Flamboro Speedway

Jake Sheridan Scores Grisdale Triple Crown at Flamboro

Jake Sheridan is quickly putting his name on the Pro Late Model landscape in style as he scored the Grisdale Triple Crown at Flamboro Speedway this past weekend in his rookie season.

Ryan Kimball would set the quickest time in qualifying with a lap of 14.869 seconds ahead of Treyten Lapcevich, Jordan Lawrence, Steve Laking, Jake Sheridan, Cayden Lapcevich, Tim Ellis, Billy Schwartzenburg, Tim Norris, Hudson Nagy, Kevin Albers, Andy Kamrath, Mark Burbridge, Matt Box, Chad Corcoran, James Horner, Trevor Thompson, Chris Bochler, Gary Elliott, Trevor Monaghan, Mike Klotz, Carson Nagy, Mike Westwood, Chris Howse, Allie Ditner, Scott Entwistle, and Jeremy Taggart.

Ryan Kimball would grab the initial lead in the first of the three 50-lap features, but Laking would get alongside him for the top spot on the second lap. Steve Laking took the lead on Lap 3 ahead of Kimball, Lawrence, Sheridan, Treyten Lapcevich, Cayden Lapcevich, Schwartzenburg, Ellis, Kamrath, Norris, Hudson Nagy, Albers, and Burbridge.

Kamrath continued to move forward, passing Ellis for eighth on Lap 10, as Norris continued to run 10th ahead of Nagy, Albers, and Burbridge. Monaghan would go for a spin on Lap 11, but he’d get it back going without a caution. Nagy moved into 10th on Lap 13 ahead of Albers, Burbridge, Box, Corcoran, Horner, Norris, Thompson, Carson Nagy, Klotz, and Howse. Norris continued to fall back, with both Thompson and Nagy getting by him on Lap 17.

The field would be mostly strung out single-file as laps continued to click off the board, except for Corcoran and Kamrath both getting by Box for position at Lap 21. The race’s first caution came out three laps later for Carson Nagy and Taggart going around in turn four.

The first attempt at a restart didn’t go smoothly with Kamrath spinning going into turn one, collecting Cayden Lapcevich, Burbridge, Horner, Thompson, and Ellis in the process. The second attempt did, with Laking continuing to lead with Lawrence up to second ahead of Kimball, Lapcevich, Hudson Nagy, Schwartzenburg, Sheridan, Box, Corcoran, Norris, and Albers. Corcoran continued to move forward, passing Box on Lap 32.

The leaders would find themselves knee-deep in lap traffic, trying to find their way through. It wouldn’t work out well, as Laking got hung up behind a car, with Lawrence making contact with him, causing Laking to go around for a spin. This would give Kimball the lead for the restart ahead of Lapcevich, Nagy, Schwartzenburg, Sheridan, Norris, Albers, Ellis, Burbridge, Carson Nagy, Thompson, Howse, Laking, Klotz, and Lawrence.

Treyten Lapcevich got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Kimball, Hudson Nagy, Sheridan, Corcoran, Schwartzenburg, Norris, Albers, and Burbridge. Schwartzenburg would then pass Corcoran for fifth on Lap 37, with Norris following him through. Albers moved into seventh two laps later, bumping Corcoran back to eighth ahead of Ellis, Burbridge, Thompson, Lawrence, Box, Carson Nagy, and Howse.

Albers continued to move forward, passing Norris for sixth on Lap 45, bringing Corcoran, through with him. The fourth caution came out two laps later for Carson Nagy going around in turn four.

The restart would see Howse go for a spin, but there would be no caution thrown. Treyten Lapcevich would lead the rest of the way to score the victory ahead of Ryan Kimball, Hudson Nagy, Kevin Albers, and Jake Sheridan.

The second feature saw Chris Howse start on pole ahead of Matt Box, Trevor Thompson, Tim Ellis, Tim Norris, Mark Burbridge, Jordan Lawrence, Billy Schwartzenburg, Jake Sheridan, Kevin Albers, Hudson Nagy, Ryan Kimball, Treyten Lapcevich, Steve Laking, Trevor Monaghan, Mike Westwood, Jeremy Taggart, Cayden Lapcevich, James Horner, Scott Entwistle, Gary Elliott, Mike Klotz, Allie Ditner, and Carson Nagy.

