Flamboro Speedway

Hawn and Riddell Split OSCAAR Pro Sprint Features at Flamboro

For the second straight week, the OSCAAR Pro Sprints ran a pair of features. However, this time, it wasn’t one driver winning both of them.

Brian MacDonald started pole for the first feature ahead of Kevin Taylor, Bill Hetherton, Gary Triska, Larry Westwood, Tyler Cullen, Brody Rickwood, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Norman Newman, Ryan Battilana, Jaden Riddell, and Daniel Hawn.

Kevin Taylor would take the lead on the initial start, with Triska in second. The shuffling would happen quickly, though, with Jaden Riddell moving into second on Lap 2, followed by taking the lead a lap later. Hawn would move into second ahead of Taylor, Triska, Rickwood, and Cullen. Rickwood would get alongside Taylor for third on Lap 5, with Cullen alongside Triska. Rickwood moved into sixth on Lap 6 ahead of Cullen.

Race leader Riddell would run into a problem on Lap 6, beginning to slow. This would allow Daniel Hawn to take the lead ahead of Rickwood, Taylor, Shawn Stanley, Battliana, and Triska. Battliana continued to move forward, getting alongside Taylor for third on Lap 9, completing the pass a lap later. Meanwhile, mechanical problems continued to plague competitors as Newman slowed with a problem.

With 11 laps on the board, Cullen would make his way into the top-five ahead of Shawn Stanley, and Triska. The progress continued as he moved into fourth on Lap 12, with Stanley and Triska taking Taylor three-wide for fifth. Triska got the spot, with Stanley now in sixth ahead of Taylor, Summers and MacDonald as Hetherton slowed with a problem on Lap 14.

Daniel Hawn picked up the win ahead of Brody Rickwood, Ryan Battilana, Tyler Cullen, Gary Triska, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Kevin Taylor, Brian MacDonald, Larry Westwood, Bill Hetherton, Norman Newman, and Jaden Riddell. Shawn Stanley failed to take the green flag.

Tyler Cullen started pole for the second feature ahead of Ryan Battilana, Brody Rickwood, Daniel Hawn, Gary Triska, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Jaden Riddell, Brian MacDonald, Larry Westwood, Bill Hetherton, Norman Newman, Kevin Taylor, and James Stanley.

Ryan Battilana jumped out to the early lead, with Hawn slipping into second ahead of Rickwood. Daniel Hawn would then take the lead on Lap 2, with Battilana second ahead of Riddell, as Rickwood slipped back to fourth ahead of Cullen, Westwood, Shawn Stanley and Triska, with Summers and James Stanley side-by-side for ninth. Summers held him off the spot for the time being.

Further up the field, Riddell would get by Battilana to move into second, as Rickwood continued to run fourth ahead of Cullen, with Westwood and James Stanley side-by-side for sixth. Jaden Riddell’s climb to the front would be complete on Lap 7, as he’d get alongside Hawn for the lead on Lap 8, taking the top spot a lap later. Battilana continued to run third ahead of Rickwood, Cullen, James Stanley, Shawn Stanley, Summers, Triska, Westwood, MacDonald, Newman, Taylor, and Hetherton.

The shuffling didn’t end there with James Stanley getting by Cullen for fifth on Lap 15, followed by MacDonald and Newman both getting by Westwood four laps later.

Jaden Riddell picked up the win ahead of Daniel Hawn, Ryan Battliana, James Stanley, Tyler Cullen, Shawn Stanley, Rob Summers, Gary Triska, Brian MacDonald, Norman Newman, Larry Westwood, Kevin Taylor, and Bill Hetherton.

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