Bone Stocks

2020 Bone / Pure Stock Silly Season Synopsis

No matter what track you visit, it seems that the Bone and Pure Stocks are always putting on a great show. It’s also a great division to watch new talent emerge as drivers get their start behind the wheel.

In keeping up with the discussion, here are some competitors who have openly discussed their 2020 plans as of January 24, 2020.

After placing second in the Signs of Innovation Bone Stock standings at Sunset Speedway, Aundrea Lusk will return to the division in 2020, looking for “bigger and better” things as she will be behind the wheel of a new racecar.

“We have been working endlessly over the off season so far to make our racing program even better,” she commented. “My ultimate goal for 2020 is a feature win.”

Flamboro Speedway runner-up Mark Thorne will be back racing next season, planning to have a pair of mini stocks in competition at Ohsweken Speedway, along with running a pure stock at Flamboro on occasion.

“I would love to try out some different tracks next year like Full Throttle, Sunset and Sauble Speedway,” he added. “I would like to have a few off weekends, but that never seems to work out.”

Meanwhile, Flamboro Speedway Champion Leo Labarbera told STM in November that he hadn’t decided whether to stick with the pure stock, or move up to the mini stock class.

“We have a car for each so we’re going to try the mini stock division, but someone said nobody has done a back-to-back championship at pure stock so that’d be something to aim for,” he commented. “So I may want to try mini stock a bit, but something is telling me that trying for a back-to-back championship is cool, too. ”

Kris Lawrence’s team will be fielding three Bone Stocks at Delaware Speedway on a regular basis with himself, Kassy Howard, and a driver development car.

Cheyenne Charles will hope to back up her rookie campaign at Sunset Speedway with more success in 2020 as she will return to the division for “one more fun year,” before writing a “different story” in 2021 as she has “some plans but that’s staying with us for now.”

Karlie Wilman is also set to return, joined by SKLD teammates Andrew Shilling and Austyn Jennett.

“I’m dreading off season already, but in 2020 I look forward to returning to the Bone Stock division with all my teammates in all new cars,” she commented in September. “Although I’m gonna miss my cavalier with getting attached to it, unfortunately I ended up having to swap cars with a few nights left due to to many mechanical issues.

“Though now, I look forward to debuting a new car and hopefully have a better outcome with finishes and be in top-five at the end of next season.”

Initially heading into the 2020 campaign, Nick Hamill told STM in November that his focus would be on defending the championship at Sauble Speedway, while hoping to visit other tracks across the province. Although, it has since been announced that the track will be combining their Bone and Mini Stocks together, so that could affect plans.

If you’re a driver and want to have your plans listed in the Silly Season guide, please get a hold of Short Track Musing’s Ashley McCubbin immediately to do so. 

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