Box jumped out to the early lead, with Ellis alongside Howse for second ahead of Burbridge and Thompson. Ellis took the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Howse, with Burbridge moving into third two laps later. Howse now ran fourth ahead of Lawrence and Corcoran, with Schwartzenburg alongside Thompson for seventh. Schwartzenburg got the spot on Lap 7, bringing Albers, Sheridan, Kimball, Laking, Treyten Lapcevich, Mornaghan, Cayden Lapcevich and Hudson Nagy through with him.

Lawrence would continue to move forward, getting alongside Howse for fourth on Lap 10, getting the spot, as Burbridge moved into second two laps later. Ellis now ran third ahead of Lawrence, Corcoran, Schwartzenburg, and Albers. Lawrence would get alongside Ellis on Lap 14 as Westwood slowed with a problem.

Lawrence moved into third on Lap 18 ahead of Corcoran, Schwartzenburg, Albers, Sheridan, Kimball, Laking, Treyten Lapcevich, with Ellis back to 11th ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Howse, and Mornaghan. Mornaghan then passed Howse on Lap 22 to move into 13th, bringing Hudson Nagy through with him.

The race’s first caution then came out on Lap 27 for Klotz spinning in turn three and four. It seemed that it would black flag fever as both Carson Nagy and Taggart got a straight black flag, while Cayden Lapcevich got the meatball blackflag.

The first attempt at a restart produced the second caution with Thompson going around in turn one. The second attempt would see Norris go around, but there’d be no yellow this time as he kept it going. Box held the initial advantage with Lawrence up into second ahead of Schwartzenburg and Sheridan, as Burbridge and Laking battled for fifth.

Lawrence grabbed the lead on Lap 27, with Schwartzenburg, Sheridan, and Laking following him through over the next three laps to bump Box back to fifth. The third caution then came out on Lap 33 for Kimball spinning Corcoran. Under the yellow flag, Lapcevich headed pit side with a mechanical issue.

Lawrence got a good restart ahead of Schwartzenburg, Sheridan, Laking, Box and Ellis, with Treyten Lapcevich in seventh ahead of Monaghan, Kimball, Hudson Nagy, Albers, and Burbridge. Ellis would get alongside Box for fifth on Lap 38, taking the spot a lap later, bringing Lapcevich through with him as Kimball got alongside Box for seventh.

Jordan Lawrence led the rest of the way to take the victory ahead of Billy Schwartzenburg, Jake Sheridan, Steve Laking, and Tim Ellis.

The third feature saw Kevin Albers take the initial lead ahead of Tim Norris and Chad Corcoran, as Trevor Thompson and James Horner went side-by-side for fourth, with Chris Howse and Trevor Monaghan side-by-side for sixth. Horner took the fourth spot on Lap 3 ahead of Monaghan, Mark Burbridge, Treyten Lapcevich, Steve Laking, Hudson Nagy, Ryan Kimball, Jake Sheridan, with Howse back to 13th.

Monaghan then got alongside Horner for fourth on lap 6, taking the spot a lap later. Burbridge followed through for fifth, along with Lapcevich, Laking, Nagy, Kimball and Sheridan with Horner now back to 11th. Burbridge then got alongside Monaghan for fifth on Lap 10, taking the spot a lap later, with Lapcevich and Lapcevich following through.

Kimball was the next to challenge Monaghan, now for eighth. The pair would get together off of turn four, with Kimball getting up on the wall a little, before climbing up on the side of Monaghan for the race’s first caution at Lap 12. With 38 laps to go, Albers led Norris, Corcoran, Burbridge, Lapcevich, Laking, Nagy, Sheridan, and Horner.

Albers got a good restart to keep the lead, with Corcoran up to second ahead of Treyten Lapcevich, Nagy, Sheridan, Jordan Lawrence, Cayden Lapcevich, Tim Ellis, Steve Laking, Mark Burbridge, Tim Norris, Billy Schwartzenburg, Matt Box, James Horner, and Trevor Monaghan. Schwartzenburg would get by Norris to move into 11th on Lap 19. Sheridan moved into fourth a lap later, with Lawrence and Cayden following suit. Hudson Nagy now ran seventh ahead of Ellis, Laking, Burbridge, Schwartzenburg, Norris, and Box.

