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2022 Super Stock Drivers to Watch Part 2

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform. The Super Stocks are no different, as evident by the success and strength of the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series since launched. 

There are a bunch of drivers who are capable of winning, but here are 34 drivers that are on the radar of people across the province.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

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21. Cory McAllister

2022 Plans: A partial schedule at Sunset Speedway, Qwick Wick Series and trips to Sauble Speedway
2022 Goals: Get back to victory lane; we struggled in 2021 and are determined to turn it around in 2022
Drivers to Watch: Lane Zardo, Shawn Chenoweth, Matt Bentley, Trevor Collver
Most Memorable Moment: First Sauble Speedway feature win was likely our biggest moment so far!

As Cory McAllister mentioned, it was not the season that he would have initially envisioned for the team to have with their fair share of struggles. However, there was still some stellar performances including a top-10 on the Qwick Wick Super Stock tour, and top-five’s in weekly competition at Sunset Speedway.

20. Ryan Dyson

2022 Plans: The full Delaware Speedway Super Stock Series schedule, as well as the full Qwick Wick Super Stock Series schedule.
2022 Goals: To race up front for wins and contend for a championship. After having a great 2021 season, we feel our program is in a position where this is a realistic goal, and we are prepared to put in the work to make it happen. Our expectation is to earn our first Super Stock feature race win, something we know we are capable of after the speed we had last season, especially late in the year.
Drivers to Watch: I am not sure you can narrow it down to five drivers, there is so much talent already established and more names continuing to come into the division. In the weekly series at Delaware, it will be the typical teams to watch for, guys like Trevor Collver, Andrew Ferreira and Peter Vanderwyst. On tour, all eyes will be on Lane Zardo, and I would expect drivers like Gerrit Tiemersma to be up front as well. There is likely going to be a bunch of new names on tour to keep an eye on as well.
Most Memorable Moment: Our runner-up finish in our third ever race. In 2020 we finished second to Trevor Collver at Jukasa Motor Speedway and it was surreal, we went into the race with confidence, but I think we turned a lot of heads that day and it was very special. While we didn’t get the finish we deserved, I think the last race of 2021 at Delaware Speedway was probably our biggest moment of our Super Stock career. We went to battle with some very talented drivers and had the speed to win the race in front of a full crowd as the undercard to the NASCAR Pinty’s Series, it was very cool and I think we showed a lot of people what we’re capable of and that Jukasa in 2020 wasn’t a fluke.

Ever since his debut, Ryan Dyson has shown speed each and every week in becoming a regular front runner, whether in home-track competition at Delaware Speedway or on the Qwick Wick Super Stock tour. His two top-10’s say enough, especially watching him battle for inside the top-three at Delaware.

19. Paul Boundy

2022 Plans: Full-time at Peterborough Speedway in super stock and renegade trucks
2022 Goals: Chasing for both championships
Drivers to Watch: Mark Gordon, Jeff Remington, Brandon Feeney, Tyler Bouillon, Jeremy Dobb
Memorable Moments: One of my best memories take place in the pits spending time with my crew and friends. As for my biggest moment of my career is my first heat win in bone stock at Autumn Colours

Racing at Peterborough Speedway on a weekly basis, Paul Boundy proved to be a solid top-10 contender. He also showed speed around the province in appearances at Sunset Speedway and Flamboro Speedway. There was also potential on the Qwick Wick Super Stock tour, with a couple top-15 runs.

18. Pete Vanderwyst

2022 Plans: Delaware Speedway & Qwick Wick Super Stock Tour
2022 Goals: Finish in the top-five in both series
Drivers to Watch:  There is a ton of talent in both, some previous drivers coming back (past Champions), so in fact too many to list off IMO
Most Memorable Moment: I’ve raced from 1993 to 2004 – Enduros, Street Stocks, CASCAR. In 2005 I ran a late model won the NASCAR Weekly at Delaware, won the Triple Crown at Flamboro, 2006 to 2007 I ran ASA, ACT, and Super Lates in the states – NY, PA, OH, MI, IN, ILL, WIS., Iowa, Texas, Tennessee. The biggest most prestigious race I’ve ever entered in my career was in 2007, the All American 400 at the Fairground in Nashville and finished 9th.

A consistent face on the Qwick Wick Super Stock tour, Pete Vanderwyst was one of the most consistent competitors across the five events, highlighted by an impressive runner-up at Delaware Speedway.

17. Brandon McFerran

2022 Plans: Run the Qwick Wick Series, as well as at Sunset Speedway in the 56s Stewart’s Equipment car. If everything goes right, hopefully make a couple starts in the Pro Late Model again at Sunset as well.
2022 Goals: My expectations are high. There’s no reason as to why I can’t bring home top-five finishes every week. We started to show some speed at the the end of the year last year and we have only been working to make the car better for this season. Yah never know, maybe even a few wins!
Drivers to Watch: Lane Zardo is right at the top of the list; no denying he isn’t the best in the series right now. Shawn Chenoweth is definitely gonna be a name your gonna be hearing lots about this year as well. I think Miles Tyson is gonna be one to watch as well with his new Streamline Chassis he’s got. Gerrit Tiemersma is really consistent; he’s gonna be another guy to look out for. Cory McAllister is another guy who you have to keep an eye on as well – when he’s on, he’s on.
Memorable moment: My Invitational win at the beach in 2017, started deep in the pack and drove up to the front and passed for the lead with 2 to go. It was really cool to win in front of a big crowd and all my friends and family around.

The past Mini Stock Champion has shown speed since getting behind the wheel of a super stock, as evident by his first career victory at Sunset Speedway. There was speed shown last season in weekly competition at Sunset Speedway and Peterborough Speedway, as well as being inside the top-five during the Qwick Wick tour stop at Sunset.

Stay tuned to meet the sweet 16. 

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