Flamboro Speedway

Will Quarrie Scores Jr Late Model Frostoberfest Victory

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Pacing the field from the drop of the green flag, Will Quarrie dominated en route to winning the Jr Late Model Frostoberfest feature at Flamboro Speedway.

Will Quarrie started pole in front of Caleb Goertz, Oliver Ferguson, Ryder White, Alyssa Branette, James Relov, Kara Martin, Brandon Magee, Cole Burrows, Laila Wailser, Jake Spencer-Walt, Del Freiburger, Chase Stievenart, Garyson Masson, Marisa Carter, Cole Kamrath, Amber Wallis, Chase Tolton, and Bentley Weaver.

Will Quarrie led the field to green with Goertz slotting into second as Relov jumped up to third in front of White, with Branette and Martin side-by-side for fifth. Burrows made his way up to seventh by Lap 3 in front of Walser, Spencer-Walt, and Ferguson, as Magee and Freiburger battled for 11th.

Burrows would take Branette and Martin three-wide for fifth down the backstretch, getting up to fourth on Lap 7 in front of Martin, White, Branette, Walser, and Spencer-Walt. Burrows tried to keep moving forward, taking Goertz and Relov three-wide for second. Goertz held off the challenge, with Burrows slotting into third on Lap 14.

Unfortunately, he slowed a lap later with a problem, coming to a stop in turn four for the yellow flag at Lap 15. With five laps to go, Quarrie led Goertz, Relov, Martin, Branette, White, Walser, Spencer-Walt, Ferguson, Freiburger, Masson, and Magee.

The restart would produce the second caution with Weaver going around in turn two. The second attempt would be no different, with the third yellow flag for Spencer-Walt slowing with a problem as Walser went around in turns three and four.

Will Quarrie got a good restart, pacing the field the final laps en route to winning in front of Caleb Goertz, Kara Martin, Alyssa Branette. Ryder White finished sixth, followed by Chase Stievenart, Jake Spencer-Walt, Oliver Ferguson, Laila Walser, and Del Freiburger. Marisa Carter placed 11th, followed by Brandon Magee, Garyspon Masson, James Relov, Cole Kamrath, and Chase Tolton. Cole Burrows, Amber Wallis, and Bentley Weaver failed to finish.

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