Flamboro Speedway

Kyle Steckly Gets Redemption at Flamboro Speedway

After seeing his chances at victory evaporate away with mechanical issues in his last outing, Kyle Steckly redeemed himself with a dominating performance en route to victory lane on Saturday at Flamboro Speedway.

Will Gibbons won the first heat ahead of Craig Kamrath, Nolan Gould, Kevin Bridge, Allan Lankin, Ryan D’Antimo, Kaitlyn Wallace, Chandler Bos, Rob Harrison, and Mike Hooper.

Chris Pendlebury was victorious in heat two ahead of Tyler Lewis, Matt Young, Mike Brown, Ryan D’Antimo, Connor Maltese, Shawn Taylor, Rob Welles, and Carol Dawson.

Karl Sault capped it off by winning the third and final qualifier ahead of Kyle Steckly, Wayde Thorne, Andy Kamrath, Tyler Junkin, Jason D’Antimo, Brock Baker, Mike Thomson, and Bryan Penny.

Following the invert, Mike Brown started pole ahead of Andy Kamrath, Matt Young, Nolan Gould, Karl Sault, Chris Pendlebury, Tyler Lewis, Kyle Steckly, Will Gibbons, Wayde Thorne, Kevin Bridge, Craig Kamrath, Allan Lankin, Ryan DiBello, Tyler Junkin, Kaitlyn Wallace, Ryan D’Antimo, Jason D’Antimo, Rob Welles, Chandler Bos, Shawn Taylor, Mike Thomson, Rob Harrison, Brock Baker, RJ Croteau, Carol Dawson, and Mike Hooper.

Andy Kamrath grabbed the early lead ahead of Brown and Gould, with Pendlebury alongside Gould for third on Lap 2. Gould would use the lap car of Dawson as a pick, allowing him to hold off Pendlebury.

Gould then got alongside Brown for second, with contact taking place, sending Brown around with Gibbons catching the edge of his car, utilizing it as a ramp and getting some air for the caution. With 35 laps to go, Kamrath led Gould, Steckly, Pendlebury, Gibbons, Bridge, Sault, Craig Kamrath, Thorne, DiBello, Junkin, Ryan D’Antimo, and Taylor. The first attempt at a restart saw the second caution due to an incident in turn one involving Taylor.

The second attempt went cleanly, with Andy Kamrath holding serve as Steckly moved into second, with Pendlebury alongside Gould for third. Pendlebury got the spot on Lap 7, bringing Gibbons and Bridge through with him. Gould now ran sixth ahead of Thorne.

Steckly’s drive to the front was complete on Lap 9, as he’d take the top spot, with DiBello pulling into the infield a lap later with a problem. The third caution then came out on Lap 11 for D’Antimo going around in turn three. With 29 laps to go, Steckly led Kamrath, Pendlebury, Gibbons, Bridge, Thorne, and Gould.

Steckly got a good restart to keep the top spot, leaving Kamrath and Gibbons to battle for second ahead of Pendlebury, Bridge, and Gould. Gibbons got the spot on Lap 13, with Thorne running seventh ahead of Sault, Craig Kamrath, Junkin, Young, Lewis, Brown, and Harrison, as Jason D’Antimo battled Wallace for 15th.

DiBello was able to return to the track following the previous caution, but once again fell victim to his mechanical woes on Lap 19. Bridge would then run into issues two laps later, slowing to bring out the yellow flag on Lap 22.

Steckly got another good restart to continue leading as Gibbons ran second ahead of Pendlebury, Sault, Andy Kamrath, Craig Kamrath, Thorne, Gould, and Young. Thorne would get alongside Craig for sixth on Lap 26, with Brown by Young for ninth a lap later. Young now ran 10th, as Junkin and Lewis ran side-by-side behind him.

Thorne would finally clear Craig Kamrath for sixth on Lap 30, with Gould running eighth ahead of Brown, Junkin, Lewis, Wallace, Young, and Harrison.

The leaders would find themselves arms-deep in lap traffic, with Steckly getting stuck behind some of the slower cars. This would allow Gibbons to close the gap, ultimately making his move off of turn four. The pair would make contact in the process with six laps to go, with the caution coming out shortly thereafter for Harrison going around in turn one.

Steckly got a good restart, enabling him to get away, leaving Sault and Gibbons to battle for second ahead of Pendlebury, Thorne, Andy Kamrath, and Gould. Gibbons tried to go for the bump-and-run, with the pair making contact while side-by-side. His attempts would not allot him to get by, as Sault held got the runner-up spot, with Pendlebury slipping through to take third.

Kyle Steckly led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Karl Sault, Chris Pendlebury, Will Gibbons, and Andy Kamrath. Wayde Thorne finished sixth, followed by Nolan Gould, Craig Kamrath, Tyler Junkin, and Mike Brown. Kaitlyn Wallace finished 11th, followed by Tyler Lewis, Ryan D’Antimo, Matt Young, Connor Maltese, Brock Baker, Jason D’Antimo, RJ Croteau, Rob Harrison, and Carol Dawson. Jordan Morris finished 21st, followed by Rob Welles, Kevin Bridge, Ryan DiBello, Chandler Bos, Shawn Taylor, Mike Thomson, and Mike Hooper, with Penny failing to take the green flag.

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