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2022 Bone / Pure Stocks Drivers to Watch – Part 5

With each season that comes up in the Ontario short tracks, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on with each other division, wondering how they’re going to perform.

When the fans and fellow competitors were asked about the Pure Stock class, there were ultimately over 70 names that came up throughout the discussions – bringing us to this point. Each of those drivers have been ranked, with their final position on the list being determined based on a combination of fan votes, fellow competitor votes, and last year’s success.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative, and enjoy getting to know these competitors a little more.

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33. Tegan Stanley
2021 Ranking: N/A

2022 Plans: To be consistent and do my best to represent my sponsors
2022 Goals: To win my first race heat or feature and be consistent with my placements
Drivers to Watch: Kyle Novis, Victoria McLennon, Johnnie McIntyre, Jake Kelly, John Bates

Tegan Stanley played the role of a rookie at Peterborough Speedway well last season, scoring a pair of top-10 feature finishes with a career-best seventh and five heat top-five’s.

32. Calvin Reesor
2021 Ranking: N/A

2022 Plans: Run full schedule at Sunset Speedway and i’ll be doing as many invitationals as the budget allows
2022 Goals: Get my first feature win and just be consistent
Drivers to Watch: Phil Givens is fast no matter where he is. Matt Boyes knows his Cobalts and is always fast. Jacob Booth’s new car should be quick. Craig Cole – I call the Sentra Guru – is fast everywhere. Andrew Shilling – other then the mechanical gremlins, that Integra was quick
Most Memorable Moment: The Tammy O Velocity. That race will always mean something to me and can’t wait to run it again for her.

Calvin Reesor was a threat for the win each week in his rookie campaign at Sunset Speedway, as evident by placing in the top-three in the final standings. He picked up four top-five’s and eight top-10’s in feature competition, with a couple heat wins. He also proved he can race at other tracks, as evident by a top-five finish in the Autumn Colours Classic at Peterborough Speedway.

31. Andrew Shilling
2021 Ranking: 21st

2022 Plans: Run a full season in the Bone Stock division at Sunset Speedway.
2022 Goals: Hopefully get a feature win in the books and to manage my speed throughout the season.
Drivers to Watch: Austyn Jennett, Karlie Wilman, Matt Boyes, Aundrea Lusk and Cheyenne Reed-Charles
Most Memorable Moment: My first ever heat win. It is a whole other level being able to run up front with all the others who have fast cars, especially when you still make some rookie errors trying to maintain position.

The 2021 campaign could be called Andrew Shilling’s break-out season at Sunset Speedway, as evident by his first career trip to victory lane with a heat win. He almost repeated the feat in feature competition, dominating a couple events before being passed late. While he was unable to capture the flag, he scored a top-five and five top-10 finishes.

30. Cameron Thomson
2021 Ranking: N/A

2022 Plans; Run Flamboro full-time for Rookie of the Year in the pure stocks and possibly go run Velocity and hopefully the Delaware opener. I will be also racing every Friday at Ohsweken Speedway in my thunder car.
2022 Goals: Run top-10 to top-five every week and get a top-five in points, and a win or two would be nice too.
Drivers to Watch: Eric Stewart, Alex Stewart, Jimmy Hooper, Wayde Thorne, Nicole Stewart
Most Memorable Moment: My racing career hasn’t really had anything memorable or big yet, but to this day, flagging at Jukasa Motor Speedway for the OSCAAR folks was by far most memorable.

Known for his flagging ability, Cameron Thomson hopes to be recognized for his ability behind the wheel, as well. He started off the 2022 season at Flamboro Speedway with an 11th-place finish.

29. Ang Novis
2021 Ranking: N/A

The Mini Cooper has certainly become a fan favorite through the years, with Ang Novis becoming the latest to get the glory for being behind the wheel. There was speed at Peterborough Speedway in 2021, with three top-five’s and six top-10’s in feature competition.

28. Eric Stewart
2021 Ranking: 34th

2022 Plans: 2022 is going to be a crazy year. Between driving the Bone Stock, driving part-time mini stock with Chris Pendlebury, crewing for Shawn Chenoweth in both the Super Stock and APC/Flamboro Pro late, and part-time spotting for Nick Clarke in the Hot Rod Series.
2022 Goals: To continue my mid to late season success and to hopefully find a feature win.
Drivers to Watch: Honestly, this bone stock class is growing race by race at all tracks. There’s so many people to watch, I can’t just pick five.
Most Memorable Moment: My first top-three at Flamboro and my heat win at Peterborough’s Autumn Colours Classic

As Eric Stewart mentioned, he shined late in the 2021 season by scoring a heat victory in qualifying for the Autumn Colours Classic. A regular at Flamboro Speedway through the summer, though, he scored four top-five’s and six top-10’s in feature competition.

27. Nicole Stewart
2021 Ranking: 12th

2022 Plans: Going to be racing a lot at Delaware! Definitely was my favourite track to run last year. They have tons of bone stock registered already this year, definitely gonna be some great racing to watch. Will also be travelling to other tracks throughout the year as well.
2022 Goals: Same as last year – have fun and learn as much as possible.
Drivers to Watch: Phil Givens – deciding to team up with BT racing and do a full season at Delaware, will be interesting to see if he can finally get a win at every track bone stocks race at. Spencer Riddell – showed great improvements in his first season, new car and team this year. Will be great to watch! Eric Stewart – got the car dialed in by the end of last season, as long as he remembers to put gas in his car he will definitely be one to watch! Michael Peterson – he is a driver you don’t hear much about. He has turned heads every time he shows up at the big races. Nicole Stewart – cause I gotta promote myself.
Most Memorable Moment: Don’t really have one that comes to mind, other than beating both my brother in the Frostoberfest b-main (even if they had bad luck), but the whole season was fantastic! Getting behind the wheel is a huge step and then to see how much support I had was amazing!

There was a lot of anticipation entering last season when Nicole Stewart revealed her intentions to get behind the wheel of a racecar. She steadily improved with each weekend under her belt as she traveled across the province trying different tracks. Her highlights included a top-10 at Flamboro Speedway, and a ninth at Sunset Speedway.

Stay tuned to meet the top-26 drivers on the list. 

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