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Top 30 Super Stock Drivers Over the Past 10 Years – Part 2

Out of the projects that I have tackled for the website since the formation, this is probably been the most difficult. It has been made as easy as possible, thanks to the dedication of several individuals who helped fill in the gaps for the past 10 years in regards to the history of the division. So to those who helped build the list, thank you for your contributions.

Even with every bit of data that you could imagine. it’s been difficult to put together the list. Quite frankly, there are several drivers that could easily be given the right argument to be placed higher or lower – as we seen in discussions following the first list. Admittedly, My lack of attendance at a couple tracks may be reflected here in not getting a true view and value to certain drivers.

This section, though, things become more define as drivers begin to set themselves apart from others with more accomplishments to their name. The amount per driver, though, show the competitive nature this division continues to produce on a yearly basis, and why it has always had a fond place in my heart – even in those tough years.

As the lists are revealed, I am encouraging everybody to comment with their thoughts. Who am I missing? Who should be ranked higher? Who should be ranked lower? Who shouldn’t be on my list? Ultimately, who do you feel rightfully deserves the top spot? This is why I am doing this – to create conversation, while recognizing the accomplishments that are sometimes forgotten.

With that said, if you missed the first part of the list, you can read it by clicking here – 30th through 21st. And now, here is the next part – 20th up to 11th.

20. Jim Belesky 

Years of Experience: 15 – five years full-time starting in 1999 until 2015, all in super stock except for one partial year in a Limited Late Model (LLM).
Biggest Achievement: Winning back-to-back championships in 2010 and 2011 at Barrie Speedway.
Most Memorable Moment: Meeting the late Mike Hosking and his son Rob. They started building my engines for me and without them, I would never have had the success that I had and made a lifelong friendship with both.
2021 plans: Stay retired and HOPEFULLY this covid goes away so I can travel to all of the Ontario tracks with my RV and watch a ton of racing.
Best Driver: A lot of great drivers I raced against from all of the tracks around. I would have to say Ricky Spencer-Walt. We were mean adversaries on the track but great friends off the track. That guy could do things in a racecar that blew my mind.

Barrie Speedway was known as being one of the toughest tracks in it’s time, with those who were able to get around the bullring known for talent in other places. Jim Belesky was one of those who figured out the secret, as evident by a pair of championships.

19. Gary Adriaensen

Years of Experience: 21
Biggest Accomplishment: I would say is finishing 7th in points this year in the APC series and winning the ROTY. That series is the best of the best in the whole province of Ontario and to be able run competitively with those guys says a lot for my program being on Delaware weekly budget.
Most memorable moment: I would say was winning my first Super Stock championship in 2015. The whole season came down to the last race between myself and Darrell Lake with only a 7 point gap. Thankfully, I was the one to come out on top.
Plans for 2021: So far, undecided. My PLM is up for sale right now. If it doesn’t sell, I will run Delaware next year.
Best Driver: I haven’t travelled much to know a lot of the other drivers out there and know their accomplishments. But I think Trevor Collver should be among the top contenders for this. He has won a couple big races last year and is usually fast everywhere he goes. Everyone knows that when Trevor shows up at any track for any race, he will be ready to do battle and will be at the front. His heart and determination are second to none.

There was a period of time where Delaware Speedway was known for having one of the steepest divisions with the championship always coming down to a multi-way battle between different drivers. Gary Adriansen was one of those always in the conversation, as evident by a pair of a championships.

18. Trevor Collver 

Years of Experience: 15 years, 6 years in SS
Biggest Accomplishment: 2020 MRE Superstock Champion
Most Memorable Moment: 2019/2020 Jukasa wins
2021 Plans: Full-time Delaware Super stock and a couple travelling races.
Best Super Stock Driver in Your Opinion Over Past 10 Years (and why): Branden Verhoeven. He raced in SS for 4 years. Winning 2/4 Delaware championships and finishing 2nd in the other 2 years. Only a couple points away from winning a championship in his rookie year. Great Canadian Superstock race winner. APC 6 pack (Delaware vs Flamboro) series race winner.

As previously noted, Delaware Speedway has a steep field and a championship there is worthy – Trevor Collver added his name to the history book in 2015. However, he gets the leg up on the list virtue of his victories at Jukasa Motor Speedway. To win on the biggest stage at Canada’s Crown Jewel against the best of the province certainly earns some recognition and as he noted, he has accomplished the feat twice. Perhaps considering the MRE Championship this year into the equation, and you could say he may deserve to be higher.

17. Andy Kamrath 

Perhaps one of the most versatile drivers in the province, Andy Kamrath has been able to win races behind the wheel of virtually any car he has got the chance to wheel – Pro Late Model, Limited Late Model, Mini Stock, Modifieds, and yes, a super stock. His portfolio in the division isn’t as long as others who have made this list, but in the short time he has been apart, the wins are numerous.

Running a partial schedule at Flamboro Speedway, he was in victory lane virtually each time that he jumped behind the wheel for Shawn Chenoweth Racing. He also came close to repeating the feat once again this past year at Frostoberfest. But his placement isn’t solely due to that as weekly wins aren’t enough here.

