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2021 Super Stock Drivers to Watch Part 2

With each season that comes up for the Super Stocks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

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David McCullough

When you speak with Delaware Speedway regulars, David McCullough is a name that regularly comes up in conversation. That’s because in the last season ran at the facility (2019), he placed third in the standings with two wins, and just a single finish outside of the top-five all-season long.

Andrew Ferriera

Just like McCullough, Ferriera is another familiar name as fans have began to recognize the red No. 9 across the province. His last season at Delaware saw him win the championship with four trips to victory lane.

He also took his success on the road, running inside the top-five at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest prior to getting caught up in the late-race incident. Prior to then, he showed speed in the APC Super Stock Series last season, including a eighth at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Brad Stevenson

2021 Plans: Get our feet wet again in the super stock division. It’s been 10 years since we last competed in the series so we are well aware we have our work cut out for us learning the tire, gear selection and driving style again to make sure we are still rolling in the closing laps to put us in a position to have some solid runs. At this point, we plan to run the tour series and make some appearances at Peterborough and Sunset Speedway provided some of the restrictions are lifted allowing that.
Goals: Get some seat time.. Remind myself what a heavy car with fenders, feels like. Work with Junior and GTA getting this thing dialed in to be as competitive as possible wherever we unload.
What attracted you to the Super Stocks? For us going back to the super stocks was an easy decision, not only being a staple of our roots but where we won the majority of our races and championships. In my opinion, the super stock division still arguably puts on one of the best weekly shows bringing out top notch cars and competition. The fact we built a car and can now run the same car with very minimal changes and show up at almost any track in Southern Ontario was one of the most appealing motives for us. I think everyone would agree 10 different cars could compete for the win on any given night.
Drivers to Watch: This is such a loaded question with all of the weekly talent and guest appearances it’s hard to pick any one team. I think you’ll see a variety of teams standout this coming season previously competitive ones and guys stepping up their programs.

While Brad Stevenson isn’t a name that has been mentioned in Super Stock conversations, details of his return have sparked some things to be said. After all, we all saw the success he was able to have at Kawartha Speedway. He also then went on to prove himself behind the wheel as a driver behind the wheel of a Modified, with trips to victory lane.

Todd Davenport

2021 Plans: The five APC races and at least five races at Sunset for now
Goals: Get one more win and finish all the races
What attracted you to the Super Stocks? Multiple cars can win on any given night. Very competitive field.
Drivers to Watch: The No. 1 car of Trevor Collier is one to watch and the No. 17 of young Tiermersma

A veteran of the Super Stock scene, Todd Davenport has won several races over the years, including the big events like the Autumn Colours Classic. He also proved he can still get the job done, winning the APC event last season at Sauble Speedway after a late-race duel with Ken Grubb.

Shawn Chenoweth

2021 Plans: A little bit of everything, hit all tracks we can and run new series.
2021 Goals: Get back to having fun and expect to be competitive regardless of where we show up
What attracted you to the Super Stocks? Most fun cars to drive
Drivers to Watch: Jason Parker, Jamie Cox, and Cory McAllister

Shawn Chenoweth

One of the longest standing competitors on the Ontario racing scene, Shawn Chenoweth has had a lot of success behind the wheel of a Super Stock –as recognized by being third on the Top 30 Super Stock Drivers Over the Past 10 Years list. He has won several of the big shows, whether that’s Autumn Colours or Frostoberfest. He has also shown speed in recent years, including just a couple years ago with the team’s most recent endeavor in the division.

Knowing the hard work always put in by London Recreational Racing, seeing a familiar repeat of that success should be no surprise.

Ryan Semple

When polling the various Super Stock competitors about their thoughts entering the year, Ryan Semple was a name that came up multiple times – and for good reason. He hopped behind the wheel of Coltin Everingham’s Super Stock last season and was able to secure the victory at Sunset Speedway in his one-off appearance.

The performance is no surprise, given being a constant threat to win and for championships in past seasons at Sunset Speedway – and an Autumn Colours Classic podium finisher. If he returns behind the wheel once again, he’s someone to certainly keep an eye on.

Stay tuned for the next part as we explore more competitors to watch.

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