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2021 Super Stocks Drivers to Watch

With each season that comes up for the Super Stocks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

Marvin Freiburger

A veteran of the sport, Marvin Freiburger has proven to be someone to keep an eye on, whether behind the wheel of a super stock or a late model. Capping off 2020 with a top-five at Frostoberfest, he also scored top-10 finishes last season in the McColl Racing Enterprises Ontario Super Stock shows at jukasa Motor Speedway and Sauble Speedway, as well as in Operation Green Flag at Flamboro Speedway.

Brandon McFerran

Plans for 2021: My plans for 2021 aren’t set in stone yet, but I’m 99% sure my team and I are going to run the five races with the APC series in the super stock, along with some other shows around the province. Some other things are in the mix as well with the Shaw Motorsport team; I’ll be back behind the controls of their late model for some select races!
Goals and Expectations: I haven’t really thought about any goals or expectations to be honest. Obviously everyone wants to win and do the absolute best they can under the APC banner, so that’s gonna make things real tough. I haven’t been in super stock competition for a year and a bit so I’ll be happy with a top 10 maybe a top 5 if I’m lucky.
Why are super stocks so much fun? Super stocks have always been the show in my opinion. You got 10 guys that can win on any given night which makes for some hard, tight racing.
Who are you keeping an eye on? I’m really keeping an eye on that 29 (Paul Pepper) this year. He was coming on strong towards the end of last year and I think he caught the eye of most. Never count out Cory (McAllister) in the 71, he’ll be tough. There’s so many I couldn’t name them all. It’s gonna be a good show I can promise that.

(C)Debbie-Jo Zardo

While he was not behind the wheel of a super stock last season, Brandon McFerran has shown previously he can be someone to keep an eye on with strong performances across the province, including one of the most memorable invitational victories at Sauble Speedway.


Lane Zardo

Ranked in the top-10 of the Top 30 Super Stocks Drivers of the Past 10 Years, Lane Zardo’s accomplishments from when he entered competition, to most recently are beginning to add up.

This past season, he once again performed well behind the wheel of the No. 36 for Ken Grubb, scoring a third-place finish in the Super Stock Series event at Jukasa, backing up the team’s victory at the crown jewel in the 2019 Short Track Nationals.

With Zardo slated to return to the Series for all five events in the familiar ride, there’s a good chance more trophies will be added to the collection.

Andy Kamrath

While he closed out the 2020 campaign on a rough note behind the wheel of the Super Stock, you should not let that take Andy Kamrath off your consideration of drivers to watch moving forward. After all, he was ranked 17th on the Top 30 driver list despite a limited amount of years in time behind the wheel of a super stock compared to his fellow counterparts.

Recall, Kamrath was the winner of the inaugural Canadian Short Track Nationals at Jukasa Motor Speedway, and that same season in 2018, he also won the “STOCK” Car Nationals at Flamboro Speedway in dominating fashion.

Jamie Cox

Plans: To run part-time specials and some Delaware Speedway events
Goals and Expectations: To run in the top five and hopefully win, but mostly to have fun.
Why are you attracted to the super stocks? I really like the rules of the SS and they should be fun to drive. The guys that are going to run this class keeps getting bigger. There’s some of the guys I ran late models with and some I’ve never raced against, so it will be exciting.

While known for his Late Model success at Delaware Speedway and being part of the APC United Late Models Series, Cox will take his career in a new direction in making his return behind the wheel – but in a super stock. Certainly not expected when the new tour was announced, but someone to keep an eye on in knowing what he has proven to be capable of doing in the past with multiple feature wins and championships.

Jason Parker

(C)Debbie-Jo Zardo

Plans: The plan was when we decided to build a Super Stock was to run the five APC Super Stock races as it gave me and my team more time this summer to spend with our families and doing some of the other things we like to enjoy in the summer time. Now that the series has added a minimum of five night at a local home track that has changed the plan slightly. With no home track schedules out yet, we haven’t confirmed those other nights.
Goals and Expectations: I have very high expectations for this season as I believe that we will be well prepared and excited to get back on the track. We have had a number of seasons with the APC Late Model series in the past and I think that will help with getting a good start right from the beginning and give us a shot when it comes to the championship
Why are you attracted back to the Super Stocks? I have been racing for over 20 years now and have worked my way from Pure Stock right up to Pro Late Model racing. It has been exciting and a challenge to accomplish what we have in my career but I still have a passion for racing. A wise man once told me “the ladder goes both ways in racing” and I couldn’t agree more. After discussions with family, crew and sponsors we thought that the Super Stock would be a great fit for what we are looking for in 2021. The Super Stocks had great racing in 2020 with lots of winners and a great group of racers. This is what sold us on joining the Super Stocks
Drivers To Watch: As far as picking drivers to watch out for, I believe that is a long list which is what makes this season so exciting. You have got to start with a shout out to last years winners as they know how to get it done – Ryan Semple, Todd Davenport and Trevor Coliver. After that, there are 20 drivers that are chomping at the bit for a win in the very stout APC Super Stock series. There has been lots of chatter about a number of guys joining the series but I am going to let them break the news to you.

Jason Parker has proven to be capable behind the wheel, most recently in a Late Model with strong runs in APC Series competition and feature victories at Sauble Speedway. Though prior to that, he was a formidable contender in the Super Stock scene and something that should continue in knowing the depth and knowledge he has within his racing program.

Stay tuned for the next two parts as we explore more competitors to watch.

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