Flamboro Speedway

Austin Arnel Sweeps Flamboro Speedway Frostoberfest Mini Truck Features

Battling his way to the front in both 15 lap features, Austin Arnel swept the Mini Truck features at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest.

The first feature started off with a bit of a snag, as Austen MacLennan spun, followed by a spin for Brayden Martin on the opening lap. James Relov grabbed the advantage on the restart in front of Austin Arnel and Amy Ellis, with Arnel challenging for the lead on Lap 2. However, the yellow flag waved once again, with Martin around in turn four. With 13 laps to go, Austin Arnel led in front of Relov, Caleb Goertz, Quinn Goertz, Hayden Sim, Mason Collver, Kaisha Zimock, and Carson Sim.

Arnel got a good restart to keep the lead in front of Relov, as Hayden Sim and Caleb Goertz battled for third. Sim got the spot on Lap 4, with Zimock running fifth, as Connor Pritiko and Collver battled for sixth, with Ben Freiburger, Quinn Goertz, and Carson Sim three-wide for eighth.

Hayden Sim continued to move forward, taking over second, with Caleb Goertz ready to follow him through. Zimock ran fifth in front of Collver and Pritiko, with Caleb Goertz and Carson Sim side-by-side for ninth. Sim got the spot on Lap 9, brining Quinn Goertz and Freiburger through with him.

Caleb Goertz moved into third on Lap 3, with Zimock up to fourth in front of Collver, Carson Sim, Relov, Quinn Goertz, and Freiburger.

Austin Arnel led the checkered flag to win the first feature in front of Hayden Sim, Caleb Goertz, Kaisha Zimock, Mason Collver, Carson Sim, James Relov, Quinn Goertz, Ben Freiburger, Connor Pritiko, and Austen MacLennan.

Austen MacLennan started pole for the second feature in front of Connor Pritiko, Quinn Goertz, James Relov, Carson Sim, Mason Collver, Caleb Goertz, Austin Arnel, Kaisha Zimock, Hayden Sim, Ben Freiburger, Amy Ellis, Eden Robson, and Brayden Martin.

Connor Pritiko grabbed the initial advantage in front of Mason Collver and Quinn Goertz, but the yellow flag waved for MacLennan going around on the backstretch. Mason Collver got a good restart to take over the top spot in front of Pritiko, Relov, Carson Sim, Hayden Sim, and Quin Goertz.

Collver would miss his mark on Lap 4, getting sideways off of turn four, allowing the pack to go by with Connor Pritiko taking over the top spot in front of Relov and Arnel, as Zimock and Carson Sim battled for fourth. Arnel would take over the runner-up spot on Lap 7, with the caution coming out for Rick Baskett slowing on the backstretch.

Arnel got a good restart in front of Zimock and Hayden Sim, with Sim getting alongside Zimock for second on Lap 9. Carson Sim challenged Caleb Goertz for fourth on Lap 10, taking the spot, as Pritiko ran sixth. Collver challenged him for sixth on Lap 12, getting the spot, as Quinn Goertz ran eighth. Zimock, meanwhile, held down second in front of Hayden Sim and Carson Sim.

Austin Arnel led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Kaisha Zimock, Hayden Sim, Carson Sim, and Mason Collver. Caleb Goertz finished sixth, followed by Quinn Goertz, Connor Pritiko, Ben Freiburger, and James Relov. Eden Robson placed 11th, followed by Brayden Martin, while Rick Baskett, Amy Ellis, and Austen MacLennan failed to finish.

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