Flamboro Speedway

Hudson Nagy Scores Ontario Legends Series Victory at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Taking the lead in the final laps, Hudson Nagy would pace the field the rest of the way en route to winning the Ontario Legends Series.

Kevin Foisy took the early advantage in front of Joe Adams and Hudson Nagy, as Paul Pierik and Parker Traves battled for fourth. Traves took the fourth spot on Lap 3 bringing Matt Haufe through with him, as Perik ran sixth in front of Cole McFadden, Kenny McNicol, Glenn Morris, Joe Sherman, Jennifer Hatch, and Brandon Feeney.

Nagy would move into second on Lap 7, bringing Traves and Haufe with him, as Adams now ran fifth in front of Perik. Behind them, it’d a battle for seventh between McFadden and McNicol ahead of Morris. McFadden got the spot on Lap 11 ahead of McNicol, Morris, Hatch, Feeney, Cody Wilds, and Sherman.

The battle for the lead got interesting on Lap 12 with Nagy making the move on the outside of Foisy for the lead, taking the top spot a lap later. Traves ran third in front of Haufe, Adams, Perik, McFadden, McNicol, Morris, Hatch, Feeney, Wilds, and Sherman. Hatch would get by Morris for ninth on Lap 20, but hit an unfortunate snag by going around for a spin five laps later.

Nagy would get a good restart as Haufe moved into second in front of Traves, as Sherman went for a loop around. He would keep it going without caution, as Perik ran fourth in front of McNicol, Adams, McFadden, Foisy, Morris, and Feeney. Foisy would get by McFadden for seventh at Lap 28, followed by a move on Adams for sixth on the last lap.

Hudson Nagy led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory in front of Matt Haufe, Parker Traves, Paul Perik, and Kenny McNicol Jr. Kevin Foisy finished sixth, followed by Joe Adams, Cole McFadden, Glenn Morris, and Brandon Feeney. Cody Wilds placed 11th, followed by Jennifer Hatch, Joe Sherman, and Stephen Garega.

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