Flamboro Speedway

Shawn Taylor Scores Mini Stock Frostoberfest Victory at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario — After being apart of the early race wreck, Shawn Taylor worked his way back to the front to score the victory in the Mini Stock Frostoberfest feature at Flamboro Speedway.

Kyle Neumeister laid down the quickest lap at 17.683 in time trials ahead of Samantha Shaw (17.720), Shawn Taylor (17.761), Mike Gilmour (17.842), and Cory McAllister (17.916). Mike Thomson qualified sixth, followed by Bobby Mercer, Kaitlyn Wallace, Thomas Wunsch, and Karl Sault.

There was a b-main to set the back end of the field, with Mark Thorne picking up the checkered flag in front of Mike Hooper, Cole Burrows, Bob Stewart, and Wayde Thorne. Jerrod Jephrey and Jennifer Hatch did not qualify, while Alex Stewart was done after practice with mechanical issues.

The mini stock main event started off with a bang, courtesy of a wreck on Lap 2 on the backstretch after three-wide went affray. It ultimately collected Shawn Taylor, Matt Young, Brian Wilson, Mike Gilmour, Thomas Wunsch, Chris Pendlebury, and Cole Ecker.

Samantha Shaw and Cory McAllister battled for the lead on the restart in front of Kyle Neumeister, with Mike Thomson challenging him for third, as Bobby Mercer and Kaitlyn Wallace ran side-by-side for sixth. McAllister took the lead on Lap 4 in front of Shaw, Thomson and Mercer, as Karl Sault and Neumeister battled for fifth. Sault got the spot on Lap 6, as Wallace ran seventh ahead of Dale Millard, Mark Thorne, and Tyler Lewis.

Mercer got alongside Thomson for third on Lap 8, taking the spot a lap later, as Sault ran fifth in front of Neumeister, Wallace, Millard, Thorne, Young, and Taylor, with Kyle Istead and Michael Peterson side-by-side for 12th in front of Mike Hooper. Lewis’ strong run ended on Lap 13 as he pulled into the infield, while Thorne fell off the pace. This allowed Taylor to move up into ninth in front of Young, Istead, Peterson, Hooper, and Cole Burrows.

As they were going by the lap car of Dave Dippel, Sault challenged Thomson for fourth, getting the spot two laps later. Meanwhile, Millard’s challenge for an igloo slowed at Lap 17 as he fell off the pace. Neumeister continued to run sixth in front of Wallace, Taylor, Young, Istead, Peterson, and Millard.

Mercer challenged Shaw for second on Lap 21, but was unable to complete the pass. Things got interesting for the leaders, as they found themselves deep in traffic. There was contact made between Dippel and McAllister, resulting in McAllister going around with the whole nose ripped off the car. With 28 laps to go, Shaw led Mercer, Sault, Thomson, Neumeister, Taylor, Wallace, Istead, Young, Peterson, Millard, Hooper, Burrows, Wayde Thorne, McAllister, Gilmour, Wilson, and Dippel.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Samantha Shaw and Mercer in front of Sault, with Thomson and Taylor side-by-side for fourth. Bobby Mercer took the lead on Lap 26, with Taylor taking fourth two laps later in front of Neumeister, as Wallace was sent sideways.

With 29 laps on the board, Mercer led Shaw, Sault, and Taylor. Taylor got alongside Sault for third on Lap 30, as Neumeister slowed with an issue. Taylor got the spot, with Thomson back up to fifth in front of Istead, McAllister, Wallace, and Young. Taylor got alongside Shaw for second as they went around the lap car of Dippel, taking the spot a lap later. Taylor wasn’t done yet, getting alongside Mercer for the lead.

Shawn Taylor took over the top spot on Lap 38 in front of Mercer, with Shaw and Sault side-by-side for third. Sault got the spot, with Thomson remaining fifth in front of Millard, Istead, McAllister, Wallace, Young, Peterson, Hooper, Thorne, Borrows, Wilson, and Mark Thorne. Peterson got alongside Young for 10th on Lap 44, but was unable to complete the pass. Istead challenged Millard for sixth with three laps to go, completing the pass, bringing McAllister through with him.

Shawn Taylor led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Bobby Mercer, Karl Sault, Mike Thomson, and Samantha Shaw. Kyle Istead finished sixth, followed by Cory McAllister, Kaitlyn Wallace, Matt Young, and Michael Peterson. Mike Hooper was 11th, ahead of Wayde Thorne, Cole Burrows, Brian Wilson, Dale Millard, Dave Dippel, Bob Stewart, and Mark Thorne. Kyle Neumeister, Tyler Lewis, Mike Gilmour, Thomas Wunsch, Cole Ecker, and Chris Pendlebury failed to finish.

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