Bone Stocks

2020 Bone / Pure Stock Silly Season Synopsis (Part 2)

No matter what track you visit, it seems that the Bone and Pure Stocks are always putting on a great show. It’s also a great division to watch new talent emerge as drivers get their start behind the wheel.

In keeping up with the discussion, here are some more competitors who have openly discussed their 2020 plans as of February 7, 2020.

Jeff Laflamme let STM know that his team, JNL Motorsports, is excited about the upcoming season and will be fielding three Bone Stocks full-time at Sunset Speedway, with the goals to “fight for a championship and win some features.”

“Last season was up and down for us,” he added. “We were able to win two heat races and had a lot of top three finishes. Unfortunately we developed a rivalry with another team things were said by both parties that should not of been said. I would personally like to apologize for my actions involved and hope for a clean drama free 2020 season for everyone. We are bring 2 new cars to the track for 2020 season!”

The Flamboro Speedway Pure Stocks are set to have their division expand once again in 2020, as Megan Mitchell is currently preparing for her rookie campaign.

“Entering the 2020 season, I’ve got nothing but positive thoughts,” she told Short Track Musings. “I’m pretty excited. I got to run a few races last year to get some seat time and it went a lot better than I thought it would! I improved every week and I’m ready to keep making those improvements. We met some awesome drivers and built some good friendships and I’m looking forward to coming back. I think my team is going to have a very successful year!”

Sunset Speedway will also see growth, with Zach Harrison ready for his first full season behind the wheel.

“I am very excited for the 2020 season to begin,” he told STM. “This is my first year racing stock cars and I want to learn as much as possible on and off the track and gain respect from my fellow competitors.”

Full Throttle Motor Speedway also has some news coming out of their end, as Mark Merritt is ready for his second season in Fun Stocks, after placing sixth in the standings and winning the Rookie of the Award and Best Appearing Car Award. He will be joined on the track with his father, who will be a 65-year-old rookie.

Flamboro Speedway’s Rookie of the Year Kyle Lucas is also focused on his second season, as he hopes to run inside the top-three over the season.

Read the first round of the silly season synopsis by clicking here.

Stay tuned to STM for interviews with Kyle Lucas, Mark Merritt, and Zach Harrison.

If you’re a driver and want to have your plans listed in the Silly Season guide, please get a hold of Short Track Musing’s Ashley McCubbin immediately to do so. 

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