The battle for second got interesting on Lap 25, with Treyten Lapcevich tagging the back of Corcoran. Lapcevich would get the spot on Lap 26, with Sheridan, Lawrence and Cayden Lapcevich following through before the caution waved on Lap 28 for Ellis and Laking going around in turns one and two. With 23 laps to go, Albers led Treyten, Sheridan, Lawrence, Cayden, Corcoran, Nagy, Burbridge, Box, Schwartzenburg, Kimball, Monaghan, Horner, Thompson, and Mike Klotz.

The restart would see Thompson spin in turn two, for the yellow flag, as Treyten Lapcevich headed pit side with a problem. The second attempt would go no smoother with the third caution for Norris coming to a stop in turn one after contact with the wall.

The third attempt saw a battle for the lead between Albers and Sheridan, with Albers keeping the top spot as Cayden Lapcevich moved into second on Lap 30 ahead of Sheridan, Lawrence, Corcoran, Nagy, and Schwartzenburg, with Burbridge and Kimball side-by-side for eighth. Kimball got the spot on Lap 33 ahead of Burbridge, with Monaghan running 10th ahead of Box, Klotz, and Ellis.

Schwartzenburg got alongside Nagy for sixth on Lap 35, taking the spot one lap later, with Kimball following him through. Burbridge moved into eighth on Lap 37 ahead of Monaghan and Box, with Nagy back to 11th ahead of Ellis, Klotz, Horner, Elliott, and Thompson.

Schwartzenburg would catch Corcoran for fifth, with contact between the pair sending Corcoran spinning with six laps to go.  There’d be no caution for the spin, but Schwartzenburg was penalized for rough driving, moved from his finishing position to tail end of the lead lap cars.

Kevin Albers picked up the win ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Jake Sheridan, Jordan Lawrence, and Ryan Kimball.

Overall: Jake Sheridan, Ryan Kimball, Jordan Lawrence, Hudson Nagy, Kevin Albers, Mark Burbridge, Billy Schwartzenburg, Tim Ellis, Treyten Lapcevich, Chad Corcoran, Trevor Monaghan, Mat Box, Trevor Thompson, Steve Laking, Mark Klotz, Tim Norris, James Horner, Cayden Lapcevich, Gary Elliott, Chris Howse, Allie Ditner, Mike Westwood, Scott Entwistle, Carson Nagy, Jeremy Taggart, Chris Bochsler, Andy Kamrath, Matt Lockwood.

First Feature: Treyten Lapcevich, Ryan Kimball, Hudson Nagy, Kevin Albers, Jake Sheridan, Billy Schwartzenburg, Chad Corcoran, Jordan Lawrence, Mark Burbridge, Tim Norris, Tim Ellis, Trevor Thompson, Mat Box, Mike Klotz, Carson Nagy, Allie Ditner, Chris Howse, Steve Laking, Trevor Monaghan, Mike Westwood, Jeremy Taggart, Scott Entwistle

Second Feature: Jordan Lawrence, Billy Schwartzenburg, Jake Sheridan, Steve Laking, Tim Ellis, Ryan Kimball, Treyten Lapcevich, Hudson Nagy, Mark Burbridge, Trevor Monaghan, James Horner, Chad Corcoran, Gary Elliott, Chris Howse, Tim Norris, Trevor Thompson, Kevin Albers, Mat Box, Mike Klotz, Allie Ditner, Scott Entwistle, Mike Westwood

Third Feature: Kevin Albers, Cayden Lapcevich, Jake Sheridan, Jordan Lawrence, Ryan Kimball, Mark Burbridge, Trevor Monaghan, Mat Box, Hudson Nagy, Tim Ellis, Mike Klotz, James Horner, Gary Elliott, Trevor Thompson, Mike Westwood, Chad Corcoran, Billy Schwartzenburg, Scott Entwistle, Allie Ditner, Tim Norris, Steve Laking, Treyten Lapcevich, Chris Howse, Carson Nagy, Chris Bochsler, Jeremy Taggart


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