Flamboro Speedway

Wilson and Gilbert Split Features; Della Riva Wins Mini Stock Overall

Consistency and staying out of trouble as much as possible was the key for Erik Della Riva en route to being crowned the 2018 Frostoberfest Mini Stock Champion.

Originally qualifying took place on Saturday, September 29 with Andy Kamrath setting the quick time at 17.720 seconds ahead of Will Gibbons, Pat MacDonald, Wayde Thorne, Dylan Sharpe, David Gallinger, Jake Gilbert, Shawn Taylor, Billy Schwartzenburg, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, Samantha Shaw, Jonathan Ayrton, Karl Sault, Erik Della Riva, Alex Hastie, Mark Klotz, Matt Young, Jason Tolton, Cory McAllister, Tom Eckenswiller, Andrea Parsons, and John Istead. These 24 drivers were locked into the field for the event.

The b-main originally was set to see Dave Watchorn start pole ahead of Kyle DaSilva, Gillian Hils, Tyler Lewis, Mike Hooper, Mark DaSilva, Ken Townsend, Mark Thorne, Chris Pendlebury, and Calvin Gordon.

However, when everyone returned on Saturday, a couple drivers would now show up, changing up the field. Will Gibbons was the new pole sitter ahead of Wayde Thorne, Dylan Sharpe, David Gallinger, Jake Gilbert, Shawn Taylor, Rich Schwartzenburg, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, Samantha Shaw, Jonathan Ayrton, Karl Sault, Erik Della Riva, Alex Hastie, Mark Klotz, Matt Young, Jason Tolton, Cory McAllister, Tom Eckenswiller, Andrea Parsons, John Istead, Kyle DaSilva, Gillian Hils, and Mark Lewis.

The b-main didn’t go smoothly, with Mike Hooper spinning Mike Gilmour at the start, before Hooper spun with Derek Jackson spinning Cameron McGlashan. Cory Young picked up the win to transfer ahead of Tommy Robb, Hooper, McGlashan, Mark DaSilva, and Sandy Eccles.

The first lap of the first feature would go not smoothly as the field bottled up together, with Cory Young sustaining rear-end damage, while both Jason Tolton and John Istead going around. The restart would see another bottle up after Mark Klotz made a run up the inside lane, resulting in both Andrea Parsons and Cameron McGlashan going around in turns one and two.

The second incident wouldn’t produce a caution, with Will Gibbons and Wayde Thorne side-by-side for the lead ahead of Dylan Sharpe. Gibbons got the lead on Lap 6 ahead of Thorne, with Jake Gilbert making his way up into third on Lap 7. Wilson would get alongside Sharpe for fourth as Gillian Hils’ race came to an early conclusion, as she parked in the field.

Sharpe moved took fourth on Lap 9 ahead of Wilson and Shawn Taylor, with Wilson continuing to challenge Sharpe for the spot. Problems continued to plague competitors as Klotz slowed with a problem on Lap 12. Wilson would take fourth away from Sharpe as the leaders weaved their way through lap traffic.

Taylor continued to run sixth ahead of Samantha Shaw, David Gallinger, Gary Jones, Karl Sault, Rich Schwartzenburg, Jonathan Ayrton, Erik Della Riva, and Cory McAllister. Alex Hastie was running 15th, but he’d slow with a problem on Lap 18, followed by McGlashan and parking in the infield 10 laps later.

The battle for the lead got interesting as Thorne would get hung up with lap traffic, allowing Gilbert to move into second ahead of Wilson. Sharpe continued to run fifth, with Shaw alongside Taylor for sixth. Shaw would get the spot on Lap 34, with the caution coming out for Schwartzenburg going around in turns one and two.

Gilbert got a good restart to take the lead ahead of Gibbons, with Wilson up to third ahead of Thorne, Taylor, and Gallinger. Gallinger would get alongside Taylor for fifth on Lap 37, taking the spot, with Shaw following him through. Taylor now ran sixth ahead of Jones, McAllister, Della Riva, Ayrton, Schwartzenburg, Robb, Tom Eckenswiller, Sault, and Sharpe.

Gibbons would track down Gilbert for the lead, looking for a way around. Gibbons would make contact with the back of Gilbert coming up off of turn two, getting Gilbert sideways as he got underneath. The pair would then continue to make contact down the backstretch, with Gilbert getting up on and riding the backstretch wall for the third caution at Lap 44. This would give Wilson the lead ahead of Thorne, Gallinger, Shaw, Taylor, Jones, McAllister, Della Riva, Ayrton, Schwartzenburg, Robb, Eckenswiller, and Sault.

