Flamboro Speedway

Wayde Thorne Out-Battles Competition for Pure Stock Frostoberfest Feature Victory

Following a bit of contact and holding off some of the best in the province, Wayde Thorne was able to leave Flamboro Speedway an igloo for winning the Pure Stock Frostoberfest feature.

The afternoon started off with time trials, with Jo Lawrence laying down the quickest lap of 18.959 seconds. Wayde Thorne qualified second, followed by Phil Givens, Craig Cole, and Dan Storey. Gillian Hils was sixth in front of Kris Lawrence, Cameron Thomson, Spencer Riddell, and Jack Dickson.

With over 40 cars on the property, a bmain would be used to set the back end of the field. Nicole Givens started the b-main on pole in front of Mark Allan, Daphne Sullivan, Mike Etsell, Karl Sault, Andrew Shilling, Tyler Ecker, Chance Rogers, Teagan Ellis, Darren Glavin, Brady Cox, Dustin Johnston, Matt Young, Sandy Eccles, Leo Labarbera, Sterling Roberts, Kara Martin, Caroline Kelly and Rick Van Kleef.

Off the drop of the green flag, Ellis went through the grass in turns one and two, creating three-wide off the corner with Ecker and Rogers. Ecker got sideways, making contact with Shilling, collecting Eccles and Roberts in the process. The second attempt was no cleaner, with Martin spinning in turns one and two.

The third attempt saw contact once again with Labarbera got into Van Kleef in turns one and two, but the pair kept going. Nicole Givens grabbed the early advantage in front of Allan, Sullivan, Sault, Etsell, Rogers, Cox, Johnston, Glavin, Ellis, Roberts, and Labarbera. Sault got alongside Sullivan for third on Lap 6, as Kelly pulled off the track done for the event. Sullivan held off the challenge, as Etsell continued to run fifth in front of Rogers, Cox, and Johnston.

Sault was not done with his challenge, offering a bump to the back of Sullivan as he looked for position once again. His attempt was successful, grabbing the third spot on Lap 11.

Nicole Givens picked up the checkered flag in front of Mark Allan, Karl Sault, Daphne Sullivan, and Mike Etsell. Tyler Ecker, Matt Young, Taddam Grein, Sterling Roberts, Andrew Shilling, Mark Allan, Leo Labarbera, Kara Martin, Caroline Kelly, Sandy Eccles, and Reuben Fluit were the cars that did not qualify.

In the main event, Cameron Thomson grabbed the early advantage in front of Rodney Rutherford and Michael Peterson, with the first caution on Lap 2 for Tegan Ellis spinning in turns one and two. With a single laps on the board, Thomson led Rutherford, Peterson, Spencer Riddell, Jack Dickson, Dan Storey, Wayde Thorne, Phil Givens, Jo Lawrence, Craig Cole, Gillian Hils, Eric Stewart, Kris Lawrence, Calvin Reesor, Courtney Scott, David Rockwood, Ellis, Alex Stewart, Jennifer Hatch, Karlie Wilman, Karl Sault, Mike Etsell, Nicole Givens, Daphne Sullivan, Chance Rogers, and Dustin Johnston.

Thomson got a good restart in front of Rutherford and Peterson, with Riddell passing Peterson for third on Lap 2 as Dickson rounded out the top-five. Dickson and Thorne both got by Peterson, with Thorne taking fourth on Lap 6 in front of Dickson and Phil Givens. Phil Givens got alongside Dickson for fifth on Lap 8, completing the pass, bringing Jo Lawrence through with him. Lawrence then took over fifth a lap later in front of Givens and Dickson.

Riddell got alongside Rutherford for second on Lap 10, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Riddell, Thorne, Lawrence and Givens through with him. Thorne got alongside Riddell for second on Lap 13, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Lawrence through with him. Riddell now ran fourth in front of Givens, Hils, Cole, and Rutherford. Lawrence got alongside Thorne for second on Lap 17, but everyone’s focused turned on the battle just outside of the top-five with Hils going around after the lap car of Ellis got sideways.

There was no caution, with the focus back at the front as Thomson, Thorne, and Lawrence went three-wide for the lead as they got caught in lap traffic. Thomson held off the challenge, leaving Thorne and Lawrence to battle for second in front of Riddell, Givens, and Cole. The leaders had to watch themselves, though, with Van Kleef tagging Sullivan right directly in front of them.

Everyone kept it straight once again, with another three-wide battle for the top spot between Thomson, Thorne, and Lawrence on Lap 25. Thomson got pinned in lap traffic behind Etsell, allowing Wayde Thorne to take over the top spot on Lap 27 ahead of Thomson and Lawrence.

With 29 laps on the board, Thorne continued to lead, with Lawrence passing Thomson for second. Behind them, Givens and Riddell battled for fourth, with Givens getting the spot on Lap 31 in front of Riddell, Cole, Rutherford, Kris Lawrence, and Peterson.

Jo Lawrence challenged Thorne for the lead on Lap 33, with contact happening in the process, resulting in a flat tire for Lawrence. Lawrence then slowed, drawing the second caution on Lap 34. With 17 laps to go,

Thorne led Thomson, Givens, Riddell, Cole, Rutherford, Kris Lawrence, Peterson, Storey, Rockwood, Stewart, Riddell, Hils, Alex Stewart, and Jo Lawrence.

Thorne got a good restart in front of Thomson, as Riddell took over third, bringing Cole through with him, as Givens battled Rutherford for fifth. Givens held off the challenge, as Kris Lawrence ran seventh in front of Peterson, with Eric Stewart and Hils side-by-side for ninth. Lawrence then challenged Rutherford for sixth, with Hils challenging Peterson for eighth a lap later.

Wayde Thorne led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Cameron Thomson, Spencer Riddell, Craig Cole, Phil Givens, Kris Lawrence, Gillian Hils, Rodney Rutherford, Michael Peterson, and Eric Stewart.

“I was trying to stay off of him, but that car is two tenths quicker,” Wayde Thorne said in victory lane, speaking of his late-race battle with Jo Lawrence. “I’m sorry, I apologize, but he can fight me for it. We’re fighting here for an igloo.”

Dan Storey placed 11th, followed by Jo Lawrence, David Rockwood, Jennifer Hatch, Alex Stewart, Courtney Scott, Daphne Sullivan, Nicole Givens, Rick Van Kleef, and Mike Etsell. Calvin Reesor was 21st, ahead of Karlie Wilman, Karl Sault, Chance Rogers, Dustin Johnston, Brady Cox, and Darren Glavin. Teagan Ellis, Jordan Willms, and Jack Dixon did not finish.

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