Delaware Speedway

Memorable Moments from Bone / Pure Stock Competition (Part 2)

As we sit back and relax during this COVID-19 pandemic, Short Track Musings asked on Facebook for drivers to share their most memorable Bone Stock moments through the years. Here are some of the ones that the drivers shared……

We’ve already released Part 1, but more answers emerged so here we go again with Part 2.

Matt Clarke – Pulling a hat trick at Varney’s Sprint into Spring.

Nick Clarke – Probably when I filled in for Andrea Parsons just shortly after she found out she was pregnant. I ran her cobalt and came across the line with Phil Givens right behind me. Little did I know, Phil and I had lapped the entire 22 car field in a 40 lap race.

Kris Lawrence (pictured right) – This car, “Frankenstein” has been upside down twice, on fire, hit the infield tractor Tire, straightened on a tree in the yard multiple times and won the 2019 Delaware championship and 2019 Frostoberfest minus a door

Mark O’Gill (top image) – Last night of the race season Varney last year. I didn’t finish better than 5th all season and the goal was a podium finish. Somehow I won the very last race after a long season of learning and progressing, and to make it even more special all of my sponsors showed up that night (unplanned).

Keith Parkes – Winning my first race at 61 years old.

Don Yorke – Being the last V6 to win a feature at Delaware before they were banned 30 laps and only 6 cars finished on lead lap that night. Took to Grand Bend next weekend and was faster then Steve Lovie and motor blew up. I had Jordan Morris push car back to pits lol I mean the memory’s are endless at Delaware with Kris Lawrence and David Rockwood.

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