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Flamboro Speedway Excited for Kid’s Ride Night

There are plenty of nights on the 2019 schedule that you want to be at Flamboro Speedway – actually, every race night is a good. However, there are certain ones that fans should be circling. Kid’s Ride Night on August 3 is one of those special nights.


Ontario Mini Stock Top-10 Ranking Week No. 6

Although the panel mostly agreed on the 10 drivers that should be on this list, there were variations on how they should be ordered due to a variety of factors – competition, field size, and how each driver came across the result they got. So did we get it right this week?

Ontario Mini Stock Top-10 Ranking Week No. 5

Scott Mast, James Townsend, Samantha Shaw, Ryan Oosterholt, Karl Sault, and Brian WIlson. These were names that were discussed en route to putting together this week’s top-10 ranking after the past two weeks of competition. However, believe it or not, they are not among the final top-10. So who actually made the list?