Delaware Speedway

Memorable Moments from Bone / Pure Stock Competition

As we sit back and relax during this COVID-19 pandemic, Short Track Musings asked on Facebook for drivers to share their most memorable Bone Stock moments through the years. Here are some of the ones that the drivers shared……

Brian Lockwood – Running 1st and 2nd with my brother David Rockwood in first year racing. (pictured right)

Derek McLean – Travis’ first ever win in 2013 at 12 years old at Varney Speedway, and back then there wasn’t a kid stock. He ran with the regulars and we had 30 cars most nights. Finished 5th in points as well.

Jake Middlebrook – Probably getting married on the track, having a BBQ dinner then racing that night with my dad and best friend as my pit crew. Ended up cooking the motor that night.

John Crash – I qualified in the middle of the feature, but my windshield was so foggy I couldn’t see where I was going on the track. So I went to the tail and if luck would have it, Clinton Nicholls still had his rear brake light in, so I followed him around the track for three laps till my windshield cleared. When I passed him, I was 3/4 of a lap behind the leader, and finished on his rear bumper crossing the finish line in second. I only raced it once, never should have sold that car.

Leonardo Labarbera – Watching Matt Young arms up in the air saying “WTF” (I imagine) right before spinning and flipping while I do my best to keep hold my spot my first year driving (pictured top).

Mark Thorne – Leading a bunch of laps while Wayde was chasing me down. I think he may have had to use the bumper a little to get by. 2016 I believe. Good times. (pictured right)

Roy Lewis Jr. – Dad finishing 2nd to Mosker in back-to-back Pumpkin Smashers (at Delaware Speedway).

Terry Hubbert – In 2014, I made the podium at the Autumn Colors Classic, and proposed to my now wife in victory lane of my favorite place in the world, Peterborough Speedway.

Trevor DeBoer – Built a fresh car for my first Pure Stock race at Ohsweken in 2008; it was already their mid season championship night. Ended up winning the feature $250 and a huge trophy, never won in Pure Stocks after that.

William Rutherford – Running the big Buick Century when they allowed v6 cars to run at Flamboro. I had some good runs with that car, finished third one night with it. It was a fun car to drive and for its size it drove well, bit heavy though.

Kevin Strutt – First win in 2020

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