Flamboro Speedway

Ontario Mini Stock Drivers to Watch in 2019

Last week, ShortTrackMusings.com debuted the first bi-weekly Ontario Mini Stock Drivers top-10 ranking.

As the expert panel of five discussed who should be included, there were several other drivers mentioned for consideration. So here are some of those competitors to keep an eye on as we enter the season.

Remember – the rankings are meant to shed light on the division, while creating discussion and reactions. So have some fun, while being sure to react, comment – such as letting us who are you keep an eye on this season – while liking and sharing the articles.

Flamboro Speedway

Dylan Sharpe will be racing full-time at Flamboro, hoping to finish top-five in the year-end standings while “advancing my set-up knowledge and learning more about the left turn business.” He also added that he hopes to take home the Best Appearing Car Award and finish in the top-10 at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Sharpe went on to add that the invitational at Sauble Speedway is “possible,” and if he had the flu, he would put Daniel Montanari in the car due to being familiar with it and his “team being the best in the game.”

Jake Watson will be running for points at Flamboro Speedway, with a focus on winning the championship. He has been successful in the past at the Hamilton, Ontario – based oval, noting his most memorable moment to date was winning in his super stock debut.

Watson notes that his team is unsure yet whether they will be running the big events at Sauble Speedway and Jukasa Motor Speedway. If he had the flu, he states that he would put Kyle Istead behind the wheel due to his amount of “talent and experience behind the wheel.”

Jonathan Ayrton will be running full-time at Flamboro Speedway and Ohsweken Speedway, while taking part in the Duel on the Dirt Series across selected tracks. He is hoping to have a more consistent season, with hopefully more trips to victory lane. Ayrton was quick to note his most memorable moment to date was winning his first feature on Memorial Night at Flamboro last year.

Ayrton states that he will possibly be at Jukasa Motor Speedway, with Sauble Speedway currently not part of his plans. If he had the flu, he would put Mike Hooper behind the wheel “with pedal extensions.”

Wayde Thorne will be running full-time at Flamboro Speedway, as well as Ohsweken Speedway in 2019. He is hoping to hit the road, as well, with possible stops planned at Merrtiville Speedway, Humberstone Speedway, and possibly Sauble Speedway. He is hoping to pick some wins and stay consistent, after watching potential wins slip away last year due to mechanical issues.

“The Wallace’s have given me an amazing car to drive this year again,” he commented. “So I’m hoping to carry my season ending consistency into this year and be a contender for the championship.”

Through the success he has been able to have, he states his first career mini stock victory behind the wheel of Shawn Taylor’s car in his first series start still reigns supreme.

“He called me the morning of race day being injured the previous day,” he recalled. “I started front row and lead every lap to pick up the win holding off current and defending champ Russ Aiken.”

Thorne states that he will definitely be at Jukasa Motor Speedway after being fortunate to turn some laps on the half-mile oval last year. However, Sauble Speedway is currently up in the air being late in the season, and the work load already on the team’s shoulders in running multiple cars at multiple tracks.

“We always feel the weight of that around that time,” he commented. “My current ambition says yes but time will tell.

“If I had the flu I would without a doubt put Shawn Taylor in the car. He is the track champ and good friend; I know he would take care of the equipment and run up front. Plus, I owe him one for being his fill-in driver in 2017.”

Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Cory McAllister will be running for points at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, while racing his super stock at Flamboro Speedway and Sauble Speedway. Entering the season, the goal is simple – win as many races as he can, hopefully topping the biggest moment of his career which came with his first victory on July 29 at FTMS.

McAllister will be in attendance for the big event at Jukasa Motor Speedway, but notes that he will be missing Sauble Speedway due to FTMS having twin 40-lap features the same day. If he had the flu, he states that he would put Brian Wilson behind the wheel.

Cory Young will return to Full Throttle on a full-time basis, hoping to build on his previous success. He will also be running the Jukasa Motor Speedway invitational this summer, and says if he would put Jason Tolton behind the wheel if he had the flu.

Young added some of his most memorable moments to date include being a two-time Sauble Speedway Champion, two-time FTMS Champion, three-time 4-cylinder open winner at Delaware Speedway, and the 2016 Frostoberfest victory.

