Canadian Vintage Modified

Rick Willigar Scores First Career Canadian Vintage Modified Victory

Holding off a couple of the best in the business, Rick Willigar would score his first career Canadian Vintage Modified feature victory at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday.

Jake Gilbert won the first heat ahead of Quinton Murdoch, Bill Stoner, Brian Prescetti, Michael Kenny, and Health Penney.

Rick Willigar scored the victory in the second qualifier ahead of Joe Arsenault, Keith Temple, Amanda Stoner, Connor Ross, Steve Murdoch, and Patrick Reulens. There was a quick caution on Lap 1 involving Murdoch and Ruelens.

Daryl Henwood won the third heat ahead of Jerrid Morphy, TJ Marshall, Mike Klotz, and Bill Pearsall.

The feature did not start off smoothly, with Amanda Stoner spinning off of the pole, collecting Mike Klotz as he got into the backstretch wall, done for the event.

The second attempt to start the event was better, as Jake Gilbert stole the early lead ahead of Joe Arsenault, Quinton Murdock, Rick Willigar, Jerrid Morphy, Daryl Henwood, TJ Marshall, Bill Pearsall, and Rodney Rutherford. The race did not start as Keith Temple wanted, stopping in turn four, with the caution coming out on Lap 5 for Pearsall going around in one and two.

Gilbert got a good restart ahead of Arsenault, Willigar, Morphy, and Marshall, with Murdock and Henwood side-by-side for sixth. Henwood got the spot on Lap 9 ahead of Murdock, Rutherford, Bill Stoner, Steve Murdoch, Patrick Ruelens, and Pearsall, as Amanda Stoner headed off the track a lap later.

The third caution then came out on Lap 12, with Ruelens making significant contact with turn three and four wall. The restart would see Gilbert lose the driveshaft, ending his dominating run, as Arsenault spun in the aftermath, collecting Pearsall and Heath Penney.

Rick Willigar inherited the lead, getting a good restart ahead of Morphy, Marshall, Henwood, Rutherford, and Murdock. Arsenault would go around once again on Lap 14, but spun into the infield, allowing the race to keep going. Other drivers ran into problems over the next couple of laps, with both Henwood and Rutherford both heading pit side with issues.

Rick Willigar led the rest of the way, scoring the victory ahead of TJ Marshall, Jerrid Morphy, Quinton Murdock, and Steve Murdoch. Connor Ross finished sixth, followed by Joe Arsenault, Brian Pescetti, and Rodney Rutherford. Daryl Henwood placed 11th, followed by Keith Temple, Jake Gilbert, Heath Penney, Bill Stoner, Bill Pearsall, Patrick Ruelens, Amanda Stoner, Michael Kenny, and Mike Klotz.

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