The first attempt at a restart would see Gallinger making contact with Thorne, causing him to spin in turn two. Several drivers would stop to avoid contact, but were deemed involved in the incident and put to the back; the list includes Taylor, Shaw, Schwartzenburg, Jones, and Sharpe. The shuffle would see Wilson lead the restart ahead of Taylor, McAllister, Della Riva, Ayrton, Robb, Eckenswiller, Sault, and Kyle DaSilva.

Brian Wilson got a good restart, pacing the field the rest of the way to score the victory ahead of Shawn Taylor. Cory McAllister made the move on the restart to try and take third, but came up short. Instead, Erik Dalla Riva got third ahead of Cory McAllister and Jonathan Ayrton.

Come time for the second feature, Chris LeBarron led the field to green ahead of David Gallinger, Jake Gilbert, Rich Schwartzenburg, Wayde Thorne, Samantha Shaw, Dylan Sharpe, Karl Sault, Tom Eckenswiller, Jonathan Ayrton, Erik Dalla Riva, Cory McAllister, Shawn Taylor, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, John Istead, Mike Hooper, Derek Jackson, Tristan Da Silva, Andrea Parsons, Mark Klotz, Will Gibbons, Alex Hastie, Cameron McGlashan, Jason Tolton, Sandy Eccles, and Kyle Da Silva.

The first attempt to start the race produced a caution involving Parsons and Tristan Da Silva. The second attempt produced a multi-car incident, which began with Schwartzenburg going around. Behind him, a series of cars would get caught including McGlashan, Wilson, Robb, Hastie, Klotz, Istead, Sault, Ayrton, and Taylor.

The third attempt would go smoothly, with Gilbert grabbing the lead ahead of Thorne, Sharpe, LeBarron, Schwartzenburg, McAllister, Shaw, and Jones. Thorne would then get alongside Gilbert for the top spot on Lap 5, taking the lead a lap later with Sharpe following him through. Gilbert now ran third ahead of Shaw, McAllister, Jones, LeBarron, Gallinger, and Gibbons, with Robb going for a spin but producing no caution on Lap 9.

Gibbons continued to move forward, moving into eighth on Lap 13 ahead of LeBarron, Eckenswiller and Ayrton, with Wilson and Hastie side-by-side for 12th. Hastie would slap the wall, allowing Wilson to take the spot, with Gallinger rounding out the top-14. Eckenswiller then moved into ninth on Lap 16, bringing Ayrton through with him to bump LeBarron back to 11th.

As the leaders found themselves in deep traffic, Sharpe would try to look for the lead on Thorne, but would be unable to find a way by. Gilbert continued to run third, closing the gap to the leaders, ahead of Shaw, Schwartzenburg, and McAllister. Gary Jones ran seventh ahead of Robb, Gibbons, Eckenswiller, Ayrton, and Wilson. Wilson continued to move forward, passing Ayrton for 11th on Lap 24, with Hastie rounding out the top-13.

The leaders would remain tightly packed together, with contact from Sharpe sending Thorne around in turns three and four on Lap 33. The checkered would be flown 17 laps of the scheduled distance due to time constraints, with Jake Gilbert getting the win ahead of Samantha Shaw, Erik Dalla Riva, Cory McAllister, and Gary Jones.

Overall: Erik Dalla Riva, Cory McAllister, Samantha Shaw, Jonathan Ayrton, Tom Eckenswiller, Jake Gilbert, Dylan Sharpe, Brian Wilson, Gary Jones, Wayde Thorne, Dave Gallinger, Shawn Taylor, Chris LaBarron, Tommy Robb, Will Gibbons, Karl Sault, John Istead, Kyle DaSilva, Rich Schwartzenburg, Alex Hastie, Mike Hooper, Cameron McGlashan, Mark Klotz, Derek Jackson, Tristan DaSilva, Andrea Parsons, Sandy Eccles, Gillian Hils, Jason Tolton, Matt Young, Cory Young, Mike Gilmour, Chris Pendlebury, Mark Lewis,

First Feature: Brian Wilson, Shawn Taylor, Erik Dalla Riva, Cory McAllister, Jonathan Ayrton, Tom Eckenswiller, Karl Sault, Dylan Sharpe, Tommy Robb, Samantha Shaw, Wayde Thorne, Rich Schwartzenburg, Jake Gilbert, David Gallinger, Chris LaBarron, Kyle DaSilva, Gary Jones, John Istead, Mike Hooper, Derek Jackson, Tristan DaSilva

Second Feature: Jake Gilbert, Samantha Shaw, Erik Dalla Riva, Cory McAllister, Gary Jones, Will Gibbons, Tom Eckenswiller, Jonathan Ayrton, Alex Hastie, David Gallinger, Chris LaBarron, Wayde Thorne, Dylan Sharpe, John Istead, Cameron McGlashan, Mike Hooper, Kyle DaSilva, Tommy Robb, Sandy Eccles, Mark Klotz, Brian Wilson


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