Peterborough Speedway

James Townsend plans to run full-time at Peterborough Speedway, along with a few invitationals. He is hoping to win the championship, with the bigger goal being to win or place in the top-three at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Townsend is no stranger to success, as he notes his most memorable moment in racing was winning championships at Peterborough Speedway in 2016 and 2017. The 2017 campaign was the more successful tenure, as he won the mini stock title with Noel Snow, while placing fourth in the Thunder Car year-end standings.

Townsend stated that he plans to be in attendance at Sauble Speedway, and if he had the flu, he would put Noel Snow behind the wheel.

Nolan Gould will be running a full season at Peterborough Speedway for the second time in his career. He had a successful campaign in 2018, placing runner-up in the year-end standings while taking home the Best Appearing Car and Rookie of the Year awards. Though he notes the most memorable moment of his career was winning the Legends Rookie of the Year at Capital City Speedway in 2013.

You can 100% expect to see Gould at Jukasa Motor Speedway, with hopes of being at Sauble Speedway as well. If he had the flu, he states that he would put Ryan Babin behind the wheel of his car.

Sunset Speedway

Dylan Holmes will be returning to Sunset Speedway, with his focus set on winning the championship as “this will most likely be my last year.” It’d built upon last season’s success, which included his biggest moment in racing to date, with winning his first career feature the same night his brother Justin Holmes accomplished the same feat in super stocks.

He will not be running Jukasa Motor Speedway this year, but states that Sauble Speedway is “up in the air” as a possibility. If he had the flu, he states he would probably have either Chance Isherwood or Cameron McGlashan fill-in.

Eric Yorke will be returning after taking a year off to run the full schedule at Sunset Speedway, noting his biggest accomplishment to date was his victory at the Autumn Colours Classic in 2017.

He stated that he wants to run Jukasa Motor Speedway, with Sauble Speedway currently being a “maybe” on his schedule. If he had the flu, he states he would probably have Steve Belanger fill-in for him.

Tyler Seaboyer states that plans are currently up in the air at the moment, due to ending the season with damage from Fall Velocity. He says “time will tell,” as it depends when he has the No. 23 Acura ready for this year. While stating it will most likely be a part-time season, he hopes to be run well in each race he is able to run, while continuing to improve and find more speed.

The continued improvement showed last year, as Seaboyer had a break-out season at Sunset Speedway, with a third-place finish in the year-end standings.

While admitting that Jukasa Motor Speedway looks like a fun event, Seaboyer says it “will depend on funds.” If he had the flu, he states he would probably have either Rino Montanari, Andy Kamrath, or Warren Paxton fill-in for him.


Ryan Babin is planning to run whenever possible, with no set schedule for himself entering the 2019 campaign. Ultimately, he says his focus is on making sure Nolan Gould has the most successful season possible at Peterborough Speedway. Babin is no stranger to victory lane, noting some of his most memorable moments include winning the Autumn Colours Classic in 2013, a runner-up at Sunset Speedway’s Frequent Flyer 50 in 2014, and winning the Peterborough Speedway championship in 2014.

Babin will not be at Jukasa Motor Speedway, but notes that Sauble Speedway is in the plans as of right now entering the season. If he had the flu, he states he would put any fellow member of FarmBro Racing behind the wheel.

Will Gibbons will be touring the province this season, hoping to run up front and at least score a top-five finish at Jukasa Motor Speedway. He notes his biggest moments in racing were winning the Best Appearing Award in 2017, as well as a race that actually got away from him.

“Brought a brand new car out, and won the first race,” he recalled. “Lead 25 laps of the 30 in the feature, until fuel pump issues.”

Gibbons will be running the invitational at Sauble Speedway, and stated if he had the flu, he would put Dylan Sharpe or Tyler Lewis behind the wheel.

Scott Mast has yet to finalize his plans for 2019 yet, but hopes to compete in events at Full Throttle Motor Speedway and Flamboro Speedway a couple times. Notably, his most memorable moments in racing came with championships at Flamboro in 2001 and 2002.

Mast added that he will likely not be going to Jukasa Motor Speedway.

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