Flamboro Speedway

Five in a Row – Will Gibbons Riding Hot Streak at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario — When you have a track figured out, it always feel good to head there, and end up with a black and white checkered flag at the end. That has become the trend for Will Gibbons.

Dating back to September last year, Gibbons has become the master of Flamboro Speedway, now having scored four victories in a row.

One of the most impressive in 2020 was Frostoberfest, as the season-ender is always big, attracting the biggest names from the across the province. Last year was no exception, however Gibbons laid down the gauntlet in dominating fashion en route to the win.

As the other teams went to work in the winter to catch the No. 10, Gibbons did his homework to ensure that would not happen. The proof is in the pudding, winning each Mini Stock event at the Hamilton, Ontario-based oval thus far in 2021.

He opened up the year with a dominating performance in June, before putting together a pair of impressive features last weekend. While some victories have come easy, the second feature on July 3 was not the case. Gibbons had to make his way from the back of the field, getting by Gillian Hils in the caution-free feature for the win.

Gibbons will look to continue the victory streak this weekend, while also entertaining options of changing it up in coming weeks by visiting other speedways across the province.

Gibbons is proud to be supported by Norms Fast Lube, Speedy Auto Works, Speedy Auto Machine, and GC Equestrian Stables.

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