Flamboro Speedway

Karl Sault Dominates Operation Green Flag at Flamboro Speedway

Finding his way to the front quickly, Karl Sault did not look back en route to winning the Mini Stock portion of Operation Green Flag at Flamboro Speedway.

Kyle Steckly would set the quickest time with a lap of 17.727 seconds in qualifying ahead of Andy Kamrath (17.838), Will Gibbons (17.853), Brian Wilson (17.864), and Nolan Gould (18.098). Tommy Robb qualified sixth, followed by Wayde Thorne, Karl Sault, Shawn Taylor, and Chris Pendlebury. Craig Kamratth was 11th, followed by Mike Brown, Ryan D’Antimo, Kyle Istead, Chandler Bos, Tyler Lewis, Dale Millard, Jason D’Antimo, Matt Clarke, and Brad Lavalle. Connor Maltese, Rob Harrison, Stan Cook, and Peter Wakeling rounded out the field.

The invert would be 10, putting Craig Kamrath and Pendlebury on the front row. Pendlebury grabbed the early lead on Lap 3 ahead of Kamrath, with Sault up to third. Unfortunately, Harrison’s race came to an end two laps later as he ran into mechanical problems.

Meanwhile, Sault’s quick ascend through the field would see him leading by Lap 6 ahead of Steckly, Gibbons, Andy Kamrath, and Pendlebury, as Wilson ran into problems. Steckly got alongside Gibbons for second a couple laps later, taking the spot, with Kamrath remaining fourth ahead of Pendlebury, Craig Kamrath, and Robb.

Steckly would find his way to the lead, taking the top spot on Lap 11, with Sault and Gibbons side-by-side for second ahead of Andy Kamrath and Pendlebury as Istead ran into problems. Sault held off the challenge, remaining in second ahead of Gibbons, Kamrath, Pendlebury, Robb, Gould, Brown, Taylor, and Watson.

The mechanical gremlins really would bite a lot of drivers through the second half of the event, as Steckly pulled off the track out of the lead on Lap 19 with overheating issues. Gould headed to the infield shortly thereafter, with Watson going pit side in the final 10 laps.

At the front of the field, it was Karl Sault the rest of the way en route to the checkered flag. Will Gibbons was all over his bumper through the final five laps, but was unable to find a way by en route to finishing second. Andy Kamrath was third, followed by  Chris Pendlebury, and Tommy Robb. Craig Kamrath finished sixth, followed by Mike Brown, Shawn Taylor, Chandler Bos, and Jason D’Antimo.

Dale Millard was 11th, followed by Brad Lavalle, Tyler Lewis, Connor Maltese, Stan Cook, Matt Clarke, Peter Wakeling, Nolan Gould, Jake Watson, and Kyle Steckly. Ryan D’Antimo finished 21st, followed by Kyle Istead, Wayde Thorne, Brian Wilson, and Rob Harrison.

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