Flamboro Speedway

Kris Lawrence Scores Pure Stock Frostoberfest Victory

Despite losing his door panel during the second feature, Kris Lawrence survived the chaos that happened during Frostoberfest at Flamboro Speedway to score the McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stock overall victory.

The day started off with time trials, with Nic Ramsay posting the quickest lap at 18.949 seconds. However, post-qualifying, his time would be disqualified – as well as the time posted by third-quickest David Rockwood.

As a result, Kris Lawrence got the pole for the first feature with a lap of 19.000 seconds ahead of Andy Wheller, Craig Cole, Phil Givens, Bobby Mercer, Kyle Lucas, Mark Thorne, Ed Paterson, Mark Dennis, and Dale Lucas. Leo Labarbera qualified 11th, followed by Fabio Oliveri, Scott Brooks, Jeff Kells, Courtney Scott, and Jimmy Hooper.

Kris Lawrence would grab the early advantage ahead of Wheller, Mercer, Givens, Thorne, Labarbera, Dennis, Olivieri, and Patterson as Rob Hoskins slid sideways through turn one on Lap 3. Dale Lucas found himself running 10th as of this point ahead of Kells, Dale Lucas, Hoskins, Brooks, and Scott.

Kyle Lucas would get alongside Kells for 11th on Lap 6, as Givens car shut off as he came off of turn two a lap later. This would allow Thorne to move up to fourth ahead of Labarbera, Dennis, and Olivieri. Leobarbera and Dennis would take Thorne three-wide for fourth on Lap 10, but there’d be no changes in the position.

Olivieri would continue to run seventh behind them ahead of Peterson, Dale Lucas, Givens, Kyle Lucas, Hoskins, Kels, Brooks, Scott, and Hooper. The field would wound up strung out single file, with the only excitement being Givens getting into Dale Lucas a little on Lap 16 for ninth.

Kris Lawrence scored the victory ahead of Andy Wheller, Bobby Mercer, Mark Thorne, Mark Dennis. Fabio Olivieri, Ed Peterson, Dale Lucas, and Kyle Lucas. Phil Givens finished 11th, followed by Rob Hoskins, Scott Brooks, Courtney Scott, Jimmy Hooper, and Peter Inglis.

In the second feature, Jeff Kells broke out to the early lead ahead of Phil Givens, Dale Lucas, Leo Labarbera, Fabio Olivieri, Ed Peterson, Mark Dennis, Andy Wheller, and Kyle Lucas.

Givens would take over the top spot on Lap 4, bringing Labarbera, Dale Lucas through with him to bump Kells back to fourth ahead of Oliveri. Wheller would get alongside Peterson for sixth, with Kyle Lucas alongside Dennis for eighth. Dennis got the spot on Lap 7, with Wheller clearing Peterson a lap later. Meanwhile, Jordan Morris headed to the pits.

At the front of the field, Labarbera would get alongside Givens for the lead on Lap 9, taking over the top spot. Givens tried to do the crossover a lap later, but was unable to make it stick as he dropped back to second. Dale Lucas ran third, followed by Kells, Wheller and Olivieri, with Lawrence getting by Olivieri for sixth on Lap 13.

The battle for fourth got interesting on Lap 14, with Wheller and Lawrence taking Kells three-wide. It would not go well, with contact happening as Kells hooked Wheller, turning Wheller with him ripping the door panel off of Lawrence’s car before spinning around. With six laps to go, Labarbera led Givens, Lucas, Lawrence, Olivieri, Craig Cole, and Bobby Mercer.

The restart would see Olivieri get off to a slow start, with both him and Courtney Scott pulling off. Meanwhile, Labarbera held onto the lead ahead of Givens, Lawrence, Cole, Lucas, and Mercer. Cole would challenge Lawrence for third, but was unable to complete the pass.

Leo Labarbera picked up the win ahead of Phil Givens, Kris Lawrence, Craig Cole, Dale Lucas, Bobby Mercer, Mark Dennis, Andy Wheller, Kyle Lucas, and Mark Thorne. Ed Peterson finished 11th, followed by Scott Brooks, Jimmy Hooper, Peter Inglis, Fabio Oliveri, Courtney Scott, Jeff Kells, and Jordan Morris.

Kris Lawrence would get the overall victory ahead of Leo Labarbera, Bobby Mercer, Andy Wheller, and Mark Dennis. Phil Givens finished sixth, followed by Mark Thorne, Dale Lucas, Kyle Lucas, and Ed Peterson. Craig Cole finished 11th, followed by Fabio Olivieri, Scott Brooks, Jimmy Hooper, Jeff Kells, Courtney Scott, Peter Inglis, Rob Hoskins, Jordan Morris, and Cody Wilds.

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