Flamboro Speedway

Gillian Hils Scores Pure Stock Victory at Flamboro Speedway

After coming up one spot short last month, Gillian Hils put the pieces together en route to winning the Pure Stock feature on Saturday at Flamboro Speedway.

Wayde Thorne won the first heat ahead of Keara Gallant, Ethan Marco, Connor Parkes, and Brian Gamble to transfer to the main event. Peter Inglis, Ben Dennis, Brandon Feeney, and Russ Couture rounded out the field.

Gillian Hils scored the second qualifier victory ahead of Leo Labarbera, Jo Lawrence, Bill Brekelmans, and Andy Wheller to transfer to the main event. However, post-race, Labarbera was light over the scales, allotting for Steve DeLeeuw to earn the final transfer spot.

Andrew Shilling, Austyn Jennett, and Ben Gruntz rounded out the field. The heat featured some contact, with Gruntz riding wide off of turn four, resulting in Shilling getting into the outside wall; Shilling would then make contact, spinning Gruntz going into turn one.

Kyle Novis won the third heat ahead of Kris Khan, Dale Lucas, Nic Ramsay, and Reece Bourgeois to transfer to the main event. Karlie Wilman and Kyle Johnson followed, while Ang Novis ran into mechanical issues.

Steve Finnegan was victorious in the fourth qualifier ahead of Jordan Morris, David Rockwood, Doug Wilman, and Courtney Scott to transfer to the main event. Kyle Lucas, Len Sterritt, and Rueben Fluit rounded out the field.

Phil Givens won the last heat ahead of Kenny McNicol, Kris Lawrence, Bobby Mercer, and Stan Cook to transfer to the main event. Cole Ecker, Calvin Reesor, and Tegan Stanley rounded out the field.

The b-main would see its first caution on Lap 4 when Reesor spun Feeney, followed by another six laps later involving Jennett getting into Ecker. Kyle Lucas took the victory ahead of Labarbera, Shilling, Sterritt, and Flutt. Unfortunately, Flutt was disqualified, taking away his final qualifying position. Couture finished sixth, allowing him to move up into the field. Marco finished sixth, followed by Reesor, Feeney, Karlie WIlman, Johnson, Ecker, Jennett, Gruntz, Ang Novis, and Dennis.

Come feature time, Jordan Morris started pole ahead of Wayde Thorne, Kyle Novis, Gillian Hils, Keara Gallant, Jo Lawrence, Phil Givens, Kenny McNicol, Stephen Finnegan, Kris Khan, Connor Parkes, Bill Brekelmans, Dale Lucas, David Rockwood, Kris Lawrence, Brian Gamble, Nic Ramsay, Bobby Mercer, Peter Inglis, Steve DeLeeuw, Reece Bourgeois, Doug Wilman, Kyle Lucas, Leo LaBarbera, Stan Cook, Len Sterritt, Andrew Shilling, Russ Couture, and Courtney Scott.

Morris would break out to the early lead ahead of Hils, Jo Lawrence, McNicol and Thorne, as Givens and Novis battled for sixth ahead of Khan. Givens would get the spot on Lap 4, passing Thorne a lap later to break into the top-five. The first bit of contact took place on Lap 6, with Couture sending Gamble through the backstretch grass; there’d no caution.

At the front of the field, Morris continued to pace the field ahead of Hils, Lawrence, McNicol, Givens, Khan, and Kris Lawrence, as Thorne and Novis battled for position. Novis got eighth on Lap 10 ahead of Wheller, with Thorne back to 10th ahead of Dale Lucas, Finnegan, Gallant, and Ramsay, as Brekelmans and Mercer battled side-by-side.

Wheller would get alongside Novis for eighth on Lap 14, with Givens passing McNicol a lap later for fourth, as Khan continued to run fifth ahead of Kris Lawrence. Novis was able to hold onto eighth with Rockwood up to ninth ahead of Wheller, Finnegan, Gallant, Ramsay, and Mercer. Rockwood then got by Novis for eighth on Lap 20.

At the halfway mark, Jo Lawrence made his move for the top spot, passing Hils for second, before getting alongside Morris for the top spot a lap later. Lawrence moved into the lead on Lap 23, with Hils alongside Morris for second, ahead of Givens, McNicol, and Khan.

Their battles were cut short, though, with the race’s first caution coming out on Lap 27 for Wilman overheating in turn one. On the same lap, his teammate Shilling ran into mechanical issues as well. With 13 laps to go, Lawrence led Morris, Hils, Givens, McNicol, Khan, Kris Lawrence, Rockwood, Novis, Wheller, Finnegan, Dale Lucas, and Ramsay.

The restart brought forth battling through the pack, with Wheller getting sent into the backstretch grass. He would return back up on the track, making contact with Novis and Finnegan in the process, with all four getting into the turn three wall for the second caution on Lap 29.

The second restart was clean with Jo Lawrence initially getting away ahead of Hils, Givens, McNicol and Morris, as Khan and Rockwood battled for sixth. Hils would then get alongside Lawrence for the lead with eight laps to go, taking the top spot. Lawrence now ran second ahead of Givens, Morris and McNicol, as Finnegan and Labarbera made contact down the backstretch.

Khan ran sixth ahead of Rockwood, Kris Lawrence, Ramsay, Mercer, Finnegan, and Parkes, with Labarbera going to the pits on Lap 36. Khan would then get by McNicol for fourth a lap later, with Ramsay challenging Kris Lawrence.

Gilian Hils picked up the checkered flag ahead of Phil Givens, Jordan Morris, Kris Khan, and Kenny McNicol. David Rockwood finished sixth, followed by Nic Ramsay, Bobby Mercer, Bill Brekelmans, and Kyle Lucas. Dale Lucas finished 11th, followed by Stephen Finnegan, Connor Parkes, Len Sterritt, Courtney Scott, Reece Bourgeois, Stan Cook, Steve DeLeeuw, Peter Inglis, and Leo Labarbera. Kyle Novis finished 21st, followed by Andy Wheller, Doug Wilman, Andrew Shiling, Russ Couture, Kris Lawrence, Keara Gallant, Mark Thorne, Brian Gamble, and Joe Lawrence.

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