Delaware Speedway

2022 Super Stocks Drivers to Watch Part 5

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform. The Super Stocks are no different, as evident by the success and strength of the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series since launched. 

There are a bunch of drivers who are capable of winning, but here are 34 drivers that are on the radar of people across the province.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

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2. Carson Nagy

2022 Plans: Full-time at Delaware, as well as the Qwick Wick Series.
2022 Goals: Learn as much as possible moving to a new home track, hopefully a couple wins and potentially a championship in either series!
Drivers to Watch: Gerrit Tiemersma, Lane Zardo, Miles Tyson, and Trevor Colliver – all last season they were consistently so fast and winning races. I think they’ll have the same if not more success this year!
Most Memorable Moment: So far is winning the championship at Flamboro speedway; winning at a track my whole families been at for years and years was a special moment for me and my family! Another memorable moment was the Peterborough speedway Qwick Wick race. I wasn’t expecting to race after the rain storm and having such a good turn out in the feature, (and) only having my mom and dad with me at the track that day; it was a huge confident booster for my team!

2021 Flamboro Speedway Track Champion courtesy of four wins and 10 top-five finishes. He also won on the Qwick Wick Super Stock tour at Peterborough Speedway, while scoring two top-five’s and three top-10’s in five races. He started off 2022 by running in the top-five at Flamboro, too.

1. Lane Zardo

2022 Plans: Flamboro Speedway full-time, running with some of my best friends. Going to be fun racing with Chad (Corcoran) and Justin (Collison), as well as the post race shenanigans. We will hope to defend our Qwick Wick Championship with our Bester Forrest products, Leslie Ford Mustang. We will also be competing at some big money races at Delaware and Sunset. Brad, Kenny, and Chuck will be the men making the car go fast.
2022 Goals: To be faster than last year. So many others will step their game up and we won’t be any different.
Drivers to Watch: I’m interested in seeing Brendon Verhoven, Andrew Ferreira, Myles Tyson, Ethan Constable and Tyler Hawn. Drivers I know will be competitive will be Trevor Collver, Pete Vanderwyst, and Gerrit Tiemersma. I wish I could see how Brandon Passer and Matt Bentley would handle the tour with better funding.
Most Memorable Moment: Crew chief and spotter helping my brother (Billy Zardo) get to victory lane at Jukasa in his late model.

2021 Qwick Wick Super Stock Champion courtesy of two wins and four top-five finishes. He also ran up front weekly at Sunset Speedway, scoring four wins and five top-five’s including Fall Velocity. Oh yeah, he also showed up and ran first and second in a pair of features on a regular night at Flamboro Speedway.

The icing on this cake? The list is proving it’s worth as he was your opening night winner at Flamboro this year.

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