Flamboro Speedway

Austin Arnel Scores Mini Truck Frostoberfest Victory

MILLGROVE, Ontario — In a heated four-way battle for the top spot throughout the feature, it’d be Austin Arnel coming out on top with the victory in the Mini Truck feature at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest.

Aimee Cassidy held down the early advantage ahead of Hayden Sim, McKenna Robson, Austin Arnel, Mason Collver, and Rick Baskett. Sim would get alongside Cassidy for the top spot on Lap 5, as Arnel moved into third.

Arnel then challenged Sim for the lead three laps later, with Jacob Campbell alongside Cassidy for third. Arnel took the top spot on Lap 10, with Campbell moving into second two laps later in front of Sim, Cassidy, Kaisha Zimach, Collver, and Baskett. Behind them, Tim Borne challenged Jame Pardy eighth ahead of Braydon Martin and Robson.

Austin Arnel led the rest of the way en route to the victory ahead of Jacob Campbell, with Hayden SIm making the last lap move on Aimee Cassidy for third. Kaisha Zimach rounded out the top-five in front of Mason Collver, Rick Baskett, Jame Pardy, Tim Borne, Braydon Martin, and McKenna Robson. Carson Sim and Eden Robson did not take the green flag.

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