Flamboro Speedway

Treyten Lapcevich Scores Frostoberfest Super Stock Victory

Battling for the win in both features, Treyten Lapcevich put together a solid performance en route to the overall Ray’s Towing and Recovery Super Stock Frostoberfest victory.

Trevor Collver laid down the quickest lap in time trials at 16.397 seconds ahead of Brad Collison, Gerrit Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, Treyten Lapcevich, Roy Wilkie, Cory McAllister, Jordan Latimer, Ken Grubb, and Kenny McNicol. Dale Shaw qualified 11th, followed by Randy Rusnell, Dennis Cybalski, Kelsey Lamont, Jamie Klumper, Paul Geniole Jr., Steve Adams, Austin Penney, and AJ Miller.

The action started right away off the drop of the green flag, with pole sitter Collver going up in smoke. Collison would inherit the lead, getting a good restart as Tiemersma and Lapcevich battled for second. Lapcevich would take over the spot on Lap 4 ahead of Tiemersma, Wilkie, Everingham, Grubb, McAllister, McNicol, Shaw, Cybalski, Latimer, Rusnell, Geniole Jr., Adams, Klumper, Lamont, Penney, and Bobby Mercer.

Lamont would get around Klumper for 16th on Lap 15, with Latimer moving into the top-10 six laps later ahead of Rusnell, Geniole, and Cybalski. At the front of the field, the leaders would battle through traffic, until the race’s second caution at Lap 34 involving Geniole, Wilkie, and Kumper in turn three.

Collision got a good restart ahead of Lapcevich, Tiemersma, Everingham, Grubb and McAllister, as Adams pulled off the track. McNicol ran seventh ahead of Shaw, Latimer, Cybalski, Rusnell, Geniole, Klumper and Lamont. Shaw would get alongside McNicol for seventh on Lap 39, with the leaders side-by-side for the lead – with Collison holding off the challenge.

Brad Collison led the rest of the way en route to winning by half a car in front of Treyten Lapcevich. Gerrit Tiemersma finished third, followed by Coltin Everingham, Ken Grubb, Cory McAllister, Dale Shaw, Jordan Latimer,  Kenny McNicol, and Randy Rusnell. Dennis Cybalski finished 11th, followed by Paul  Geniole Jr., Jamie Klumper, Kelsey Lamont, Austin Penney, Bobby Mercer, AJ Miller, Steve Adams, Roy Wilkie, and Trevor Collver.

For the second feature, Jamie Klumper started pole ahead of Paul Geniole Jr., Dennis Cybalski, Randy Rusnell, Kenny McNicol, Jordan Latimer, Dale Shaw, Cory McAllister, Ken Grubb, Coltin Everingham, Gerrit Tiemersma, Treyten Lapcevich, Brad Collison, Kelsey Lamont, Bobby Mercer, Austin Penney, Roy Wilkie, Steve Adams, and AJ Miller.

Klumper held the early lead, with Geniole and Cybalski side-by-side for second. Geniole got the spot on Lap 3, with Latimer looking to follow him through. Unfortunately, it would not go as planned with contact resulting in both Latimer and Cybalski going around for the first caution. Tiemersma would be collected, sent to the back as an involved car.

Klumper got a good restart to hold the lead ahead of Geniole and Rusnell, with McAllister and McNicol side-by-side off turn two for fourth ahead of Shaw, Lapcevich, and Wilkie. McNicol got the spot on Lap 7, bringing Shaw and Lapcevich through with him. Wilkie would look to join them, but contact between him and McAllister sent McAllister around in turns three and four for the second caution at Lap 9.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Klumper and Geniole, as Rusnell and Shaw battled for third. Further back, McNicol would climb the wall on Lap 10, with Collison going around on Lap 11 for the third caution. McNicol pulled off the track under the yellow flag, done for the event.

The restart would see chaos on the frontstretch, with Latimer on top of Everingham’s hood, before spinning through the grass. McAllister also went through the grass in the process with Lamont catching a piece of action, ripping one of the rear tires off of the car.

The second attempt would go cleaner, as Geniole led Rusnell and Lapcevich, with Lapcevich getting by Rusnell for second on Lap 12. Shaw ran fourth ahead of Kumper, with Cybalski and Tiemersma side-by-side for sixth. Tiemersma would get the spot, challenging Klumper for fifth on Lap 14.

At the front of the field, Lapcevich took over the top spot on Lap 15 with Rusnell, Shaw and Tiemersma following him through to bump Geniole back to fifth. Klumper continued to run sixth ahead of McAllister and Everingham, as Adams pulled off the track with a problem on Lap 19. McAllister continued to move back forward, moving into sixth on Lap 20 ahead of Everingham, Wilkie, Klumper, Cybalski, and Grubb.

With 22 laps on the board, Lapcevich led Rusnell, Shaw, Tiemersma, Geniole, McAllister, Everingham, Wilkie, and Klumper. Everingham would then pass McAllister for sixth on Lap 25, followed by a pass on Geniole for fifth three laps later. McAllister would then move up into sixth on Lap 31 with a pass on Geniole. Everingham’s progress also continued, as he passed Tiemersma for fourth on Lap 42.

Treyten Lapcevich led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory, with Dale Shaw making the late-race move with three laps to go to finish second. Coltin Everingham finished third, followed by Randy Rusnell and Gerrit Tiemerma. Cory McAllister finished sixth, followed by Paul Geniole Jr., Dennis Cybalski, Roy Wilkie, and Jamie Klumper.

Ken Grubb finished 11th, followed by Austin Penney, Bobby Mercer, AJ Miller, Steve Adams, Jordan Latimer, Brad Collison, Kenny McNicol, and Kelsey Lamont.

Virtue of a second and first in the pair of features, Treyten Lapcevich would get the overall win ahead of Coltin Everingham, Gerrit Tiemersma, Dale Shaw, and Cory McAllister. Randy Rusnell finished sixth, followed by Ken Grubb, Brad Collison, Paul Geniole Jr., and Dennis Cybalski. Jamie Klumper finished 11th, followed by Kenny McNicol, Austin Penney, Roy Wilkie, Bobby Mercer, AJ Miller, Steve Adams, Kelsey Lamont, and Trevor Collver.

Justin Collison was unable to start either feature due to blowing a motor in practice.

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