Flamboro Speedway

Brandon McFerran Makes Last Lap Pass to Score Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Victory

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Brandon McFerran made sure the last lap count, passing Lane Zardo for the victory in the Frostoberfest Super Stock feature at Flamboro Speedway.

The afternoon started off with time trials, as Lane Zardo set quick time at 16.274 seconds. Shawn Chenoweth qualified second, followed by Chase Pisonneault, Ethan Constable, and Ryden Lapcevich.

Though with the top-six invert in play, Ethan Constable started pole in front of Brandon McFerran, Chase Pinsonneault, Shawn Chenoweth, Ryden Lapcevich, Lane Zardo, Gerrit Tiemersma, Carson Nagy, Rick Spencer-Walt, Johnny Morrison, Chad Corcoran, Nick Troback, Brandon Feeney, Justin Collison, Cory McAllister, Dan Archibald, Dennis Cybalski, Steve Cashmore, Matt McGrath, Paul Pepper, Mike Westwood, Donovan Price, and Bobby Mercer.

Rick Spencer-Walt ran into issues rolling to the green flag, with a suspension piece breaking. Although he was able to pull up out the way, a caution was thrown with him stopped up in turn two. Some drivers slowed for it while others didn’t, resulting in Lapcevich being spun on the frontstretch.

The drop of the green flag saw a battle for the lead between Ethan Constable and Brandon McFerran, with Constable holding down the advantage. Zardo ran third in front of Chenoweth, Pinsonneault, Lapcevich, Tiemersma and Nagy, as Morrison and Troback battled for ninth. Troback got the spot on Lap 5, bringing Collison through with him.

Zardo got alongside McFerran for second on Lap 7, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Chenoweth and Pinsonneault through with him over the next three laps. Lapcevich ran sixth in front of Tiemersma, Nagy, Troback, Collison, Morrison, and Corcoran. Corcoran got alongside Morrison for 11th on Lap 14, with Morrison performing the crossover in hopes of keeping the position.

It did not work, as Morrison slipped back to 12th in front of Archibald, Cybalski, McAllister, and Feeney. McAllister got alongside Cybalski for 14th on Lap 18, completing the pass a lap later, as Feeney remained 16th in front of McGrath, Cashmore, and Pepper. McGrath challenged Feeney for 16th on Lap 21, with McAllister passing Archibald for 13th a lap later as Archibald got sideways. Cybalski moved up into 14th, bringing McGrath through with him.

The focus returned to the front of the field, with Zardo getting alongside Constable for the lead, as Constable found himself right behind the aforementioned back just outside the top-15. Constable was able to hold off the challenge, as Cashmore went through the grass deeper in the field. Chenoweth remained third in front of McFerran, Pinsonneault, Lapcevich, Tiemersma, Nagy, Troback, Collison, Morrison, and McAllister.

McFerran challenged Chenoweth for third on Lap 30, completing the pass a lap later and bringing Pinsonneault through with him as Chenoweth headed pit side. The caution then came out on Lap 38 for Troback spinning off of turn two.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Constable and Zardo, with McFerran third in front of Tiemersma, Pinsonneault, Lapcevich and Collison, as Chenoweth and McAllister battled for eighth. Lane Zardo snagged the lead on Lap 41, with McFerran, Tiemersma, and Pinsonneault following him through over the next couple laps. Constable ran fifth in front of Lapcevich, with Chenoweth challenging Lapcevich for sixth on Lap 45. Chenoweth got the spot a lap later, with Collison passing McAllister for eighth with two laps to go.

Brandon McFerran tracked down Lane Zardo for the lead, making the pass underneath him in turns one and two on the last lap to take the victory. Gerrit Tiemersma, Chase Pinsonneault, and Ethan Constable rounded out the top-five, followed by Shawn Chenoweth, Ryden Lapcevich, Cory McAllister, Justin Collison, and Johnny Morrison.

Matt McGrath was 11th ahead of Nick Troback, Dan Archibald, Steve Cashmore, Brandon Feeney, Mike Westwood, Chad Corcoran, and Bobby Mercer. Donovan Price, Carson Nagy, Dennis Caybalski, and Paul Pepper failed to finish, while Rick Spencer-Walt did not take the green flag.

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