Flamboro Speedway

David Rockwood Dominates Flamboro Pure Stock Feature

Starting on pole, David Rockwood did not look back en route to scoring the McClurkin Properties Pure Stock victory on Sunday afternoon at Flamboro Speedway.

Rockwood would start on pole ahead of Mark Thorne, Jared Bodnar, Eric Stewart, Leo Labarbera, Jordan Morris, Chris Pendlebury, Courtney Scott, Andy Wheller, Bobby Mercer, RJ Croteau, Gillian Hils, Dale Lucas, Brian Gamble, Kyle Lucas, Brian Rockwood, Jeff Kells, Mark Dennis, Brody Bowen, and Jimmy Hooper.

David Rockwood grabbed the early lead on the opening lap with Jordan Morris moving into second ahead of Mark Thorne, Leo Labarbera, and Gillian Hils. Eric Stewart found himself sixth in the early stage ahead of Jared Bodnar, as Courtney Scott headed off to the pits with a problem on Lap 4.

It didn’t take long for the first caution of the event, coming on Lap 5 as Stewart and Mercer got together in turn three. With 16 laps to go, Rockwood led Morris, Thorne, Labarbera, Hils, Bodnar, Chris Pendlebury, Dale Lucas, Andy Wheller, Brian Rockwood, Jeff Kells, and Kyle Lucas.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between David Rockwood and Morris, with Labarbera moving into third ahead of Thorne, as Hills continued to run fifth. Rockwood would get by Morris for the top spot on Lap 9, beginning to put a gap on him. a bit further back, Dale Lucas made his way up to sixth ahead of Brian Rockwood, Kyle Lucas, Bodnar, Pendlebury, Wheller, and Kells.

Dale Lucas continued to make his way forward, passing Hills on Lap 13 to move up into the top-five. The race would then be slowed a couple laps later, with the second caution coming out at Lap 15 for Hooper being spun around backwards in turn two, followed by Kyle Lucas spinning once the yellow came out. The chain of events started with Wheller taking the first slide through the corner, as there was fluid laid down in the corner.

David Rockwood would get a good restart, clearing Morris coming to the white flag and leading the rest for the victory. Jordan Morris crossed the finish line in second, but was disqualified on a technical infraction post-race. Mark Thorne finished third, followed by Leo Labarbera and Dale Lucas.

Gillian Hils finished sixth, followed by Brian Rockwood, Courtney Scott, Jared Bodner, and Chris Pendlebury. Mark Dennis finished 11th, followed by Kyle Lucas, Brody Bowen, Jeff Kells, RJ Croteau, Jimmy Hooper, and Brian Gamble. Andy Wheller, Eric Stewart, and Bobby Mercer each failed to finish.

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