Flamboro Speedway

2023 Mini Stock Drivers to Watch – Honorable Mentions

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform. 

When the fans and fellow competitors were asked about the Mini Stock class, there were ultimately a lot of names that came up throughout the discussions – which delivered the list that was released. However, there are several names that did not make the list, which we still want you to know about these individuals.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

Bob Stewart
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: Another year to work on improvements. Receiving “ Driver of the month” last year ensured me that I’m on the right path . I see a feature win in my near further.
2023 Plans: New car is being built for 2023, Plan is to run for points at Full Throttle and as many invitations as I can. I also had a great time running all the season end “play offs “ last year so the plans are to do that again in 2023
2023 Goals: Last year I struggled with mechanical issues but still ended fourth in year end points . My goal this year is to end up top-three. Small but steady improvement.
Drivers to Watch: Mitch Wilkins, Thomas Wunsch, Scott Mast upon his return, Scott Schlueter, Josh Bullen, Dippel Racing

Brock Baker
2022 Ranking: 19th
2021 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: I think I might just take it slow this year and maybe travel a bit
2023 Plans: I’m looking to travel around this year and see how we can fair out at different tracks and support my friends and fellow racers at Peterborough speedway.
2023 Goals: Seize one of those Crown Jewels
Drivers to Watch: I don’t have anyone that I’m keeping my eye on this year.

Coleridge Phinnemore
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: This season will be very interesting with more cars registered for the mini stock division and lots of competition.
2023 Plans: To compete in the 2023 Sunset Speedway Mini Stock division for another year with the #80 machine. Also try to make Autumn Colours for the second year in a row.
2023 Goals: Last year was a learning curve for me as I got to learn how to race in real life instead of simulation. I got a heat win but was consistently in the top 10. My 2023 goals are to run consistently in the top 5 and be a front running car. My goal is to also finish top 5 in Autumn Colours in the fall.
Drivers to Watch: John Bird, Jason D’Antimo, Cameron McGlashan, Jacob Sutcliffe, Doug Butler

Curtis Stewart
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: I’m excited to get back out on the track this season. We ended the season off really strong with a handful of heat wins. Opening night can’t come soon enough!
2023 Plans: As of now we are not planning to run for points. We are planning to come out there and have a competitive car every time we haul it down.
2023 Goals: Last season we finally got our car working a bit better, found some speed and won some heats. We are excited to see if we can find some more speed and win a feature race or two.
Drivers to Watch: Top drivers that I’ll be keeping an eye on start with Cameron McGlashan, he’s a good buddy of mine and back up driver for me, there aren’t many people I’d rather beat then him but he knows how to wheel a car and pushes me to my limits just to keep up with him every week. Josh Bullen and Johnny Paradinski, are 2 great drivers with quick cars. Not sure how often they will both be out but you can expect them to be out front any time they show up. Tyler Seaboyer has a great car and he knows how to drive it. If he shows up this season he definitely has a shot at some checkered flags as well. Jason D’Antimo our 22’ champion is always improving and he’s quick too. Doug Butler proves his speed any time he shows up.

Fabio Olivieri
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: Definitely eager to get back out there. But my team is doing lots of work on the car in the offseason to come out stronger then last year!
2023 Plans: I’m looking on running full time at Ohsweken and following the dual on the dirt series and maybe travel a little bit.
2023 Goals: I’m definitely trying to get the championship at Ohsweken! But just take it night by night. And finish better then fifth in Dual on the dirt since I could never do better then that!
Drivers to Watch: Definitely Cam Thomson he will be running in his new sprint car and also his pure stock at Flamboro Speedway. I also think Shawn Taylor will be a good car coming from asphalt. Once he gets a handle of the dirt I think he will be fast!! Also in mini stock. Wade Thorne is another driver that has always been fast but always had shitty luck! Also in mini stock. I think Mike Thorne is also an awesome driver that has not had luck go his way but a vary smooth driver and has a awesome personality he drives in the thunder car class at Ohsweken. And last but not least definitely need to keep my eye on is Rodney Rutherford! Yes he may be my cousin in law but he can drive anything he gets his hands on and vary fast ! Always being a kid watching him race was my favourite driver growing up!

Rob Crick
2022 Ranking: 22nd
2021 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: I’m looking forward to it hoping to get some traveling in this season with the car. Would like the championship like everyone but I’m going to try to get in the top 3.
Drivers to Watch: Chris Tubman, Jeremy Kelly, Ember Junkin, Shawn Soloman, Brock Baker. I haven’t been to any other tracks so I’ve only raced other drivers at Colours.

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