Flamboro Speedway

David Rockwood Drives Through Field for Daily Double

After winning the first feature on the night, David Rockwood started deep in the field for the second 20-lap affair. That did not make a difference, as he would make his way through the traffic en route to scoring the McClurkin Properties Pure Stock feature victory.

Mark Dennis started on pole, followed by Chris Pendlebury, Jared Bodner, Courtney Scott, Brian Rockwood, Gillian Hils, Leo Labarbera, Mark Thorne, Brody Bowen, Dale Lucas, Andy Wheller, the 38, Kyle Lucas, Jimmy Hooper, David Rockwood, Jordan Morris, and Jeff Kells.

Mark Dennis grabbed the initial lead ahead of Jared Bodner and Brian Rockwood, with Rockwood getting alongside Bodner on Lap 2. Rockwood got the spot two laps later, with Dale Lucas, Jordan Morris and Leo Labarbera following him through. Bodner would now be back in sixth by Lap 6, side-by-side with Thorne.

Lucas continued his climb forward, moving into second with Morris alongside him on Lap 6 ahead of Labarbera, Thorne, and David Rockwood. Morris was able to take advantage, taking the lead two laps later, with Lucas, Dennis, and Labarbera three-wide for second. Lucas came out ahead with Labarbera in toe, as Dennis was stuck three-wide again, this time with Rockwood and Thorne.

Morris’ strong early run came to a hault on Lap 10 as he slowed with a mechanical problem. This allowed Lucas to jump up into the lead ahead of Rockwood, Labarbera and Thorne. Morris was able to get back going, though now back in fifth ahead of Dennis, Bodner and Chris Pendlebury.

It seemed mechanical issue were the theme of this event, with Brian Rockwood slowing with an issue on Lap 12. This would allow Wheller to move up into ninth ahead of Kyle Lucas and the 38. Wheller continued to move forward, passing Pendlebury with five laps to go to move into eighth.

At the front of the field, David Rockwood’s climb back through was complete as he’d take the lead on Lap 16. However, he wouldn’t be able to run off into the sunset as planned, as the caution flew a lap later for Morris going for a spin off of turn four.

David Rockwood got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to the victory ahead of Dale Lucas, Mark Thorne, Leo Labarbera, and Kyle Lucas. Bobby Mercer finished sixth, followed by Mark Dennis, Jared Bodner, Gillian Hils, and Andy Wheller. Courtney Scott finished 11th, followed by Chris Pendlebury, Brian Rockwood, Brody Bowen, RJ Croteau, and Jimmy Hooper. Jordan Morris, Brian Gamble, and Jeff Kells failed to finish, while Eric Stewart did not take the green flag.

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