Julia Capirchio In Process of Locking Down 2020 Race Plans

After a busy 2019 campaign with racing in two different series, Julia Capirchio admits that she has not solidified her plans for the upcoming season yet.

“I’m not 100% sure on the plans for 2020 yet, but I’m planning on racing the (Ontario) Pro Challenge again at whatever races I’m able to make that don’t interfere with my dad’s schedule In the super late model,” she revealed to Short Track Musings. “I’m hoping to get some wins in something this year seeing as I haven’t had the chance yet!

“I’m excited to go to New Smyrna Speedway for the first two weeks of February and spot for my dad in the pro late model and I’m excited to race again in general!”

As noted, she endured a busy campaign in 2019, competing in both the Ontario Pro Challenge Series and the Outlaw Midgets.

Ultimately, her rookie campaign with the midget brought forth a bunch of ups downs; she was able to score a couple top-10’s, but also dealt with “constant struggles and never ending issues.”

“It was very hard at times to keep my head up but I know I’m able to do a lot better then I was able to show I could do last year, but it’s hard when you don’t have the car to prove it,” she expressed. “Going into 2020, our focus needs to be on making the car the best it can be and just continuously practice and work on my skills.”

With the experience that she has been able to gain over the past couple of years, her advice to the next batch of rookies is realize that when they start out, it isn’t going to be easy.

“No matter how hard of a season you’re having, just keep your head up and keep trying because it gets easier with more experience,” she added. “Just keep practicing and working on the car and I can guarantee it’ll get better as long as you’re trying your best!!”

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