Flamboro Speedway

Mark Thorne Leads Flag-to-Flag in Pure Stock Feature at Flamboro

HAMILTON, Ontario — Starting on pole, Mark Thorne led flag-to-flag en route to winning the McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stock feature at Flamboro Speedway.

Come feature time, Mark Thorne started pole ahead of Kyle Lucas, Jeff Kells, Jamie Whittam, Jimmy Hooper, Leo Labarbera, Jared Bodner, Brian Gamble, Gillian Hils, Bobby Mercer, Dale Lucas, and Andy Wheller.

Mark Thorne broke out into the early lead ahead of Kyle Lucas, Whittam, Kells, Labarbera, and Hooper. Dale Lucas and Mercer would then take Hooper three-wide on Lap 3, with Lucas moving into sixth a lap later ahead of Mercer and Hils.

Further up the field, Kells got alongside Whittam for third on Lap 5, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Labarbera through with him. Lucas then moved up into fifth on Lap 8, bringing Mercer through with him to bump Whittam back to seventh.

Hils continued to run eighth ahead of Wheller, Bodner, Hooper, and Gamble. The shuffling continued with Wheller getting by Hils, challenging Whittam for seventh on Lap 12. Behind them, Bodner would challenge Hils for the ninth spot.

Though everyone’s eyes were on the battle for third, with Mercer getting alongside Kells, as they negotiated around the lap car of Gamble. Mercer moved into third on Lap 15, passing Kyle Lucas for second a lap later. Lucas now ran third ahead of Labarbera, with Dale Lucas and Wheller side-by-side for fifth, as Whittam and Kells battled for seventh. Whittam moved into seventh with two laps to go, bringing Bodner, Hooper, and Hils through with him.

Mark Thorne got a good restart, picking up the win ahead of Bobby Mercer, Kyle Lucas, Leo Labarbera, and Dale Lucas. Andy Wheller finished sixth, followed by Jamie Whittam, Jared Bodner, Jimmy Hooper, and Gillian Hils. Jeff Kells failed to finish,  while Brian Gamble rounded out the field.

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