Flamboro Speedway

Karl Sault Picks Up Second Igloo at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest

MILLGROVE, Ontario — Making the late-race move when it mattered, Karl Sault would score the victory in the Mini Stock feature at Flamboro Speedway.

Bobby Mercer led the field to green in front of Karl Sault, Jeff Laflamme, Shawn Taylor, Cole Quinton, Johnny Paradzinski, Samantha Shaw, Ryan Edwards-Kiss, Tommy Robb, Cory McAllister, Mike Gilmour, Darrin Thring, Mike Robinson Jr., Matt Clarke, Lisa Yorke, Mike Hooper, Cole Burrows, Mark Thorne, Kyle Istead, Chris Pendlebury, Dave Goodacre, and Eric Yorke.

Bobby Mercer grabbed the early advantage in front of Sault, Taylor, Laflamme, Quinton, and Paradzinski. Edwards-Kiss would get alongside Paradzinski for sixth on Lap 3, taking the spot a lap later, bringing Shaw, Robb, and McAllister through with him to bump Paradzinski back to 10th.

Behind them, Clarke and Thring battled for 11th on Lap 6, ahead of Smith, as Goodacre headed pit side with issues. Gilmour slowed two laps later, allowing Pendlebury and Yorke to get by for 14th and 15th.

Taylor would take over second on Lap 8, as Laflamme got alongside Sault for second ahead of Quinton, Edwards-Kiss, and Shaw. Laflamme got the spot a couple laps later, with Quinton looking to follow him through, but unable to do so. McAllister would get alongside Shaw for sixth on Lap 16, passing her a lap later, with Robb ran eighth in front of Paradzinski, Yorke, and Thring.

Robb then moved into seventh on Lap 21, bringing Paradzinski and Yorke with him, to bump Shaw back to 10th in front of Thring and Clarke. Thring would challenge Shaw for the spot, but unfortunately pulled off with motor issues, along with Robinson Jr. on the same lap.

The halfway mark would get interesting, with Shawn Taylor moving into the top spot in front of Sault, as Mercer slipped back to third with Quinton and Laflamme side-by-side for fourth. Quinton got the spot on Lap 30, as Edwards-Kiss ran sixth in front of McAllister and Yorke. Quinton moved into third two laps later, bringing Laflamme through with him as Mercer now ran fifth, as Yorke and Edwards-Kiss battled for sixth.

Yorke would take the spot,  as the caution came out on Lap 37 for a mess in turn one and two. Mercer falling back was a result of a blowing motor, which laid fluid down on the track. Going into the corner, everyone began sliding through it, with a wreck occurring involving Istead, Lisa Yorke, Pendlebury, and Paradzinski.

Taylor would get a good restart in front of Sault, as Laflamme and Quinton battled for third. The battle for the lead would pick up with the top-two getting by side-by-side, with Sault taking the top spot with nine laps to go in front of Taylor, Quinton, Laflamme, Eric Yorke, Edwards-Kiss, McAllister, Robb, and Paradzinski. Edwards-Kiss would get alongside Yorke for fifth, and making the pass with four to go.

Karl Sault led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Shawn Taylor and Cole Quinton. Jeff Laflamme crossed the line in fourth but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection, bumping Ryan Edwards-Kiss up to fourth in front of Eric Yorke. Cory McAllister finished sixth, followed by Tommy Robb, Johnny Paradzinski, Matt Clarke, and Mike Gilmour.

Chris Pendlebury finished 11th, followed by Cole Burrows, Samantha Shaw, Mark Thorne, and Mike Hooper. Bobby Mercer, Lisa Yorke, Kyle Istead, Darrin Thring, Mike Robinson, and Dave Goodacre failed to finish. Scott McGregor, Will Gibbons, Rick Robinson, and Matt Young did not take the green flag.

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