Kamrath was the winner of the inaugural Canadian Short Track Nationals at Jukasa Motor Speedway for the division, and as established, a victory at the Crown Jewel against the best of the best earns you a place here. Though that same season in 2018, he also won the “STOCK” Car Nationals at Flamboro Speedway in dominating fashion. Securing a victory in the two of the top-three crowns for the season – not many people can say they have accomplished that feat. Combined with always being a force to deal with at the front in each of his super stock starts, and here he is on the list.

16. Dave Doucette

2012 – Dave Doucette

Years of Experience: 16
Biggest Accomplishment: Barrie Speedway (and) the triple 50s
Most Memorable Moment: Watching my daughter win her first race
2021 plans: I will be running a limited schedule
Best Driver: Todd Davenport because he always ran clean and ran people the way they ran him

As Doucette alluded to, his accomplishments at Barrie Speedway go deep, as he has a 2012 Gary Reynolds Memorial victory to go along with the Triple 50s. Though his accomplishments go beyond that, as he also won the biggest event you could win in 2009, with the Autumn Colours Classic.

15. Ken Grubb

When you’re talking about super stock competition, Ken Grubb is always a name that comes up – and it’s because of his longevity in the division. It seems anytime there is discussion of an invitational, no matter the track, he is a driver that everybody feels will factor into the equation for the win. Those comments aren’t by accident, either, as he has finished on the podium probably more times than I can remember.

Just like everybody on the list, he has accolades to back himself up – with one in each category that a driver would like to have. He proved he could get it done against the best of the best at a big event, taking home the igloo at Frostoberfest in 2017. Though he also had consistency and ability to put together multiple wins in a year without faulting en route to a championship at Sauble Speedway in 2019.

14. Kenny McNicol

Years of Experience: 27
Biggest Accomplishment: 3-time winner of the Super Stock Great Canadian @ Delaware speedway
Most Memorable Moment: This past summer, enduro on dirt @ Merritville Speedway
2021 Plans: Depends on if we get a season
Best Super Stock Driver in Your Opinion Over Past 10 Years (and why): I’d prefer to say myself but I’m not sure that’s appropriate lol I would say Trevor Colliver. He always shows up prepaid and ready to win and always a front runner and more than willing to help anyone out

Being able to win a big event once is a big deal, Though to be able to do it three times – now there’s got to be something special there. To go along with the already discussed strength of the Delaware Speedway division (as evident by others in this sector of the list), Kenny McNicol earns his right via winning their year-end event on three occasions.

Beyond that, he has showcased his ability at other tracks, factoring in the battle for wins at both Flamboro Speedway and Sauble Speedway’s big events through the years.

13. Coltin Everingham


Years of Experience: 8
Biggest Accomplishment: 2018 NASCAR Provincial and Sunset Speedway Track Champion
Most Memorable Moment: First feature win
2021 Plans: Pro late models
Best Driver:  Randy “The Rocket” Rusnell! He’s won just about every big race he’s entered over the years! Always a tough clean competitor every where he’s gone.

While several drivers on this list have been racing 10 years or more, Coltin Everingham’s experience isn’t as steep – but he has proven himself in the time behind the wheel. After a couple quiet years, he had his break-out campaign and proved he could be a heavyweight in the division in 2018.

He put together a season of consistency and multi-feature wins to secure the championship at Sunset Speedway, highlighted by winning one of the big invitationals in the Jukasa Nationals qualifier. He then backed it up a year later by winning Spring Velocity. Solid runs at Jukasa Motor Speedway, combined with being a factor to win features at Flamboro Speedway and Peterborough Speedway, he’s also proven to not just be a one-track specialist, either.

12. Matt Bentley


Years of Experience: 9
Biggest Accomplishment: 2016 Championship at Sunset Speedway
Most Memorable Moment: Too many to name just one
2021 Plans: After a couple seasons off, plan to make a few races out to mix up the field.
Best Driver: One of the best would be Randy (Rusnell). I think in order to determine the best you have to look at how long the person was in the class and the amount of achievements they acquired during that time. I know with the amount of wins I’ve had through out my career would definitely contest with the best.

As Bentley alluded to, he puts himself into consideration virtue of his championship at Sunset Speedway. Though he’s more than just consistency at the 3/8-mile oval, securing a victory in the Fall Velocity event on two occasions (2011 and 2016) – along with a Gary Reynolds Memorial race win and Canadian National 75-lap victory in 2016.

He is also someone who can the job done at multiple tracks, taking home the “most checkered flags award” in 2009 at Flamboro, along with a Saugeen shores invitational at Sauble speedway and Chase for the Colours at Peterborough Speedway race win. 

11. Kyle Donaldson

If we were just looking at the first three years in the past 10 period, Kyle Donaldson would easily been in the top-five, possibly been the top driver, as he went on a terror. Frankly during this period, if you saw him at your home track, you were ready to hand him the trophy.

He began the string by winning the Kawartha Speedway and Mosport Raceway titles in 2009, followed by the Sunset Speedway Championship a year later. Though what stands out in 2010 was the fact he won every single feature that year – except for one. Pure domination is certainly one way to get yourself recognized here.

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