Flamboro Speedway


Competing at Flamboro Speedway in his rookie year of Super Stock competition, Carson Nagy turned a lot of heads. He’ll be back in 2018, and he shared his thoughts entering the season for SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.

SHORT TRACK MUSINGS: What are your thoughts going into the 2018 season?

CARSON NAGY: Very excited to get back to the track and behind the wheel of my car! It has been a long cold snowy winter. We have stripped down and rebuilt the Super Stock. Lots of new parts bolted on.

STM: What are your goals and expectations?

CARSON: I feel we had a great rookie season this past year, I am looking to build on that. Hopefully have consistent finishes and a couple feature wins. Be nice to have a complete season without the problems we had last season. We had a string of bad finishes with the engine problems we suffered. Looking forward to learning more about the car and gaining some more experience in a full size stock car. I am also looking forward to getting at least couple starts in a Pro Late Model this year!

STM: Given your family’s involvement with Jukasa Motor Speedway, I imagine that the Canadian Nationals are on your radar. What are your thoughts on that marquee event?

CARSON: Yes, very excited to go and race at Jukasa! I have never competed there yet; I feel this is going to be the biggest event of the season for sure! Going to be a lot of cars fighting to get the crown of being the first winner in a Super Stock at this great track!

STM: Outside of Flamboro’s schedule this year, where can fans expect to see you in 2018?

Photo Courtesy of Debbie Jo Zardo

CARSON: We are searching for sponsors for this season, That will depend where we get to race this year. Our goal right now is to run Flamboro as much as we can. Obviously Jukasa for the Canadian Nationals. Will be trying to get to the invitationals at Delaware, Sunset, Sauble, as well as Peterborough. I love racing at the tight oval in Peterborough! If the proper funding comes along, we would love to race in the Great Lakes Series.

STM: What are your reflections looking back on 2017?

CARSON: 2017 was a great rookie season for me! I raced at Flamboro weekly and ran invitationals at Delaware where I ran very strong for my first time there. It was exciting to run up front with the regulars. I also raced at Peterborough a couple times; each time there we were very fast. I have a couple heat wins there. We just had Flamboro’s Year-End Banquet; it was a fun evening.  I came home with Rookie Of the Year Honors as well as Best Appearing Car Award!

STM: What did it mean to you to break through to victory lane?

CARSON: It was amazing! It is so satisfying to get a win after working so hard in the shop week in and week out. My Dad, Hudson and I work our butts off every week to get both the Late Model and Super Stock to the track each week!

STM: What’s the biggest thing you learned that you feel will help you moving forward?

CARSON: I think the biggest thing was racing with very experienced guys all season. It was great to learn from them. It is so important to gain the respect of other drivers on and off the track. It makes things so much better on the track when you have that respect for each other.

STM: Looking at your career moving forward, what would it mean for you if you got the opportunity to run a Late Model down the road?

CARSON: It is my goal to move up to a Late Model for sure! I would love to run in the APC Series sometime soon. That is where all the great racers are running right now. Hopefully I can get a few starts in the Late Model this year at Flamboro and go from there!

STM: With both you and your brother Hudson racing, how much is racing a discussion at home? Is it constantly comparing notes back and forth?

CARSON: It is fun having both Hudson and I racing. Right now we both run different divisions, Not sure how fun it would be if we are both running in the same division? I am sure we would have our challenges as we would be trying to out do each other. But I am looking forward to that day! We do compare ideas back and forth as Hudson used to race the car that I am driving now. I have spotted for him in the Late Model before; it was a lot of fun!

STM: Do you feel there’s an added pressure on you given your brother’s success, and family’s involvement in racing in general. Does that pressure bother you?

CARSON: It is awesome that we have a racing family! My Grandfather Al Nagy Sr. started racing back in the 60’s. He used to own a car that Alec Gun Drove as well with lots of success. My Uncle Alex has raced so many divisions – Street Stocks, Late Models, CASCAR, Big Rig Trucks, LEGENDS Cars, Pro Challenge; I am sure there is more. My Dad has raced for years as well; he ran in Challengers & LEGENDS Cars throughout Canada and the U.S. Now with Hudson and I racing, it is amazing we have had the chance to keep the family tradition alive! I do not feel any pressure to be as successful as any of my family members. I am just here to do the best I can do! I would obviously love to move up the ranks as far as I can in racing. We will see what the future brings!

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