2021 Ontario Legend Series Drivers to Watch

With each season that comes up in the Ontario Legend Series, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

Zach Latimer

Any time a driver goes through a rookie campaign, they usually experience a mix of success and lessons learned. Zach Latimer got a bit of everything in 2019, as he faced adversity with incidents and mechanical issues plaguing some performances. Despite this, he found some places to shine, including a top-10 finish at Peterborough Speedway mid-summer.

With the lessons learned underneath him, you could possibly expect to see him work his way to the front of the field.

Andre Fiorini

2021 Plans: I’d like the border to open so I can race down south and some events I’d like down there. Other than that, I pick and choose my events.
Goals and Expectations: Contend for wins every time I’m in the car
What makes Legend Cars so much fun? You can travel all over North America and still be able to race without changing a million things on the car, like some of the Late Model & Modified classes.
Drivers to watch: Cody Newell
I’d like to thank my friends out at Cory Hall Racing!

Over the past couple seasons, steady improvement has been the name of the game for Andre Fiorini in continuing to see the No. 7 get faster on a weekly basis. The hard work has paid off in spades, with trips to feature victory lane in both 2018 (Sunset Speedway) and 2019 (Sauble Speedway). If the same dedication is found in the program for 2021, you can expect a repeat of these performances.

Cody Newell

Another sophomore, Cody Newell was a driver that was able to get his feet wet throughout the schedule in 2019. While there was no stand-out performances, he was able to gain experience weekly as he ran just outside the top-15. Gaining more laps underneath his belt could easily see that translate into moving up the grid, possibly becoming a regular top-10 contender or more.

Myles Tyson

2021 Plans: Judging by the looks of are 2021 schedule, we are going to focus on racing the Legend full-time considering we have five races with the Late Model so our plan is to run them and run the legend full-time this season and see what we can do with points. I think only a couple of the Late Model races affect the Legend races, but will figure it out on how our first few races go.
2021 Goals: To hopefully get some more wins this season and finish up in the top-three every weekend. I know we have the speed to do it; we just need the luck to get it done. I’d like to, if we come close to it, at winning the championship would be nice to do as well.
What makes Legends one of the most fun classes? The size and the power of them. They’re such a different car to drive them anything else I have raced in my career. The rush you get from racing one is crazy.
Drivers to Watch: I think some of the people to watch would be Parker Travis. He’s been fast over the years for sure, and so many of the other drivers that are up front every Saturday night.

With progression made behind the wheel, Myles Tyson has become a regular top-five contender in Legend competition, having found the secret to being fast. Everything paid off last year as he was able to score his first career victory at Flamboro Speedway in dominating style. They say once you get the monkey off your back, everything begins to click together right away after that. If that’s the case, you can expect to see the No. 49 in victory lane a lot in 2021.

Nick Ledson

2021 Plans: As of right now, our plans are up in the air; with the unknown of Covid, I haven’t made any plans for the race season as of yet but that will change with everything else. Kind of playing it by ear right now.
2021 Goals: They haven’t really changed too much from previous years. I always want to be competing for wins and bring home championships wherever we are racing. Maybe this season it would be to take on a bigger mentorship role and help grow some drivers in the series. I have always been open to anyone asking me anything to give them a hand in learning the car and some tips on driving.
What makes Legends so much fun? Legends are one of the best cars to not only compete in, but to watch as well. The biggest part of that is the strict rule book and equality of the cars. When I tell people I can switch cars with someone and be relatively the same speed as my own, it’s hard for them to understand, but it is very true with Legends. It is a “stepping stone” class to race; lots of NASCAR drivers started in legend cars and have come back to them for their high power to weight ratio. They are great to drive to learn and great racing to watch as it’s always tight.
Drivers to Watch: It’s hard to just choose a couple as the Ontario Legends Series has grown so much and the talent grows every season with drivers learning and getting more comfortable with their cars. Kevin Foisy and Matt Haufe are always at the front. I think the ones to watch based off of the 2019 season and the two races in 2020 would have to be Dawson Drimmie, and Parker Traves. Dawson had a breakthrough year in 2019 and the success followed in the short 2020 race season picking up a couple of heat wins and running right up front with the best Legends Canada has to offer, and Parker has been getting better and better each year. I think he is at the point now that he is poised to snatch a feature win or two with the speed he has brought to the track with the Canadian Legend Car guys on his side. It takes a lot of preparation and luck to fall on your side in some of the races and with both Parker and Dawson, it’s only a matter of time before both of them step up to that #1 spot.

It seems over the last several years, Nick Ledson has set the benchmark for Legend drivers across the province. After all, he won eight features in 2019, including the Canadian Legend Car Nationals at Sunset Speedway. The momentum carried into the shortened 2020 campaign, as evident by picking up another checkered flag at Peterborough Speedway. If you want to win, there’s one thing you need to know – you will have to beat the No. 15N to do so.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the list of drivers to watch.

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