Delaware Speedway

2023 Super Stock Drivers to Watch

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform. The Super Stocks are no different, as evident by the success and strength of the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series since launched. 

There are a bunch of drivers who are capable of winning, but here are some drivers that are on the radar of people across the province.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

25. Brandon Feeney
2022 Ranking: 27th

2023 Thoughts: To just continue to learn and continue to have fun. If results come with that, it is a bonus
2023 Plans: To race Peterborough speedway full time for ninth season of racing plus add possible some rented seats and starts in higher series if budget allows
2023 Goals: Finish top ten in points and at least 1 heat win
Drivers to Watch: Miles Tyson, Paul Boundy, Marlie Owen , Mark Gordon and Lane Zardo

The upgrade in equipment has began to shine through for Brandon Feeney, as evident by the checkered flag being held on multiple occasions in 2022. He scored two feature wins and four heat victories at Peterborough Speedway, boasting an average finish of 4.8. He also scored a top-10 in one of his three Qwick Wick Super Stock Series appearances.

24. Matt McGrath
2022 Ranking: N/A

2023 Thoughts: To continue getting better each week and hopefully get our first win
2023 Plans: Run full time at sunset and to run the odd race else where on our off weeks
2023 Goals: Finish top three in points and to get that first win
Drivers to Watch: Ray Morneau, Joe Daley, Johnny Morrison, Carson Nagy, Cory McAllister

If you want a driver that has caught the province’s attention, Matt McGrath may be the direction to peel your eyes too. There were a lot of people on the edge of their seat last season at Sunset Speedway in watching him come very close to his first career checkered flag. It was still a successful campaign, with two top-five’s and eight top-10’s.

23. Connor Maltese
2022 Ranking: N/A

Since making the move from Mini Stock to Super Stock competition, it has been impressive to watch Connor Maltese turn from a driver whose learning, to someone who can run within the pack at Sunset Speedway. He experienced success with seven top-10 finishes including a season-best sixth on two occasions.

22. Roy Wilkie
2022 Ranking: N/A

A regular at Flamboro Speedway, Roy Wilkie was able to experience success with four feature victories, 19 top-five’s, and an average finish of 2.909. He scored a top-five in three Qwick Wick Super Stock Series appearances.

21. Marlie Owen
2022 Ranking: 11th

2023 Thoughts: I’m excited for the 2023 season. We’re hoping to have another successful year. This year we’ll have a new look so stay tuned!
2023 Plans: To travel to some other tracks along with a few home track races.
2023 Goals: To have another strong year in the super stock and maybe take the super late model out for a few races.
Drivers to Watch: There’s lots of great competitors in the Super Stock division. We’re never really focused on anyone in particular. We are really focused on how we’re doing each time we show up to the track.

Marlie Owen has continued to grow as a driver with each passing season, whether behind the wheel of her super stock or super late model. She showed speed once again in 2022 at Peterborough Speedway, scoring two feature wins, three heat victories, and boasting an average finish of 3.1 for the season.

20. Mark Gordon
2022 Ranking: 9th

Peterborough Speedway takes up several spots inside the top-20, and for good reason when you look at the success across the board. Mark Gordon scored two feature wins, three heat victories, and boasted an average finish of 2.8 for the season.

19. Andrew Ferriera
2022 Ranking: 4th

The Delaware Speedway past track champion was fast once again in 2022, placing fifth in points with four top-five’s and seven top-10’s in the nine races. He also competed in the pair of Qwick Wick Fire Starter Super Stock Series events at Delaware Speedway, scoring a top-10 in both with a victory in July.

18. Justin Collison
2022 Ranking: 7th

The Flamboro Speedway regular put himself into the championship conversation, scoring a feature win, 17 top-five’s and an average feature finish of 4.1667 on the season. He also placed 10th in the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series standings.

17. Brad Stevenson
2022 Ranking: N/A

Peterborough Speedway had several strong Super Stock drivers in 2022, and one of those was Brad Stevenson. He scored a pair of feature wins, three heat victories, and boasted an average feature finish of 4.875 for the season.

16. Paul Boundy
2022 Ranking: 19th

2023 Thoughts: We had an amazing run the second half of the 2022 season and I’m taking what I learned to be ever faster this season
2023 Plans: To be running full time at Peterborough in the super stock class and travelling to other tracks on our off nights to see how stack up against other drivers around the province
2023 Goals: To chase the track championship at Peterborough Speedway
Drivers to Watch: Jeremy Dobb, Brandon Feeney, Donovan Price, and Brad Stevenson

A regular at Peterborough Speedway, the consistent improvement of Paul Boundy’s program was on display when he scored a feature victory last season. He added four heat wins, three other feature top-five’s, and an average 5.3 feature finish for 2022.

15. Rick Spencer-Walt
2022 Ranking: N/A

With the success that Rick Spencer-Walt experienced near the end of the season with a victory at Sunset Speedway, and contending to win at both Delaware Speedway and Peterborough Speedway, it was no surprise to his name mentioned. However, the team has sold the car as they focus on their APC Auto Parts United Late Model Series of Ontario and Jr Late Model efforts.

That said, Spencer-Walt did share the five drivers he is keeping an eye on, which were, “Lane Zardo, Shawn Chenoweth, Brandon Mcferran, Johnny Morrison, and Pete Vanderwyst. There’s many more talented guys out there. Also, looking forward to a couple young guns like Cole Burrows and Chase Pinsonneault to see what they have!”

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