Flamboro Speedway

Hudson Nagy Out-Battles Front Runners for Frostoberfest Flamboro Glory

After being challenged by the top runners in the division, Hudson Nagy came out on top as the winner at Flamboro Speedway.

The afternoon started off with a spin by Cody Wilds off of turn four on Lap 1 of the first heat. Hudson Nagy got the win in front of Josh Indig, Jaden Chapman, and Lonnie Scott, as Dan Russ and Wilds tangled on the last lap in turn four.

Cole McFadden was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Kenny McNicol, Hailey McNicol, Jim Nagy, Matt Boyes, Pete Trotechaud, and Joe Russ.

Come feature time, Jaden Chapman started pole in front of Kenny McNicol, Josh Indig, Cole McFadden, Hudson Nagy, Hailey McNicol, Lonnie Scott, Jim Nagy, Dan Russ, Matt Boyes, Cody Wilds, Matt Thompson, Pete Trotechaud, and Joe Russ.

The drop of the green saw a battle for the lead between Chapman and McNicol in front of McFadden, with Kenny McNicol taking the lead on Lap 2. McFadden followed him through for second, with Indig and Hudson Nagy doing the same. Chapman now ran fifth in front of Jim Nagy and Scott, with Boyes getting by Scott for seventh on Lap 6.

McFadden got alongside McNicol for the lead on Lap 7,  as Indig ran third in front of Hudson Nagy, Chapman and Jim Nagy. Hudson Nagy challenged Indig for third on Lap 9, as McNicol held off the challenge from McFadden as they weaved their way through traffic.

It would not last, with McFadden back alongside for the lead on Lap 11, as Indig kept third in front of Hudson Nagy, Chapman, Jim Nagy, Hailey McNicol, Boyes, and Wilds. Kenny McNicol once again held off the challenge, using the lap car of Wilds as a pick. Wilds’ race would go downhill from there, as he brought out the first caution on Lap 17 with a spin in turn four.

Kenny McNicol got a good restart, as Hudson Nagy battled McFadden for second. Nagy got the spot on Lap 19, with Indig running fourth in front of Chapman, Jim Nagy, and Boyes. The battle for the lead did not

end there, with McFadden challenging McNicol once again, only for contact to be made. This allowed Hudson Nagy to take over the top spot on Lap 22 in front of Indig, Chapman and Jim Nagy, with McNicol and Boyes battling for fifth.

McNicol took back fourth on Lap 24, bringing McFadden through with him a lap later.  Jim Nagy ran sixth in front of Boyes, Hailey McNicol, Thompson, and Wilds. Kenny McNicol got by Chapman for third, as the caution came out on Lap 26 for McFadden around on the backstretch.

Hudson Nagy got a good restart, pacing the field the rest of the way en route to winning. Josh Indig was credited with second, followed by Cole McFadden, Jaden Chapman, and Matt Boyes. Hailey McNicol placed sixth in front of Kenny McNicol, Jim Nagy, Matt Thompson, and Cody Wilds. Dan Russ was 11th, in front of Lonnie Scott, Joe Russ, and Pete Trotechaud.

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