Flamboro Speedway

Zardo and Bentley Take Features; Collisons Tie for Overall

In an emotional feat, father and son Brad and Justin Collison tied for the overall Frostoberfest Super Stock victory days after the passing of Jim Collison. Brad would get the tie-breaker via having posted the quicker time in qualifying.

Originally qualifying took place on Saturday, September 29 with Shawn Chenoweth setting the quick time for the super stocks at 16.297 seconds ahead of Ken Grubb, Carson Nagy, Brad Collison, Matt Bentley, Justin Collison, Randy Rusnell, Coltin Everingham, Bobby Mercer, Steve Book, Kevin Gallant, Steve Adams, Dan Archibald, Jerry Broom, Nick Clarke, AJ Miller, Rodney Rutherford, and Kevin Nicol.

Other drivers would show up on Saturday, with a b-main run for positioning purposes only. Paul Boundy picked up the win ahead of Dennis Cybalski, Kenny McNicol, Paul Geniole Jr., Dustyn Mombourquette, and Jeff Bean.

The start of the first feature would be messy, with Steve Adams and Kevin Gallant both suffering front end damage, while the motor would go kaboom for Shawn Chenoweth ending his afternoon early.

The second attempt to start the race would go smoothly with Carson Nagy leading ahead of Brad Collison, Matt Bentley, Randy Rusnell, Justin Collison, Dan Archibald, Bobby Mercer, and Steve Book, with Jerry Broom and Lane Zardo side-by-side for ninth. Zardo got the spot on Lap 4, passing Book a lap later for eighth. Brook now ran ninth, with McNicol up to 10th ahead of Geniole, Everingham, Broom, Boundy, and Cybalski.

The battle for fourth got interesting on Lap 8, with Justin Collison getting alongside Rusnell. Collison got the spot a lap later, with Archibald continuing to run sixth ahead of Mercer and Zardo, as McNicol got alongside Book on Lap 10. McNicol took ninth a lap later, bringing Lawrence and Everingham through with him.

Brad Collison’s persistence on Nagy’s bumper paid off as Collison would pass him for the top spot on Lap 12. Nagy now ran second ahead of Bentley, Justin Collison, and Rusnell, with Mercer up to sixth ahead of Zardo, Archibald, McNicol, Everingham, Book, Boundy, and Cybalski. Zardo continued to move forward, passing Mercer for sixth on Lap 19, as Archibald and McNicol battled for eighth, with Everingham pulling off with a problem.

The shuffling continued through the field, with Bentley moving into second on Lap 21 ahead of Nagy, with Rusnell around Justin Collison a lap later for fourth. Zardo continued to run sixth ahead of Mercer, McNicol, and Lawrence. Archibald was now back to 10th ahead of Book, with Boundy passing Book on Lap 27. Book continued to fall back, as he was passed by both Cybalski and Gallant a lap later. Justin continued to fall back, getting passed by Zardo and Mercer on Lap 36.

The race would take a drastic turn when Mercer blew a motor going through turns three and four. Caught in the slippery oil, several drivers got collected together with damage including Geniole, McNicol, and Archibald. Bentley was set to restart in second, however he would have to make an unscheduled pit stop for a flat tire.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Lane Zardo and Brad Collison side-by-side over the three laps, with Lane Zardo snagging the win ahead of Carson Nagy, Brad Collison, Justin Collison, and Paul Geniole Jr.

Come time for the second feature, Matt Bentley started pole ahead of Paul Boundy, Paul Geniole Jr., Randy Rusnell, Justin Collison, Brad Collison, Carson Nagy, Lane Zardo, Kevin Gallant, Jerry Broom, Dennis Cybalski, Bobby Mercer, Steve Book, Nick Clarke, Jeff Bean, Coltin Everingham, AJ Miller, Kevin Nicol, and Rodney Rutherford.

Bentley grabbed the early lead ahead of Geniole, with Justin Collison and Rusnell side-by-side for third ahead of Brad Collison and Nagy. Justin got the spot on Lap 3, with Brad, Nagy and Zardo following him through, to bump Rusnell back to seventh ahead of Boundy. Justin continued to move forward, taking second on Lap 5, bringing Brad, Nagy, Zardo, and Rusnell through with him, to bump Geniole back to seventh ahead of Boundy, Gallant, and Everingham. Mercer moved into 11th on Lap 10 ahead of Book and Cybalski.

The shuffling continued through the field, with Rusnell passing Zardo for fifth on Lap 12, as Geniole continued to run seventh ahead of Boundy, Gallant, Everingham, Mercer, Book, and Cybalski. Everingham then moved into ninth on Lap 15, bringing Mercer and Book through with him to bump Gallant back to 12th ahead of Cybalski and Broom. Geniole would get alongside Zardo for sixth on Lap 18, with Everingham passing Boundy a lap later for eighth. Geniole moved into sixth with 29 laps to go, with Everingham following suit to bump Zardo back to eighth ahead of Boundy, Mercer, Book, and Gallant.

At the front of the field, the Collisons would swap positions at the halfway mark of the 50-lap feature, with Brad taking second ahead of Justin as Bentley continued to lead. Nagy ran fourth ahead of Rusnell and Geniole, as Everingham headed pit side on Lap 28. Zardo’s run would hit a snag when he’d go around for a spin in turn two on Lap 30 for the race’s first caution. Under the yellow flag, Nagy ran into mechanical issues, ending his race early.

Bentley got a good restart, but Brad Collison was right there as he’d battle for the lead. Justin Collison would then take the pair three-wide on Lap 33, taking the lead ahead of Bentley and Rusnell, with Brad back to fourth. The caution then came out on Lap 34, though, for Cybalski going around.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Justin Collison and Bentley, with Collison taking the top spot on Lap 37 ahead of Bentley, Rusnell, Brad Collison, Geniole, Boundy, Mercer, Book, and Broom. Bentley wouldn’t disappear, though, getting right back alongside Justin for the lead on Lap 40. Bentley then took the top spot a lap later ahead of Justin, as Rusnell continued to run third ahead of Brad, Geniole, Boundy, Mercer, Book, and Broom.

Brad Collison would then get alongside Rusnell for third with six laps to go, taking the spot a lap later, with Rusnell now fourth ahead of Geniole, Boundy, Mercer, Book, and Broom.

Matt Bentley led the rest of the way en route to win ahead of Justin Collison, Brad Collison, Randy Rusnell, and Paul Geniole Jr.

Overall: Brad Collison, Justin Collison, Randy Rusnell, Matt Bentley, Paul Geniole Jr., Lane Zardo, Paul Boundy, Carson Nagy, Kevin Gallant, Jerry Broom, Bobby Mercer, Steve Book, Dennis Cybalski, Jeff Bean, Nick Clarke, Coltin Everingham, Kevin Nicol, Rodney Rutherford, AJ Miller, Dan Archibald, Kenny McNicol, Dustyn Mombourquette, Shawn Chenoweth, Steve Adams

First Feature: Lane Zardo, Carson Nagy, Brad Collison, Justin Collison, Randy Rusnell, Paul Geniole Jr., Paul Boundy, Matt Bentley, Kevin Gallant, Jerry Broom, Dennis Cybalski

Second Feature:  Matt Bentley, Justin Collison, Brad Collison, Randy7 Rusnell, Paul Geniole Jr., Paul Boundy, Bobby Mercer, Steve Book, Jerry Broom, Kevin Gallant, Lane Zardo, Dennis Cybalski, Jeff Bean, Kevin Nicol, Carson Nagy, Coltin Everingham, AJ Miller, Nick Clarke, Rodney Rutherford


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