016; Best Appearing Car at Varney 2017

Favourite accomplishment – Qualified outside pole at Velocity next to the 51 (Eric Yorke) in a stacked field and finished seventh

Funnest race: Delaware open 4-cylinder, finished third behind Billy Schwartzenburg and Cory Young. Then ran the Australian Pursuit – I made it 2-laps before the 36 and 86 went screaming by, but what a blast, what a racetrack. My only time racing there.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make mention that I would have never seen a checkered flag without Cory Young or Brian Wilson. Cory and I traveled everywhere together in 2015/16 and we had a lot of fun. He’s the hardest working racer out there and it was great to be wingman to the champ. Brian Wilson is absolutely the best teammate anyone could have ever had. Smart, dedicated, and a true grass roots racer. dedicated to making me better, and he made me better. I truly loved what we had and I miss it greatly. He was a great teacher, fan, coach, supporter and best of all a great friend. He’s a hard core racer and he is worth mentioning in any mini stock conversation.

Racing Plans Moving Forward: None at all, but I truly love and support the sport. I love the race, but I love the people more.

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