Flamboro Speedway

John Harper Picks Up OSCAAR Modified Frostoberfest Feature Victory

The magic for John Harper continues at Flamboro Speedway as he won the OSCAAR Modified Frostoberfest feature on Saturday night.

John Harper won the first heat ahead of Cory Horner, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Luke Gignac, Kelly Balson, Dan Price, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

Chris Milwain won the second heat ahead of A.J. Emms, Jase Cornell, Dale Reinhart, Jeff Showler, Gary Elliott, Shawn Chenoweth, David Balych, and Wally Wilson.

Kelly Balson won the third heat ahead of Elliott, Reinhart, Keen, Harper, Price, Cornell, Showler, and Di Venanzo.

Shawn Chenoweth won the fourth heat ahead of Gignac, Emms, Bowden, Horner, Milwain, Schrenk, Balych, and Wilson.

Come feature time, John Harper started pole ahead of Dale Reinhart, Cory Horner, Kelly Balson, Luke Gignac, A.J. Emms, Chris Milwain, Jason Keen, Jason Bowden, Shawn Chenoweth, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, Jeff Showler, Dan Price, David Balych, Wally Wilson, Marshall Schrenk, and Tyler Di Venanzo.

John Harper jumped out to the early lead ahead of Reinhart and Horner, but the caution would come out on the opening lap for Showler going around on the backstretch. Harper would get a good restart ahead of Reinhart, with Balson alongside Horner for third. Horner would get the spot, with Gignac getting alongside Balson for fourth, however the second caution came out on Lap 3 when Cornell would go around in turn two; Elliott was deemed an involved car.

Harper got another good restart ahead of Reinhart, with Horner and Balson once again side-by-side for third. Horner took the third spot on Lap 5 ahead of Gignac, with Chenoweth moving into fifth a lap later ahead of Emms and Keen. Balson now ran eighth ahead of Price, Bowden, Schrenk, and Cornell. Cornell would take the 11th spot on Lap 11, bringing Milwain and Elliott through with him to bump Schrenk back to 14th ahead of Balcyh, Di Venanzo and Wilson.

The race would take a strung out approach through the middle portion, with nothing happening except for Milwain heading off the track with a problem on Lap 37. Chenoweth would catch Gignac for fourth, looking for a way by five straight laps. He wouldn’t be able to make it happen, though, as the pair made contact on Lap 41, causing Gignac to go around for the third caution. With 10 laps to go, Harper led Reinhart, Horner, Emms, Gignac, Balson, Price, Bowden, Gignac, Chenoweth, Cornell, Elliott, Schrenk, Balych, and Di Venanzo.

The restart brought out the fourth caution as both Price and Balson went around in turn two. The second attempt was clean, with Harper getting a good restart ahead of Reinhart and Horner, as Emms and Keen battled for fourth. Horner would move into second ahead of Keen and Emms on Lap 44, when the caution would come out for Bowden going around on the backstretch.

Harper got a good restart ahead of Horner and Keen, with Emms getting alongside Keen for third with five laps to go. He would complete the pass a lap later, as Gignac moved back up into fifth ahead of Reinhart, Price and Elliott. Elliott would fall back in the final laps, being passed by Bowden, Schrenk, and Cornell as the field came to get the white flag. The last lap would then have a piece of drama, too, with Bowden spinning Price in turn two.

John Harper got the win ahead of Cory Horner, A.J. Emms, Jason Keen, Luke Gignac, Shawn Chenoweth, Dale Reinhart, Gary Elliott, Jase Cornell, Dan Price, Jason Bowden, Marshall Schrenk, David Balych, Tyler Di Venanzo, Kelly Balson, Chris Milwain, Wally Wilson, and Jeff Showler.

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