Canadian Vintage Modified

Michael Kenny Set to Embark on Rookie Canadian Vintage Modified Campaign

Through the off-season, the Canadian Vintage Modifieds have shown steady growth under the direction of John Karley with new sponsors and drivers jumping on-board. It appears as though the rookie class will be pretty stout, and one of the drivers hoping to take home Rookie of the Year honors is Michael Kenny.

“I love the way the direction the club was going and the pieces fell the right way for me to get behind the wheel in my own car,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “This season I’m looking to be as competitive as I can but also make the focus on fun. I’m still learning this car and that will be my main focus all 2020.”

With a focus on learning, Kenny added that he hopes to run inside the top-10 each week, while having fun and not letting the bad things get him down.

Kenny has spent the last several seasons behind the wheel of a Mini Stock, and that will not change in 2020 as he says that he plans to race it on the CVM off nights and at some special events through the province. Ultimately, this past year did not go as Kenny planned, as he started off the year with a heavy crash.

“I really just want to put 2019 behind me as I really did not have a good season,” he reflected. “I was never right after the wreck opening night and just want to move past it and get back to what I can do behind the wheel of a car!”

Like several other drivers, Kenny’s start in racing comes from his family, as his grandfather, dad, and brother have all sat behind the wheel of a racecar. This would ultimately lead to Kenny buying a pure stock in 2013, and racing ever since.

Through the past seven years, there has been several highs and lows across the province, with Kenny saying the most memorable being his first career Mini Stock win in 2016 on Flamboro Speedway’s Memorial Night.

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