Flamboro Speedway

Ontario Mini Stock Top-10 Ranking Week No. 3

In a unique partnership, ShortTrackMusings.com has partnered with the Ontario Mini Stocks facebook to put together a top-10 ranking of the best asphalt Mini Stock drivers across the province.

STM’s owner Ashley McCubbin and Rich Schwartzenburg from OMS FB put together a expert panel consisting of five members that will work together to rank the top-10 drivers on a bi-weekly basis throughout the season. The diversity of the panel from drivers to car builders to sponsors to car owners and media brings a variety of insights and opinions to the table.

The list is meant to shed light on the division, create talking points, inspire reaction and have fun. So please make sure to react, comment, like and share.

With rain only allowing two tracks to get feature events in over the past two weeks, the panel debated putting Mother Nature in the top spot for this week. However, that’d be unfair to those who were able to shine in the six features ran between Flamboro Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

1. Brian Wilson

Previous Mentions: First Week 2, Third Week 1, Eighth pre-season

For the second straight week in a row, Brian Wilson was named the top driver in the province of Ontario, making him the only competitor to do so twice on the rankings thus far. Wilson had a successful pair of weeks at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, scoring another three feature victories to go with a fourth-place finish. In total, the veteran has now scored six victories and no finishes worse than fourth in eight races this season.

2. Karl Sault

Previous Mentions: Ranked third week 2, first week 1

Karl Sault expanded on his early championship advantage at Flamboro Speedway courtesy of finishes of third and first on Sunday, May 26. Currently, he holds a 18 point advantage over Rich Schwartzenburg and Erik Dalla Riva at the top of the standings.

The panel was also impressed with his driving behind the wheel, in watching him negotiate through the traffic at Flamboro in both features despite starting mid-pack.

3. Issac Dippel

Previous Mentions: Ranked seventh week 2, eighth Week 1

Issac Dippel continued his strong start to the 2019 campaign at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, scoring a win and three runner-ups across the four features ran the past two weeks. Notably, his worst finish in 10 features to date this season is fourth.

4. Erik Dalla Riva

Previous Mentions: Ranked ninth Week 2, ninth pre-season

The 2018 Frostoberfest Champion competed in a pair of features at Flamboro Speedway on May 26 as part of his birthday weekend. The firsrt feature saw him grab the early advantage, cruising away from the field en route to the victory. He did not start off the second feature well, as he was caught up in a pair of incidents. However, he was still able to fight back for a fifth-place finish.

5. Will Gibbons

Previous Mentions: Ranked 10th week 1

Will Gibbons showed speed on Sunday, May 26 at Flamboro Speedway, leading the early laps in the first feature en route to a runner-up finish. He then made his way through the field in the second feature to finish third.

Photo Courtesy of Butler Racing

6. Doug Butler

Previous Mentions: Ranked 10th pre-season

Doug Butler made his 2019 season debut at Full Throttle Motor Speedway on June 1, scoring a pair of third-place finishes.

7. Dylan Sharpe

Previous Mentions: Drivers to Watch List

With more experience behind the wheel, Dylan Sharpe continues to run better in Flamboro Speedway’s Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stock division. He ran solidly on May 26 with finishes of fifth and second in the pair of features. He currently sits ninth in points.

8. Cory Young

Previous Mentions: Ranked sixth on week one

Although he finished ninth in the first feature on May 25 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, he came back strong in the three features that followed with three top-five finishes, including a third-place finish.

Notably, the ninth-place finish as previously mentioned is his only finish outside of the top-five at FTMS this season.

9. Shawn Taylor

Previous Mentions: Ranked seventh week 1, second pre-season

After winning the championship last season, Shawn Taylor has yet to show the same familiar speed in the No. 76 this season as he looks to defend the title. There was a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel in the second feature on May 26, though, as he scored a fourth-place finish. He currently sits fourth in the standings.

10. Scott Mast

Previous Mentions: Ranked fifth week 2, Drivers to Watch List

Scott Mast continues to show why he is one of the drivers to keep an eye on, as once he finds the little bit of speed he is missing in the No. 75 Mustang, he will be a front running contender. For what it’s worth, he posted finishes of fourth and seventh on June 1 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

Drivers Previously Mentioned Listed Alphabetically:

  • Andrea Parsons – Ranked fourth on week one
  • Andy Kamrath – Ranked fifth on week one; ranked first pre-season
  • Craig Kamrath – Ranked seventh pre-season
  • Dylan Holmes – Ranked fourth on week two
  • Ember Junkin – Ranked sixth on week two
  • Kevin Bridge – Ranked sixth pre-season
  • Kyle Istead – Ranked ninth on week one
  • Jake Watson – Ranked second on week two, second on week one
  • Nolan Gould – Ranked 10th on week two
  • Ryan Oosterholt – Ranked third pre-season
  • Samantha Shaw – Ranked eighth on week two, fifth pre-season

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