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2021 Super Stock Drivers to Watch Part 3

With each season that comes up for the Super Stocks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

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Kelly Costigan | Short Track Musings

Ryan Dyson

2021 Plans: To hopefully run full-time at Delaware Speedway and in the United Super Stock Series.
2021 Goals: Rookie of the Year and earn our first Super Stock victory. We want to run competitive and continue to develop our program at the speed we have been.
What makes the Super Stocks so much fun? The Super Stocks are a ton of fun to drive and I like that you can race so close to everyone around you. The series is full of great people and it seems it is getting a big following very quickly quickly, especially since the United Racing Series announcement.
Drivers to Watch: Trevor Collver has to be the one guy I would pick as a must watch driver in 2021. He is always a threat to win as we saw in 2020 and his consistency is going to be fun to try and match. At Delaware it’s going to be tough to beat Andrew Ferreira and David McCullough as well but I look forward to the challenge. On tour this summer I don’t think I could narrow down who to watch, there are so many incredible drivers and rumors of even more coming!

There were a lot of questions when Ryan Dyson announced he would be jumping into the Super Stock division, but he quickly quieted anyone whom held any doubts. Through the APC Super Stock Series in 2020, he ran up front – before ending off the year on a high with a podium performance at Jukasa Motor Speedway. With how quickly he’s adapted to the cars, it’d be no surprise to a checkered flag early this year, with the possibility for more.

Cory McAllister

2021 Plans: We have big plans for 2021. Our team has both super stocks just about ready to go! We are planning on running Friday nights at Delaware Speedway and Saturday nights at Sunset Speedway, as well as many starts as possible at Flamboro Speedway. We sure hope the pandemic allows this but if not we will run where ever is running. Our team tries to support all tracks in Ontario. Additionally, we will be participating in the APC Super Stock series in 2021.
Goals: As always, our goal is always to win; although with how tough of competition we have in front of us , we want to be consistent. If we can be consistently in the mix in the top-five, we should be there at the end. With not having a lot of experience at Sunset and never seeing Delaware before we know we have a uphill battle in front of us. Although with hard work, we are hoping will bring some good results.
Drivers to Watch: Shawn Chenoweth, Gerrit Tiemersma, Trevor Colliver, Kenny Grubb, Marvin Freiburger

Over the past couple of years, Cory McAllister has inserted himself into the Super Stock conversation after making the jump up following Mini Stock experience. He ran up front at Sauble Speedway with trips to victory lane, followed by more wins and a championship at Varney Motor Speedway. His resume only got more impressive in seeing the No. 71 run up front at events across the province, which is certain to carry forward into 2021.

Paul Pepper

2021 Plans: Chase the five-race APC Super Stock championship. On nights we are not running APC, Sunset Speedway will be our home track and we will be chasing feature wins there. Right now, it’s looking like a 10 race season for us (COVID depending of course), but if some opportunities arise throughout the season that make sense for us, we will certainly entertain them.
Goals and expectations: Compete for race wins every time we are at the track, as well as finish top-five in the APC Super Stock Series points. We proved a lot last year with how we ran. Yeah, there was no trophy for a provincial champion last year but points were still calculated with the McColl Series and we finished P3. If the driver hadn’t of let the team down at the Sauble race, I am confident we would have ended up on top of the heap by year end. Finishing 3rd at Jukasa with it being our first race there and a second at Flamboro for Frostoberfest to end the year, we are carrying big momentum into 2021. I have never been surrounded by better people – Andy Kamrath, Kris Lewko, Brandon Johnson, Bryan Sudsbury, Taylor Holdaway, Graham Annis, Craig Kamrath. These are the who’s who of short track racing in the province. You pair those guys with all of our great partners – Humberview parts, Utility trailer services and sales, All area Towing, Pat Sigouin Transport, and Jr’s Tires – anything less than a checkered flag would be a disappointment.
What makes super stocks a fun class to be a part of? I mean all you have to do is look at the racing this past year. We put on the best racing HANDS DOWN in the province. Look at Kenny Grubb and Todd Davenport go door-to-door for the last 10 laps at Sauble. Look at Ryan Semple coming out of retirement hop in a car and win at Sunset; look at Ryan Dyson picking up a P2 finish at Jukasa. Any given week, there’s honestly seven to 10 drivers that have a chance at winning depending on the track. Whereas some of the late model stuff its literally the same two to three guys with the deep pockets running at the front. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of room for cost improvement in our division, but we’re not bound by having to be on one program to be competitive.
Drivers to watch: Not really focused on that. Watch the 29.

If there was a driver who showed the most improvement from one year to another last season, Paul Pepper is the guy that you have to look towards. Doing his homework in making the right upgrades to his program, combined with continued progression behind the wheel paid off in spades, as he eluded in his answers with the podiums at Jukasa and Frostoberfest. If you are looking at driver who should find victory lane quickly in 2021, there is a good place to start.

Stay tuned for part four as we explore more competitors to watch.

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