Flamboro Speedway

Ken Grubb Outruns Verberne to Operation Green Flag Victory at Flamboro Speedway

Despite being challenged throughout the 50-lap feature, Ken Grubb held on to score the victory in the Super Stock portion of Operation Green Flag.

Gerrit Tiemersma laid down the quickest time in qualifying with a lap of 16.546 seconds ahead of Jordan Latimer (16.551), Ken Grubb (16.631), Ethan Constable (16.657), and Jake Zevenbergen (16.662). Rick Verberne qualified sixth, followed by Andrew Ferreira, Cory McAllister, Coltin Everingham, and Marvin Freiburger.

Brad Collison was 11th, followed by Roy Wilkie, Steve Cashmore, Dennis Cybalski, Paul Boundy, Paul Pepper, Tim Burke, Tyler Bouillon, Bill Brekelmans, and Rob Richards. Matt Young and Victor Vowles rounded out the field.

The invert would be six, putting Verberne and Zevenbergen on the front row. Verberne took full advantage of his starting spot, grabbing the early lead ahead of Constable, Grubb, Zevenbergen, Tiemersma, and Ferreira, while Vowles pulled into the infield on Lap 9 with overheating issues. Latimer ran seventh ahead of McAllister and Everingham.

Grubb continued his climb forward, getting alongside Constable for second at Lap 11, with Tiemersma alongside Zevenbergen a lap later for fourth. Grubb moved into second on Lap 13 ahead of Constable, Tiemersma, Zevenbergen, Ferreira, Latimer, McAllister, Everingham, Collison, Cashmore, and Cybalski.

Grubb would track down Verberne for the lead, getting alongside him for the top spot on Lap 17, taking the top spot a lap later. Constable continued to run third ahead of Tiemersma, Zevenbergen, Ferreira, Latimer, McAllister, Everingham, Collison, Cashmore, Wilkie, Cybalski, Cashmore, Pepper, Burke, Gallant, and Brekelmans. Cashmore would then get by Cybalski for 11th on Lap 24, with Brekelmans getting by Gallant two laps later.

The race appeared to have a green flag appearance as the laps continued to count down, but that wouldn’t be the case. The first caution came out on Lap 28 for Latimer slowing with a mechanical issue. Boundy then pulled into the infield with overheating issues under the yellow flag.

Grubb got a good restart, holding off the challenge from Verberne, while McAllister would slow and pull into the infield with a mechanical issue. The race would also head back under the yellow flag, with Collison going around heading into turn one on Lap 31 courtesy of contact from Wilkie.

Despite a little bump from Verberne middle of the corner, Grubb was able to hold off the challenge once again for the lead, with Constable remaining third ahead of Zevenbergen, Tiemersma, Pepper, Wilkie, Everingham, Ferriera, Cybalski, and Brekelmans. Gallant would head pit side with motor problems on Lap 35, with Cybalski getting sideways through turns one and two – but managing to save it a lap later.

Tiemersma would get alongside Zevenbergen for fourth on Lap 37, getting the spot and bringing Pepper through with him a lap later. However, the caution would come out once again as a result of an incident in turns three and four involving Collison, Cybalski, Burke, and Bouillon.

Another bump from Verberne, and another good restart for Grubb as he held off the challenge again with Constable in third. Zevenbergen and Tiemersma resumed their battle for fourth, with Zevenbergen getting the spot on Lap 41, bringing Wilkie, Everingham, and Pepper through with him. Tiemersma’s slide through turns one and two dropped him back to eighth ahead of Cashmore and Freiburger.

Ferriera’s strong run came to an end on Lap 43 with him going around in turns three and four, with the caution coming out two laps later due to him stalled at the bottom of the track.

Ken Grubb got a good restart, holding off another challenge to score the victory, followed by Rick Verberne, Ethan Constable, Roy Wilkie, and Paul Pepper. Coltin Everingham finished sixth, followed by Steve Cashmore, Marvin Freiburger, Gerrit Tiemersma, Jake Zevenbergen.

Brad Collison was 11th, followed by Rob Richards, Matt Young, Bill Brekelmans, Andrew Ferreira, Dennis Cybalski, Tim Burke, Tyler Bouillon, Kevin Gallant, Cory McAllister, Paul Boundy, Jordan Latimer, and Victor Vowles. Nick Tooley would fail to take the green flag.

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