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Top 30 Super Stock Drivers Over the Past 10 Years – Who Should Be No. 1?

Since the very announcement of this project, a lot of discussion has been had about which driver has laid down the best numbers through the past 10 years, and what’s more deserving – championships or big picture wins. Even in the first two parts of the top 30 being released, it has been discussed and debated already.

PART 1 of the series saw drivers 30th up to 21st be released, ranging from Gerrit Tiemersma to Joe Adams.

PART 2 of the series saw drivers 20th up to 11th be released, ranging from Jim Belesky Kyle Donaldson.

While everybody is anticipating the top 10 being released, it’s time to have a little discussion first. As the list was being put together, I asked a bunch of Super Stock drivers whom they believe should be at the top of the heap. So here are the names thrown out, number of nominations, and some comments offered along the way.

When you’re done reading, be sure to share who you believe should be at the top of the mountain.


2013 Autumn Colours Classic winner Randy Rusnell received the most nominations of any competitor – with three to his name. 13th-ranked driver Coltin Everingham noted that Rusnell has “won just about every big race he’s entered over the years,” while being a “tough, clean competitor everywhere he’s gone.” 2011 Sunset Speedway Champion Lane Zardo added that Randy was his “biggest competition and who I was able to learn off. I knew I was making a mistake by how he was able to capitalize.”

Trevor Collver was ranked 18th on our list, but a pair of competitors thought he deserved to be ranked higher. 19th-ranked Gary Adraiensen noted Collver “has won a couple big races last year and is usually fast everywhere he goes. Everyone knows that when Trevor shows up at any track for any race, he will be ready to do battle and will be at the front. His heart and determination are second to none.” 14th-ranked Kenny McNicol added to that in saying that Collver always shows up “ready to win” and is “more than willing to help anyone out.”

A couple Peterborough Speedway competitors both felt home-track favourite John Baker Jr. deserved a place on the list, with Brandon Feeney noting JBJ is “capable of winning any day at any track.”

15th-ranked Ken Grubb should have been higher per a couple competitors, with Donny Beatty noting that the No. 36 Ford “can win any track that he goes, too.” 2019 Frostoberfeset Champion Treyten Lapcevich added “yet to see Kenny struggle somewhere regardless of the track; he’s always up front battling for wins and has always races me with tons of respect.”

Eight drivers in total received a single-nod from someone else, with one of those having appeared already on the list with Matt Bentley ranked in 12th. Zardo noted, “Matt is the biggest hard head racer I know. He hates to loose and if he has an opportunity to get the best of you, he will. Saying that, he’s a live by the sword die by the sword kind of racer.”

The other seven drivers include Shawn Chenoweth, Cayden Lapcevich, Rick Spencer-Walt, Brandon Verhoeven, Lane Zardo, and Todd Davenport. It is worth noting that neither Verhoeven and Davenport are part of the top-10 when it is released.

Perhaps Verhoeven was someone that should have been considered, based on the argument put forth by Trevor Collver in stating, “He raced in SS for 4 years, winning 2/4 Delaware championships and finishing 2nd in the other 2 years. Only a couple points away from winning a championship in his rookie year. Great Canadian Superstock race winner and APC 6 pack (Delaware vs Flamboro) series race winner.”

Other compliments offered include 26th-ranked Kevin Albers stating Lapcevich “has more big races wins and wins in total so he gets the nod,” while 20th-ranked Jim Belesky noted his biggest rival Spencer-Walt “could do things in a racecar that blew my mind.”

Zardo, meanwhile, gets a nod courtesy of Chenoweth due to “overall talent and ability to adapt to any track quickly.”

So who is going to be in the top-10? Who is at the top of the list? Stay tuned!

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